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  1. David Myka

    Anyone remembers Taku Sakashta?

    In 2001 I was taking an acoustic guitar class from Harry Fleishman in Sebastopol, CA. Taku paid us a visit and showed us some of his work. I want to share a cool story. In Harry's shop, there was a piece of spruce that had an interesting f-hole in it. Since Harry did not build archtops I asked...
  2. David Myka

    Spitfire photo's

    Beautiful work, as always!
  3. David Myka

    Myka 2018 Custom Falcon has landed

    This was the second one. The first one was a Dragonfly with cocobolo back/sides and neck, redwood top, and Brazilian rosewood fretboard, bridge, and details. Click here for the gallery and specs. The answer depends entirely on the tonal goals of the instrument, the other wood choices, and...
  4. David Myka

    Myka 2018 Custom Falcon has landed

    @jamess, thank you so much for the kind words. I read your initial post and was at a loss for words. Now that I am settled into the start of a vacation I thought I would say a few things about the guitar, the journey, and the technical details. This project was unique for many reasons. The main...
  5. David Myka

    Sankey Cold Fusion Archtop

    Fantastic! One of my absolute favourite builders. I love the work he is doing.
  6. David Myka

    NGD:Forshage archtop Orion- clip added on pg 2

    Sounds great Carl! Congrats on the new guitar. ~David
  7. David Myka

    Congratulations to David Myka on the Guitar and Bass Magazine Review

    Wow, thanks Brian and Jaya for making this happen! What a cool review. He really got what I'm trying to do. @jbp, yes Terry and I have had some good conversations online before and we seem to have the same appreciation for the guitar. I have learned so much from his posts. And it's great to...
  8. David Myka

    scalloping fretboards?

    I would think about this in terms of what you need it to do and design from there. In my work I add decent amount of material under the fret. This makes the fret more stable and also makes it easier to level the board and do any refret work in the future. The last thing you want to deal with is...
  9. David Myka

    New Beauregard thin-line...

    Those are beautiful guitars. Love Mario and his work!~ ~David
  10. David Myka

    Luthiers: what's on your workbench?

    I've been working on a new design recently. It's a cross between a super strat and firebird, or something like that. We think it came out pretty cool. The bench shot: Finished pics: For more photos and the specs: http://www.mykaguitars.com/instruments/185/default.htm ~David
  11. David Myka

    Scott Walker Katana-neck attached w/out glue or screws

    Scott, this is amazing. Love it!~
  12. David Myka

    Removing wood from top of a bridge in situ

    Actually, a lot of acoustic builders route the saddle slot after the bridge is glued in place. It is a common procedure and there are a few jigs that you can purchase or make yourself. Here is the StewMac jig...
  13. David Myka

    Luthiers: what's on your workbench?

    Thanks for the props. I'd love to take full credit but the idea came from a collaboration with Carltone here on TGP and was first seen on his Dragonfly #045. It's a great idea and really serves to clean up the look of the guitar while still retaining full functionality. Cool looking guitar!~ ~David
  14. David Myka

    Baemer and Jaya start up Guitars-Electric, representing Myka & Probett, Tao & Briggs, & Benson Amps!

    I am very excited about Brian and Jaya's new venture, and also about the new changes in 2016 in the way I do business. As some of you may know my business has been almost completely one-off custom or highly customized instruments. The depth of my experiments with instrument design has been very...
  15. David Myka

    Addressing the Gibson Headstock Break Issue

    Great discussion. A lot of things have been done make the traditional one-piece neck design better but it hasn't necessarily fixed the problem of short grain in the thinnest and most vulnerable part of the neck. Splines are an obvious fix but to me that suggests a bigger problem needs to be...
  16. David Myka

    Luthiers: what's on your workbench?

    Since this one was originally intended to be mine I like to take my time and test out some new ideas. The finish turned out just OK with the wax only on the rosewood so I decided to strip it off and go with shellac. So much nicer and the Kingwood just glows!~ Since these projects of mine get low...
  17. David Myka

    Sold 2015 - Myka Custom Classic #150

    Thanks Sean!~ I appreciate this review. Thanks so much for the support!~ ~David
  18. David Myka

    A filler that has good acoustic properties ?

    In addition to Frank Ford's website check out this forum: http://www.mimf.com/phpbb/ If you become a member you have access to an archived library of discussions that cover every aspect of guitar making. ~David
  19. David Myka

    Sold 2015 - Myka Custom Classic #150

    SOLD pending payment. Thanks Sean!~ ~David
  20. David Myka

    A filler that has good acoustic properties ?

    I don't do a lot if repair but I'm not sure that sanding is the best way to go here. Before doing anything scour Frank Ford's website for any and all related articles about bridge replacement and repair: http://www.frets.com/FretsPages/pagelist.html ~David
  21. David Myka

    It's Just the Curl of the Burl: Show your BURLED guitars!

    Here are a couple burl tops I built over the years. A solidbody 7-string for a local Seattle player: This one has some carbon fiber reinforced bracing to make it stable enough for a carved top. And lastly, a Dragonfly with a carved spruce top covered with a burl veneer: ~David
  22. David Myka

    Sold 2015 - Myka Custom Classic #150

    So much flexibility in the switching. The classic LP settings are there (including all the Page modifications), a few Strat settings (4 single coil settings plus several 2 coil settings are all there in parallel, series, and out of phase), the PRS settings (outer and inner coils in series...
  23. David Myka

    If I like Languedoc, I might want to consider...

    Not necessarily. It depends on how responsive and sensitive the instrument is. A less sensitive instrument can be controlled by palm muting but typically, with my Dragonfly guitars, it can take more than that: arm contact, holding the back close to your body, volume control, etc. This changes in...
  24. David Myka

    Sold 2015 - Myka Custom Classic #150

    Priced dropped to $5200. Please feel free to hit me up with some offers. Thanks!~ ~David
  25. David Myka

    Luthiers: what's on your workbench?

    Oh, that depends. I built it with all of my preferences but I can never hang on to them for any length of time once the photos get out there. If I really plan to keep one I need to keep it fully under the radar. Besides I am already planning the next one ;) ~David