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  1. johnny5


    The Red Snapper is another drive Ive been interested in.
  2. johnny5


    That chime out of the MG is kinda what makes it so cool.
  3. johnny5


    Hows the BB side compared to the Morning Glory?
  4. johnny5

    What is your main overdrive pedal? (2020 Edition)

    JHS Morning Glory for years but now the Browne Protein is giving it a run for its money.
  5. johnny5

    Sold Chase Tone Fuzz Fella

    Fuzz Fella in great working and cosmetic shape. $130 paypal'd and shipped.
  6. johnny5

    Trying to find the PERFECT fuzz face pedal

    Fuzz faces are both magical and a little maddening. Every single one is different in all these subtle and beautiful ways. From it’s full out fuzz tone, to how much and how it cleans up to overdrive tones, there’s so much in one pedal. I truly feel a good fuzz face is more like an instrument...
  7. johnny5

    Reverb raises fees from 3.5% to 5%

    For YEARS I bought and sold all my gear thru TGP. Then Reverb came around and the classified threads here shrank significantly. Maybe this will encourage TGPrs back to the old friendly style of buying and selling here. While I have had mostly good experiences using Reverb, I have had lots of...
  8. johnny5

    Protein drive? What's the take?

    I have one on order, we shall see
  9. johnny5

    New Chase Tone Fuzz!!! Fuzz Fella

    I just picked one up from Reverb. Hoping I'll dig it. Seems really cool from the reviews here.
  10. johnny5

    Always on Delay (instead of reverb).. what do you use?

    Another vote for the Deep Blue. I have been through so many delay pedals and nothing does better as an always on space enhancer than the Deep Blue. It fattens up the tone and doesn't get in the way of your playing. It really just works so well. Other honorable mentions would be: DOD...
  11. johnny5

    Junior fans: Do you prefer the LP JR. or SG JR?

    SG all the way, but it MUST have the wrap around bridge. The SG Jr is one of the coolest looking guitars ever and I like that they are not so 'thick' (sounding and feeling). To me, it makes them more versatile and can can be used for things other than hard rock.
  12. johnny5

    Strat neck "pitch"/angle, is there an ideal angle?

    Old thread but fascinating. So is the consensus that these benefits are from minimizing the break angle over the bridge saddles? That can be achieved with neck angle but what about where your bridge is set to float? (assuming you float your bridge, you should..). Anyway, as you pull the bridge...
  13. johnny5

    PSA Pro Audio selling Rubbernecks for 120 bucks

    This is something I really don't need, but maybe I do....
  14. johnny5

    Least compressed bluesbreaker?

    My vote is for the JHS Morning Glory. It's been my always on option for 5 years running.
  15. johnny5

    Subdecay Echobox V2 vs Memory Lane Jr.

    I had an old Echobox years ago and really liked it. The only thing I didn't like is that it got overloaded when the input signal was too hot (not enough headroom). Hopefully that's fixed with V2. I've been eyeing one as well. If it had tap tempo, it's hit "add to cart" right now....
  16. johnny5

    Greer Royal Velvet

    dig it, now I'm gonna have to buy one.....
  17. johnny5

    Strat Bridge Pickup Lead Tone- more uumph needed.

    I have tried lots of bridge pickups for my Strats and found that I like a A2 magnet, about 7.8k with baseplate. This combo gives me enough clarity to keep the low E string snappy, enough push for rock n roll solos and the A2 magnets let the higher strings compress a little as you go up the neck...
  18. johnny5

    Delay pedal advice

    I am interested in this as well. I'd love to find something that could switch from a low mix, shorter delay to a higher mix longer delay with one foot press. Presets are fine but not good for changing sounds going into and out of solos on the fly. Dual Deep blue looks cool Analogman dual delay...
  19. johnny5

    Sold 2012 Fender AVRI '59 Stratocaster - Going Down

    Beauty! 7.25 radius neck?
  20. johnny5

    Dr Z 15 watt amps: Z Plus vs Cure

    I struggled with the same choices and ended up with a CURE. Mostly cuz one came up used for a good price but I'm loving this thing. I come from playing a lot of Fender styled amps and this fits right in and has it's own thing going on. One thing I love, other than the feel and tone is the...
  21. johnny5

    Lightspeed or Looking Glass

    I vote Lightspeed
  22. johnny5

    Explain to me how to block my Trem

    Why have a Strat if you're gonna block the trem?? It's what makes them so great and unique.