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  1. MIM#1

    Broken backplate screws

    I need to remove one on a bad monkey. So.... how do you stick brass tubing in a hole that's blocked by a broken screw?
  2. MIM#1

    D Addario - NYXL vs Elixir Optiweb

    Sorry, but the NYXL's are a bit stiffer [harder to bend] than the regular XL's. And ALOT stiffer than Super Slinky's of the same gauge. Not sure how you can have a polar opposite opinion of something that is a fact? I love the the NYXL's in 9-42, they feel like a 10 set.
  3. MIM#1

    Who uses NUX mini pedals?

    ^ Cool! I just ordered a sculpture compressor. How's the noise floor on that one?
  4. MIM#1

    You get only one dirt box what do you choose?

    I guess my sig would be my answer! ;)
  5. MIM#1

    What are some good Digital Chorus pedals?

    Same for the Mooer Pitch Box, really digging the detune chorus on this little box!
  6. MIM#1

    Why no TS10 reissue?

  7. MIM#1

    EMG Retro-Active Strat pickups

    Am I still digging the Maverick N/M? Well, I like them ALOT, but If I had to choose one pickup it would be the S or SA pickups. However, those have become 'my sound'.I love the maverick's because they really provide a totally different tone option in my guitar, making it a very flexible axe! I...
  8. MIM#1

    Boss DD-500 vs Korg SDD-3000?

    Same thing with the Korg Delay Lab, great reverb that when dialed in I prefer to the mono WET or RV-6 that I own. Finally just gave in to the fact that I need to make room for this rather large box, it's not going anywhere!
  9. MIM#1

    Vendor DCW Pedals - TGP Thanksgiving Pedal Giveaway 2020!

    Double Sunrise! I'm thankful 45 is heading to the exit!
  10. MIM#1

    Difference between Dumble and Klon style pedals?

    ^ I agree with that. But I was referring to the klon vs klon demo. They are all very close really. And I should have specified for 'live' use as far as medium gain overdrives being interchangeable. I just happened to find one that works particularly well with MY amp, and covers all of that...
  11. MIM#1

    Difference between Dumble and Klon style pedals?

    ^ Nice 'MURPHY' avatar! The video posted with the klon shoot-out confirms that they are all interchangeable. Nobody would notice you switched your archer for a Joyo. I'm sticking with my Reverend Drivetrain. It seems to fall somewhere in the middle of the whole Klon vs Dumble vs Tubescreamer...
  12. MIM#1

    What is your experience with Russian-made effects?

    There's a company called D-Sound that makes some killer Muffs with mids and a Rams Head mini muff that is outstanding!
  13. MIM#1

    Having a hard time choosing a compressor

    My Mini Ego was pretty noisy. Tried several others with clean blends. Dyna Comp Deluxe, SP,Keeley. For subtle and transparent my Boss LM-2 trumped them all.
  14. MIM#1

    Any rock biography recommendations?

    I've read quite a few lately, but BB King's kinda makes all the rest sound like a bunch of whinners.I mean, born on a plantation, parent-less at age 12, on and on. Yet he came out of it all with dignity, class and better than most. Anthony Kiedis' was a good read, just reminded me of my youth...
  15. MIM#1

    Barber Dirty Bomb upgrade?

    Weehbo Bastard! [smaller too]
  16. MIM#1

    How does the Musicman RD50 re-issue compare to the original?

    btw, my Favorite amp is an RD-50 1X10 combo with an EV Force 10. It's a loud, clean and POWERFUL little 1x10 amp! Perfect club amp and plenty of volume and headroom for outdoor shows. I went through mine and recapped all the electrolytics and updated the power transistors. Its still got the...
  17. MIM#1

    If you could only have up to 5 pedals for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

    Well, I'd take 5 original gold KLON's to help my retirement. But if we are not going fantasy island here, I'd go with what's on my board.... but I can only go down to 6. Boss LM-2 Crybaby 95Q Xotic AC+ Rams Head muff with mids Orange V1 Ross phaser Vox Delaylab [ or Korg SDD3000 if back on...
  18. MIM#1

    Help with EMG 89 SA SA Pickup Set Install

    Lots of folks talk pickups here I think. EMG has the BEST wiring diagrams out there, so like stratmania said its probably hooked up wrong. Trace every wire according to the diagram.
  19. MIM#1

    BOSS teases new Waza Craft pedal

    Yeah, an MZ-2 with a remote jack that cycles between chorus only / distortion + chorus / and distortion only! Maybe they could even remove the can of bees from the distortion!
  20. MIM#1

    Gretsch Streamliner Jet JR. Bigsby or......?

    I'm thinking of picking up a Gretsch Streamliner JR, as my favorite humbucker size single coils are just sitting in a box. [EMG 'H' actives, which are 'S' single coils in humbucker housings] However, I would really like a vibrato instead of a wrap-around bridge. Schaller makes the 4201 which is...
  21. MIM#1

    I'm over tuners taking up space on my board

    Superficial aren't we?
  22. MIM#1

    I'm over tuners taking up space on my board

    I tune up my strat once before a show [pre-covid] with a headstock tuner. End of show, still in tune. Maybe you guys need to learn how to set up a guitar? :hide2
  23. MIM#1

    Eric Gales two rock in a pedal?

    Amazing, I just got to post # 2 and was thinking, 'that sounds exactly like my brute drive'. That's never happened before!
  24. MIM#1

    Worst guitar product you remember buying?

    You are correct, my bad!