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    Solid State Amp Options?

    Here is another one for you: Vox Pathfinder 15R. I just picked one up today for $100 off my local CL. I am beyond impressed with it! I will plug it into my 1x12 cab later today. I have come to the realization that I don’t need thousand dollar amps to play at home. You can find some really...

    Solid State Amp Options?

    find a used Peavey Bandit or Studio Pro. I recently picked up a Red Stripe Bandit for $75. It sounds really great. Check out the YouTube videos on it. I had a Trademark 60 years ago. It was also nice.

    20 watt amp for exquisite classic rock tones?

    There are so many great choices it’s hard to pick just one. If you want a cheap option get a Peavey Bandit and you favorite OD pedal and your all set. I picked up a US made red stripe a few months ago for $75. It sounds fantastic! and I have and do own some nice tube amps.

    Amp tech in Pittsburgh?

    If you can drive an hour and a half south you can find guitar CPR in Fairmont, WV. None better.

    The Best Solid State Guitar Amps Ever Made?

    I recently picked one of these up for $75! Replaced the reverb tank and it’s good to go. I really like it. There are some good demos of this model on YouTube.

    Old school Solid States

    I recently picked up a red stripe Peavey Bandit. Very cool SS. I had a Trademark 60 for a while and it was also very nice.

    NAD: Warning - very non TGP!

    Got the new reverb in. Works great. A touch of verb really adds some depth to the tone. I am digging this amp - fantastic for the price for sure!

    NAD: Warning - very non TGP!

    I took the reverb tank out today and did some investigation. The little output transformer has a broken wire. It’s too tiny to even soldier back on. I just can’t live without a little reverb. New MOD tank on the way! Even with a new tank I am still just a little over $100 in this one!

    NAD: Warning - very non TGP!

  10. LJOHNS

    NAD: Warning - very non TGP!

    I pulled the reverb tank out and looked it over the wires looked good. I will use a meter and give it a good check out this weekend.
  11. LJOHNS

    NAD: Warning - very non TGP!

    5CA772C7-0379-4454-BD6F-D8FABA3271FF by LJOHNS posted Jun 18, 2020 at 10:44 AM
  12. LJOHNS

    NAD: Warning - very non TGP!

    I picked up a Red Stripe Peavey Bandit (USA) yesterday for $75! Very clean and it sounds great! The reverb is not working so I need to look into that. I watched some YT videos on this amp and went looking for one. I am very impressed with it. I takes drive pedals very well. You can get some...
  13. LJOHNS

    Question about Blackfaced Silverface Deluxe Reverb

    I have a 79’ that has been blackfaced. It’s just a few resistor and cap changes. My volume boost was also removed. It is very loud! Can’t play above 2 at home and I have to roll my guitar volume back some also. I may sell mine and get something with a master volume. Thinking about a Mesa...
  14. LJOHNS

    Bad cat cab III 15w

    I had one for a couple years. Outstanding amp. It is cleaner. The master works very well. This amp is an instrument in itself. Very dynamic.
  15. LJOHNS

    Dr Z Z-Wreck Jr Video by Sweetwater

    Sweet tones! Great demo also!
  16. LJOHNS

    Is a Deluxe Reverb supposed to sound like this?

    I have a 79' that has also been black faced. I am starting to think this amp is not for me. Loose and loud. I think I need something with a good master volume so I can use it at home.
  17. LJOHNS

    Silver Face Deluxe Reverb in a Local Shop

    The original power transformers in some of the late silverface DRs put out too high a voltage. I have a ‘79 that has been blackfaced and I was getting 500v. It should be around 425v. I replaced the original with an Allen and brought it into spec. Not sure I am going to keep mine. It’s very...
  18. LJOHNS

    NEW Fender '64 Custom Princeton Reverb

    I may just build one from a kit also. Less than half the price for exactly the same sound.
  19. LJOHNS

    Super Champ XD

    I have had one for years. Got one when they first came out. Still issue it at home quite a bit. Sounds great! Never liked it on stage though - didn’t push enough air for me.
  20. LJOHNS

    Why no love for Gibson amplifiers?

    The late 50’s GA-20s are awesome
  21. LJOHNS

    Fender Bassbreaker 15 limited edition...

    I seriously thought about picking one of these LE up. But after reading about All the issues I decided to pass.
  22. LJOHNS

    NAD 5f11 Vibrolux Mojotone

    I am going to build one of these Mojotone kits next year. Really like the tones!
  23. LJOHNS

    Bassman in a 1x12?

    I think Allen amps makes something like that
  24. LJOHNS

    The Deluxe Reverb is an amazing amp.

    No, I am not that old yet!
  25. LJOHNS

    Fender BassBreaker 15 loop noise fix

    Well I was all set to pick up one of these but I think I will pass unless they upgrade it and fix the problems.