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    Sold 2 sets THROBAK pickups, reverse zebra PG-102 MXV and zebra MC-102B MXV

    PG-102's are SOLD MC-102's are SOLD

    Rangemaster clone for early Sabbath,Blackmore

    Looking for a Rangemaster clone. I'm mainly looking at getting 1st Sabbath album tones and early Purple tones, Any Suggestions BSM Metal, Throback Strangemaster are 2, I've been looking at but, wouldn't mind savin some coin and consider other options, any suggestions?

    TEYE "El Platero"

    Well, I thought I'd give a bump to a small Company Luthier, I received my Teye El Platero and I'm knocked out! Teye Guitars » Difference Handmade, the guitar is extraordinarilly resonant, with alot of sustain. Aside from just all around great craftsmanship and playability, this has got to be the...

    Treble booster? overdriver?

    O.k. I'm not that familiar with fuzz pedals. I had an old 70's fuzz face that I didn't really care for. I'm looking for use primarily with humbuckers/Les Paul. I just built an 18 watt tremelo with NOS Mustards and philips electrolytics. It's about he 5th amp I've built and it's sounds great. I'm...