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    Deluxe Reverb Build

    From The Radiotron Designer's Handbook (a.k.a., the bible): Black -- grounds, grounded elements, and returns Brown -- heaters or filaments, off ground Red -- power supply B+ Orange -- screen grids Yellow -- cathodes Green -- control grids Blue -- plates Violet -- not used Grey -- AC power lines...
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    looking for speaker for champ, most headroom,10in. easy mod , or stick with 8 inch. ?

    Yep. Can be done without too much trouble. When you make the new baffle board, though, you will need to move the speaker over to one side to get the necessary clearance. Cut the baffle board to size and then place it in the amp. Get the speaker you want to use and position it in the best...
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    Please Help Me Diagnose & Cure a 3 channel footboard

    Have you checked the continuity of the switches with an ohm meter? It's pretty straightforward wiring so my guess is that there's a breakdown in the switches themselves or somewhere in the other connections/cable. Cheers, -- Don
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    Help! Amp blows fuses after standby is switched...

    Who did the tube change? Anyone check the bias and the bias circuit? That "loud buzz" is the power transformer drawing too much load due to a short. Does this amp have a tube rectifier? If so, pull it and try again. Report back. I don't know how easy it is to work on this amp, but I would...
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    1966 Fender deluxe reverb Bias

    A simple device that helps in this situation: http://www.geofex.com/article_folders/vintvolt/vintvolt.htm Cheers, -- Don
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    very complicated amp to speaker routing

    They're called "make-before-break" switches. Cheers, -- Don
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    SOVTEK MIG50 upgrades/mods??

    This. I've rebuilt a few of these for friends who gig a lot with them and agree wholeheartedly with the above. Once you do that, you have a much more reliable and stable amp that will give years of service. Cheers, -- Don
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    Any tips on repairing this?

    The pre-Avionics, 16 glass tube, audio amp AN/ARC-27 were better. Cheers, -- Don
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    High Main DC Voltage in Fender 6G12A

    This is another possible solution: http://www.geofex.com/article_folders/vintvolt/vintvolt.htm Cheers, -- Don