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  1. zion

    What Amps are you using for P&W

    Mesa Mark IV
  2. zion

    Does anyone actually use their effects loop?

    I run my tube delay always on in my amp's loop.
  3. zion

    What is it about Mesa Boogie Amps?

    No idea of how it's wired, but my truck has a manual transmission, I don't have a personal cell-phone or Facebook account, and yet the sun still rises every day out here.
  4. zion

    What is it about Mesa Boogie Amps?

    Current Mark IV user. My only amp. I demand a lot from my amp. Reliability and lots of control were my prioritized criteria when I found the Boogie. The standout feature for my needs is the foot switch. I use effects loops for my delay pedal. Having the ability to control the loop on the...
  5. zion

    Anyone just have-use one amp?

    One amp guy here. Boogie MKIV.
  6. zion

    ASW Peacemaker ---> New model!

    Current Peacemaker is described as a cross between the KTS60 and the EVM12L. Headroom, punch, with a British flavor. Recommended to me for a 2x12 cab & Dumble inspired amp.
  7. zion

    NY Amp Show

    Anyone see the MFC foot controller from Fractal?
  8. zion

    Welagen Amps

    Pricing for a Welagen ODS is around the same as a base Bludo-Drive ($3600).
  9. zion

    My amp short list... advice please

    Questions: Why did you reject the others? Likes/dislikes? That'll help with some recommendations. Have you played the 3 you're looking into?
  10. zion

    Seeking The Advice Of TGP Experts Regarding Celestion Speakers!

    Weber Silver and a Weber Blue are dynamite together pushed by a Swart. Order the cab unloaded and pop them in yourself.
  11. zion

    Let's talk about Dr Z Maz 18...

    tdarian's description of the 18 is dead-on in my opinion!
  12. zion

    Does anyone make an EL34 based amp head under 20 watts?

    Swart AST takes EL-34's with no biasing.
  13. zion

    What other speakers have you tried in your Swart AST Pro?

    The Heritage I had in my AST was too shrill for my ears. Try an EVM 12 L!
  14. zion

    How many amps do you own?

    One amp. Although I do have a broken one that will be stationed at my cabin when it's finished. So make that 2.
  15. zion

    Reccomend me an Amp Head

  16. zion

    Swart help needed

    NOS Tubes?! Will certainly turn your Swart in the direction you want to travel. Try swapping out the rectifier for starters...and the speaker. 2 big changes that can bring out the best to your ears from your amp. Lots of info on here about tubes and speakers...
  17. zion

    Best website to buy a Celestion Blue?

    SpeakerTone has excellent service!
  18. zion


    Yo, I'm busy playin' man! I know someone else on here had one ordered and will be voicing their opinions soon... I don't know what it is. Mine breaks sooner. Maybe since the controls go to 11, "it's one louder isn't it?!" I have ditched my attenuator and am just using the Master...
  19. zion


    There's a new sound in the Smoky Mountains... SWART! This is the AST Head...
  20. zion

    2x12 cab, 1 Blue and 1 ???????

  21. zion

    Has anyone ever seen an amp like this?

    Some company history... The company was founded as David Bogen & Company in 1932 in New York by David Bogen, a pioneer in the burgeoning field of audio transmission. Among the company's first products were simple intercom systems and sound amplifiers.By the early 1950s, the...
  22. zion

    Swart Ast

    Attenuation - I can only speak for the Hotplate used in my setup including NOS tubes, Celestion & Weber speakers, and my guitars all have upgraded wiring and pickups. (I'm not being conceded, just trying to be specific). Everything makes a difference....I love it. I'm using dirt pedals much...
  23. zion

    Swart Ast

    I run an attenuator with the combo and cab. The attenuator has 2 speaker output jacks. Killer! Best of both worlds. For quick grab -n- go, I can use the combo. For jacked up sounds and more of those AST 3D sounds, I can run all 3 speakers. Of course I can just run the cab for a different...
  24. zion

    10" inch speaker for Trace Elliott Velocette??

    I put a silver bell in my Velocette and could not stop playing it. Excellent choice!
  25. zion

    Swart Ast

    I've a little something extra for my AST...Actually 2 somethings extra. 2x12 Webers, a Silver Bell and a Blue Dog.