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    56 Strat, sounding good?

    I agree with this all the way. I was never a vintage guitar guy because they were usually out of my price range and I have a nice stable of guitars that have served me well. I recently decided that I had been postponing some personal gratification for too long and bought a '56 hardtail Strat...
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    ‘66 Tele with vintage wiring - change to modern? (Pics Added)

    Wire it the way you want. Personally, I like a four-way switch on a Tele and I wire mine so it's bridge, bridge and neck in parallel, bridge and neck in series, and neck on its own. Works well for my needs. Cheers, -- Don
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    What do YOU do to a Vintage guitar when you first get it to make it playable?

    Tune it. Frets if needed, complete setup, pickup height adjustment, and that's about it.
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    Thinking about buying vintage as a sort of investment.

    I'm assuming you're a guitar player. Buy a guitar that inspires you without regard to whether you'll make money on it in the long run. That is secondary . . . way secondary. If you buy a great guitar and you bond with it, then who the hell cares if it appreciates in value? Guitars aren't...
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    Broadcaster 0084 at Norman's

    This. Way back in the 70s, I was into playing flatpicked bluegrass tunes. I went through a lot of new Martins and none of them ever really did it for me. Once day I found a '54 D-28 and played it. Unreal. The difference between this guitar and all the other Martins I owned was substantial...
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    Vintage Champs

    From the engineer, Howard Albert, who worked on the album: If you looked through the control-room glass, the piano was to the left, and on top of the piano, which had the lid closed, were our [Fender Tweed] Champ amps that Eric and Duane both used. Tom Dowd, the producer, mentioned something...
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    Guitar Safari!

    Man, now that's a blast from my past. I grew up in East Long Beach and actually bought a brand new Fender 75 there in the early 80s. Haven't thought of that place in decades. Cheers, -- Don
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    Luthier in Riverside or San Diego Counties

    Thanks for the recommendations! Chris finally got in touch but if he's too busy I'll definitely check out these other folks. Cheers, -- Don
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    Luthier in Riverside or San Diego Counties

    Looking for a good guitar tech/luthier in Riverside or San Diego counties. I have some stuff that needs to be done on a couple of vintage guitars and need someone competent and reliable. I used to use Chris Camp in Escondido but he's not answering emails or his phone these days. Anyone know...
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    Which low output P90 for this old Gibson ?

    This just popped up in the classifieds. BTW, I have a set of '53 P-90s in my 2000 R6 and they aren't ever coming out. https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/1950s-gibson-p90.2171672/
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    Vintage Champs

    You like Derek and the Dominios? Most of the guitars were recorded through a Champ. Cheers, -- Don
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    Any reason not to plek a vintage guitar?

    Amen. I have a '54 D-28 that's in immaculate cosmetic shape and I've owned it since '77. After years of playing flat-picked bluegrass tunes HARD, it needed work and I put it off for a LONG time because I was afraid it would mess with the tone. I really didn't give a **** about whether or not...
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    Age demographics for vintage guitar enthusiasts

    I'll be 65 next month and own one vintage guitar, which is a '54 D-28 that I bought back in '77 when I was actively playing bluegrass all the time. It will be handed down to my daughter and she can do whatever she wants with it. I've never been a GASsy guy and tend to keep what I buy. In over...
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    '65 Strat "story" on Reverb

    Just dropped to $12,500. Guess he's motivated.