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    Tubescreamer alternative

    Timmy or a Wampler Euphoria are both very good. I am sure there are many other great choices - so many great pedals now days.

    P&W Rigs/Pedalboards

    I play a Badcat Cub IIIr. I have a head and 1x12 cab. Love it!

    Great new episode of That Pedal Show this week - D-style pedals

    I have the Euphoria - great versatile pedal. Amazing how good the cheap BD2 sounds...

    Shimmer verb/pedalboard help!!!

    The TC hall of fame has downloadable tones like the "room with a view" that would get you there. Cheap used...

    Mythical Overdrive, Part 2

    Been thinking about this OD for a while now. Anyone here play one through a Badcat Cub? Wondering how that would work out...

    What is worship guitar and why does it love delay?

    I have been playing at church for about 5 years now. I have worked my way up to some nice gear because I like the tones and I am a gear nut - no other reason really. I have a few pedals, a Tele parstcaster and a PRS McCarty, Dr. Z or Badcat amp. Use some delay and verb and light OD for edge...

    Xotic Sp Compressor

    Yep - always on for me. A little below noon on the low setting for me. I flipped on of the switches inside also - can't remember which one...

    What's In The Mail, Part 5

    Xotic SP compressor inbound. My first comp!

    Wampler Paisley Drive Appreciation Thread

    I have been using the Paisley every week for over two years now. I love it for light OD and it is very responsive. Great with a Tele and M12!
  10. LJOHNS

    List the Wampler pedals you own

    Paisley drive Euphoria
  11. LJOHNS

    Gary Clark JR's Most Recent Pedalboard

    I find his tone a little ratty. Not my thing but he a great player.
  12. LJOHNS

    Pedal Power 2+ = Huge Difference!

    I will be ordering one of these for my new Pedaltrain board very soon. Can't wait!
  13. LJOHNS

    Wampler Plexi-Drive Deluxe?

    I simply love Wampler pedals! Well done - killer MIAB! I see one of these in my near future...
  14. LJOHNS

    Lollar Mini Humbucker are

    In the neck position on my Tele - very Jazzy. I just roll the tone back a little and its there.
  15. LJOHNS

    Lollar Mini Humbucker are

    I have a Lollar mini in the neck of my custom made Tele. It mixes great when split with a Tele brige. I love it! I am thinking of using Lollar mini's on my next Tele build (neck and bridge).
  16. LJOHNS

    My new board? opinions please

    What do you all think of this layout? Starts off with a volume pedal, tuner, and compressor. Then light OD, med OD, optional third OD (AC plus or Mythical), analog delay, digital delay, trem/verb, and Wet verb for some ambient stuff. I play mostly P&W but also blues, rock, country. Dr. Z...
  17. LJOHNS

    drive pedals and their favorite clean amps

    Paisley Drive into a M12 with a Gold speaker = awesome tone. I have also used a Jetter Red sq. into the M12 with great results. Usually with my custom Tele or Strat
  18. LJOHNS

    Line 6 M9 for wet effects only

    I too have been using an M9 for several years now for just reverb, delays, and a little mods. I use pedals for my OD (I like Wampler stuff). I am currently playing through a Dr. Z M12 with 1x12 Gold. Perfect for what I do.
  19. LJOHNS

    Best Wampler Distortion/Drive for rhythm guitar?

    Paisley Drive or Euphoria - can't go wrong with either one!
  20. LJOHNS

    Effects - Switching to "IEMs" - What to Expect?

    We switched to IEM a couple years ago. I thought it would be great but as the lead guitar player it totally lost the feel of playing for me. Felt like I was in a box with no space. I went back to an amp on stage. Now some of us use the IEM and some don't but it works out good for us. I...
  21. LJOHNS

    P&W Guys come in! : Overdrives

    I use a Wampler Paisley Drive (light -edge of break up) and a Euphoria (crunch). Custom Tele most of the time with my Dr. Z M12.
  22. LJOHNS

    M9 VS Real Pedals?

    I have used one for a few years now. Mostly only for verbs and delays. I don't like the overdrives - sound fake to me so I use other drive boxes for that.
  23. LJOHNS

    M12 & High Gain Rhythm / Distortion Pedals

    I will update on a Wampler plexi drive next week. Euphoria also...
  24. LJOHNS

    List your pedal acquisitions in 2013

    Wampler Euphoria incoming.....