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    Sold 2009 Smokeburst McCarty nitro w/ 5708"s

    I also have one of these. They are fantastic!

    Sold Paul Reed Smith PRS Smokeburst McCarty nitro finish

    I have one of these and they are fantastic!

    Sold Paul Reed Smith McCarty PF-09 Nitro Finish Smokeburst Silver Sky trade

    I have one of these Smokeburst from 2009. It’s an amazing guitar. Highly recommended. Good luck.

    Sold Epiphone Johnny A Custom - mint - reduced!

    For sale - no trades - US only Now dropped to $800 shipped! Epiphone Johnny A custom - mint condition. These are very well made at a fraction of the cost of the Gibson version. There are a couple long threads on TGP about these. Lot of guitar for the $. Also listed on Reverb but I would...

    Sold 2009 PRS McCarty SmokeBurst Nitro Finish

    I also have one of these. They are awesome!

    Sold Reverend Warhawk RT - alpine green - mint cond.

    SOLD Mint condition Reverend Warhawk RT in Alpine Green. These are really great guitars. If you have never tried a Reverend you should - I came away impressed and I am very particular. The Revtron pickups are great. I found I could get most any tone I wanted from country, blues, rock, to...

    Sold PRS McCarty '09 Smokeburst 57/08 Pups

    I also have one of these. Outstanding guitars!

    Sold Gibson Historic Chambered Les Paul 1958 PRICE DROP

    How is the neck profile on this one?

    Sold 2009 Paul Reed Smith McCarty DC245 10-top with 57/08 pups + bound neck - Matteo Mistyy

    I say it all the time on here - used McCarty's are the best buy on TGP! Good luck with your sale.
  10. LJOHNS

    Sold 2009 PRS Paul Reed Smith McCarty Limited Edition PF-09 Nitro Finish Smokeburst

    I have one of these - they play and sound amazing! A used McCarty is one of the best buys on TGP!
  11. LJOHNS

    Sold SOLD!

    Weight? What pickups?
  12. LJOHNS

    Sold 1992 MIJ Fender '62RI Strat

    62RI is nice a C similar to the standard Fender C but just a little more thick as you move down the neck. Very comfy.
  13. LJOHNS

    Sold 1992 MIJ Fender '62RI Strat

    Vintage specs. 7.5 rad and vintage frets.
  14. LJOHNS

    Sold 1992 MIJ Fender '62RI Strat

    For Sale $675 shipped TYD - Paypal 1992 made in Japan 62' RI Stratocaster. I am the second owner of this guitar and I bought it in 1995. Never gigged, smoke free/pet free home use only. I would rate the condition of this Strat around 8.5 to 9.0 out of 10. Excellent shape for a 24 year old...
  15. LJOHNS

    FS: Epiphone 335 Pro w/hs case, P90's and other upgrades

    What is the neck profile? Weight?