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  1. babbyb

    Princeton type amp?

    6G2 is miles better than the BF circuit IMO
  2. babbyb

    Why do high end Fender buyers hate headstock truss access?

    I don't mind the wheel-type adjusters, but all my current guitars are the "+" nut at the heel. If the body doesn't already have a channel, I rout one. Easy peasy.
  3. babbyb

    What fretboard radius do you prefer? Would like some input

    7.25 is my preference. Don't mind anything up to 12, though.
  4. babbyb

    Lee Dickson's firing situation with Clapton

    I don't know who Lee Dickson is, but I do know that Eric Clapton is a schmoe.
  5. babbyb

    Help with replacement locking tuners

    They also make a drop-in replacement that does have a thumbwheel. I realize OP said they want the same look, but those concentric post top lockers drive me nuts. SD91-MGT
  6. babbyb

    Help with pre cbs musicmaster

    If you can get along with the 22.5" scale, go for it. I bought a similar Musicmaster thinking I could get used to it and never came around.
  7. babbyb

    Eric Clapton's guitar. Bidding starts $1,500,000.

    Of course it's that dude in that video. Lol.
  8. babbyb

    Is it real or is it Memorex?

    I couldn't tell which was which, but I preferred version A. Version B had a weird, round boominess that I couldn't dial out.
  9. babbyb

    G&L Lecacy - replacing tuners

    Just to be clear, you have the hex bushing cranked as far as it will go and there's still enough gap for the machine housing to fall out of the pin hole? Are you sure they're not cross-threaded? Threads like that are small enough that you could go a good 1/2-2/3rds of the way on without...
  10. babbyb

    G&L Lecacy - replacing tuners

    I'm confused as to how they're rotating if the pin is seated correctly.
  11. babbyb

    Can someone help me determine the time signature?

    Not sure about the first, but the second track is plain 4/4.
  12. babbyb


    Sweetwater is by far the worst of the big retailers. Hassled before the sale, hassled during the sale, hassled after the sale. MF is miles better, and many of the mid-level spots (Dave's, etc.) even better than that.
  13. babbyb

    Gear Websites Designed in the 90s and Not Updated Since

    If it ain't broke, don't fix it. I don't know about these specific sites, but in a lot of cases these niche operations are one- or two-person shops that wouldn't be able to keep up with the business generated by e-commerce features. In that case, a new site would basically just mean a new coat...
  14. babbyb

    Air M1 vs Pro M1

    If you know someone who is in school, you can usually get 10% off direct from Apple, and the warehouse stores like Costco usually have them a smidge ($5-10) off retail and occasionally a little more, but Apple is pretty much MAP all over the place with very few discounts available.
  15. babbyb

    New Strymon? Purple big box!!!

    Certainly looks like the Mobius logo. I don't think a new big box would use the old form factor/control layout.
  16. babbyb

    Air M1 vs Pro M1

    Yeah, this is where I was at. I've needed a new laptop for quite a while, but as it became more and more apparent that Apple Silicon was just around the corner, I held off. And even if Apple offers big upgrades in a year, this machine is already miles better than the one I would've bought a...
  17. babbyb

    Best Guitar For Ambient

    You want to sculpt a wide variety of sounds? You want a Tele.
  18. babbyb

    Air M1 vs Pro M1

    My early 2015 MBP has been on its last legs for a while, and but I'd been holding off on an upgrade because I knew the new chips were coming. After watching a slew of YT reviews I went ahead and bought the base model M1 Air. It's only been a day, but I've already run some audio sessions and...
  19. babbyb

    Who else is excited for the new Epiphones?! (Wilshire, Crestwood and Coronets!!)

    Sounds like someone has never played an old doghair Coronet.
  20. babbyb

    Does anyone else just focus on guitars for gear? (And cheap out on amps/pedals?)

    I don't have a ton of amps. Besides a little Peavey for couch playing, I only have one. But it's a Carr, and it's brilliant. In tone terms, a good amp carries you a lot farther than a good guitar, IMO.
  21. babbyb

    Boss FZ-2w hype thread

    Played tons of shows with my Behringer VD400, no reliability problems. Played tons of shows with my Dano French Toast, no reliability problems. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  22. babbyb

    caught Patty Smyth on fallon....still rockin. such a relief to hear real music on a late night show.

    Not the place I'd expect to see the Blink-182 signature bass.
  23. babbyb

    Having a hard time choosing a compressor

    Never liked any comp I've tried with a blend. The Diamond is great, as is the Diamond-style Mooer and the CP-1X.
  24. babbyb

    Has anyone gone back to CDs?

    I look at hundreds of CDs every week. Disc rot is definitely a common problem, especially among older formulations.