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  1. Tommy Biggs

    How many guitars do you have? How many is too many?

    2 more would be too many. 1 More is the right amount. I’ve got 8, but would like to sell 1 or 2.
  2. Tommy Biggs

    What does (gig/ play out/ show) mean to you?

    @Fatboy666 does a nice job of covering it. I guess you could add 'in person or via links or broadcast'. Loved the line about crowd size!
  3. Tommy Biggs

    Made in USA guitars for under $1000 (used)

    90s Hamer Specials are great. Still a bargain too. If you are considering p90s...
  4. Tommy Biggs

    Poll - Which two would you keep between a Tele, Strat, LP and 335?

    I don't own a 335, but for me it would be 'whatever played the best'. I own the other 3, and I'll keep them all. Worst case I'd give up the Strat, because my LP and Tele are special guitars, and my Strat is just a nice Strat. None are booteek or CS level - they're all just working man guitars.
  5. Tommy Biggs

    N(Old)GD. The Strat Returns

    It'll be interesting to see what you think of the Laces now. they look perfect in that. The one I tried wasn't right for me - which is more user error or a wrong choice than a critique of the pickups.
  6. Tommy Biggs

    Is this a di*k move? Guitar loan related.... Update/Conclusion

    Nice guitar. It's so great that the nephew had already thought to return it. One good family better is a whole lot better than none.
  7. Tommy Biggs

    Jeff Beck & Imelda May Honor Les Paul | How High the Moon | PBS

    That was a great tribute show.
  8. Tommy Biggs

    Removing manufacturer's name from case

    I put small bits of tape on the ends of ‘similar‘ cases, so I can spot mine easily, and tell them apart on the storage shelf. You can do small spray paint stencils too. If the epi logo bothers you, black gaffers tape is your friend.
  9. Tommy Biggs

    Lee Dickson's firing situation with Clapton

    Not to dispute your understanding (the first I'd heard of it is today), there's this from Variety... Morrison also previously released three “anti-lockdown” songs earlier this fall, including “Born to Be Free,” “As I Walked Out,” and (in case you weren’t clear on the message of the musician’s...
  10. Tommy Biggs

    What's you favorite amp for pushed clean tones?

    I don’t really do that tone in our band, but at home I really like my Supersonic 22. With the gains both set low it does a nice Fender edge sound at very reasonable volumes. It scales up pretty well too. We played a couple of small gigs where we did songs that lent themselves to those tones...
  11. Tommy Biggs

    Has Taj Mahal reached legend status?

    Early 90s? Late 60s! Legendary for sure.
  12. Tommy Biggs

    Why are there so few 2x10 amplifier combo options

    I'm often tempted to put my old 1960's Bandmaster Reverb into a 2x10, but worry I'd never be able to sell it. (I've owned it since 1973 - so it's not like I'm all that interested in resale...)
  13. Tommy Biggs

    New modulation pedals and their "extreme" settings - Are they actually usable in a musical context?

    I like to play around with them and learn how to create and use them, but rarely use them in songs I write for our band. I prefer to keep it relatively simple on stage. I enjoy some of the players who can really make them work.
  14. Tommy Biggs

    I mean...just look at this thing!

    pretty damn awesome! I never saw one like that.
  15. Tommy Biggs

    Sold Late 60's Bandmaster Reverb.

    Awesome Amps. Tough as hell but sound like heaven. You want big cleans? Because this is how you get big cleans.
  16. Tommy Biggs

    Gibson guitar tuning stability hack. Does this really work??

    I didn’t watch the video because my LP tunes up nicely and stays in tune. I have a 90s Studio with a maple/ebony neck. I had a LP Custom that was good too. I’ve got a good tech though...
  17. Tommy Biggs

    I really hate the color of a gold top

    IMO not liking something is fine, posting that it's ugly is bad form. You gotta know that if they are popular there will be lot's of people who's baby you just called ugly. I can certainly understand that statement drawing a backlash that would be more FU than a rational discussion. My .02 is...
  18. Tommy Biggs

    Making a guitar your own (50s Gibson content)

    That would be fun to fool around with!
  19. Tommy Biggs

    Re-fret? (can you tell from a pic?)

    Can we see a 45 degree angle and a perpendicular shot? I'd say possibly a level and crown, not a refret from what we see so far.
  20. Tommy Biggs

    Wampler pinnacle deluxe settings?

    Not really for me, mine just sounds like it's in a big room. Just that bit of after effect. Not as processed as reverb. Think of EVH in the opening chords of You really got me.
  21. Tommy Biggs

    What do you love most about your Les Paul?

    I love mine because it’s rock solid. Stays in tune for a couple of days. Big maple neck with an ebony board. Sounds like a sledgehammer.
  22. Tommy Biggs

    Strat HSH vs SSS????

    The Neck single coil is one of the best things in the world. SSS.
  23. Tommy Biggs

    Sold Tech 21 Trademark 10

    Great little amps. Mine is 25 years old, never needed service. The service place is in Clifton NJ, it’s a US company. For me, having a super lightweight 10watt amp that sounds good to grab for jamming at somebody’s house was really nice. I had a bf champ too, but would take the tm10. GLWTS...
  24. Tommy Biggs

    After 45 Years of Playing Marshall I Finally Have a Stack

    Sweet looking rig! Congrats!
  25. Tommy Biggs

    Does anyone actually use the numbers on Strat knobs?

    I started on a Tele, so I don't look the numbers as a precise thing - just am I above or below certain points. I use the "Set screw" approach on the Tele Volume though.