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  1. ungarn

    What casters for Marshall 1965a?

    Ernie ball are good enough for that light cab, a real bargain. I have them on my 1960A cabs and they work nicely.
  2. ungarn

    Elton John's "Daniel" - A Perfect Song?

    Perfect? Maybe. Remarkable? Definitely. There is alot of courage and talent on display on Madman, Yellow Brick, and Captain Fantastic.
  3. ungarn

    EHX Black Russian Muff and Black Small Stone

    Black russian muff goes for $90 all day long. Great sounding pedal, shoddy build. Small stone less desirable.
  4. ungarn

    NGD 1980's Tokai Flying V

    Green Lantern V!
  5. ungarn

    EBMM Silhouette Special or JP6

    Silhouette is a good guitar, JP6 is a great guitar. I love EBMM necks, except for the narrow nut width...feel like a kids guitar after playing gibby's so long.
  6. ungarn

    Help: Speakers for Marshall Vintage Modern 2x12 cab.....

    Celestion Creambacks, V30, G12T75, or Greenbacks would work great...just different shades of awesome.
  7. ungarn

    Axe-Fx2 John Sykes - Out Of Love

    Great job, there is some monumental rock playing on that first Blue Murder album...also nice pirate outfits.
  8. ungarn

    Suggest me some new/new-ish metal

    Some mentioned previously...but based on what you listen to now, and my shared aversion of cookie monster vocals entirely... Recent releases from Metal Church, Testament, Overkill, Death Angel, Judas Priest, Flotsam & Jetsam, Tremonti, and Metallica are VERY good. Especially... Metal Church -...
  9. ungarn

    JVM 410H variances...(hit and miss)?

    Crunch channel of JVM will get it done. VM is a good Marshall for sure, but JVM is current flagship.
  10. ungarn

    JVM 410H variances...(hit and miss)?

    Old broken in G12T75 sound really good with JVM, but easy to have too much gain and fizz out. V30 is more forgiving or clear at higher gain settings. Lots of used JVMs to be had for a bargain.
  11. ungarn

    Unsung Hero: James Brown of Peavey/Kustom/Amptweaker

    Nice guy in person too! Also designed Schecter Hellwin.
  12. ungarn

    I got to play through a Diezel at NAMM for the very first time

    Boy the VH2 and Big Max sound great. Kinda pricey for me new, so waiting on 1st version VH4 pedal.
  13. ungarn

    New Engl Inferno Head - Marty Friedman sig

    Nice, he also has new PASSIVE signature EMG pickups now: http://www.emgpickups.com/new-arrivals/pickups/mf-set.html
  14. ungarn

    Recommendations for a warmer version of a V30?

  15. ungarn

    Talk to me about Explorers

    My '76 Reissue is perfect for standing and playing, less than perfect seated. Easily the fastest playing Gibson neck I have played. The 500T bridge has a nice crunch for sure, neck takes some tweaking to dial in. I am 5'11'' tall and the Explorer just looks right on my frame, especially compared...
  16. ungarn

    Recommend a heavy metal guitar...

    Check out used Schecter, LTD, Epiphone, and Dean guitars...lots to pick from for very little coin.
  17. ungarn

    Roland Cube Artist, Katana, Or Quilter?

    Katana is a no brainer.
  18. ungarn

    Any shorter Truefire courses?

    They have many sales, keep checking the site. That being said, there are a number of "lick" type courses that you could learn one at a time, and then spend time applying to your playing. Here is what I think is a good example...free lesson...Slinky Dink, 30 Mojo Rhythms You MUST Know, by Shane...
  19. ungarn

    This lesson just changed my guitar life.

    Good lesson, mindbending player, high production value, it is the small details that separate! Thanks for sharing.
  20. ungarn

    Looking for Boost pedal suggestions

    Your gut was right...OD808 is what you want, BBE Green Screamer on a budget.
  21. ungarn

    Playing for charity vs. being sound guy for charity???

    Find out what the charity is, may change your mind either way.
  22. ungarn

    Wampler CataPulp

    Monarch is lower gain, and brighter in tone, still a nice sounding pedal.
  23. ungarn

    Amp advice for Gibson SG

    Marshall of course! Well, my SG sounded great thru a Fender Pro Jr and some pedals, especially a RAT. I would suggest raising the bridege pickup, raising the pole pieces on the neck pickup until 3-4 threads show, and then adjust the neck to match the volume of the bridge. Works wonders on...