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    2011 NJ Oct Ampfest

    Hey Nige! Hope you and the family have been well my friend...been a long time. If I'm not mistaken, J still has that smooth tolex candy panel freak of a vox...she's still in good hands.
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    2011 NJ Oct Ampfest

    wow. It WAS a great day. GREAT to see a lot of old friends and meet some new ones. Great playing all around and great gear (of course.) Love that Dumble...and that goldtop wasn't too bad either ;). Nicky is a KILLER player, and that video of him playing both didn't do justice; you hadda be...
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    Shopping for an ES-335 (advice needed)

    Have you thought about a 70's Gibby 335? I have a player up in the emporium now (spam:o) that is going for less than your what you are expecting to pay, and the vintage stuff ususally has the added benefit of increasing in value over time. (Not to mention my '76 sounds and plays...
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    Bruno Amps...anyone like em?

    I've owned (I think) seven Brunos, a few of them one offs. I currently own a custom ordered UG30 which I love, and an outrageous one off S100, that for me, is the best D-style amp I've come across (and I've had a few). Matter of fact I had two S100's at one point. You CAN'T go wrong with a...
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    NJ Amp Fest - April 2010

    ....WHOA. :jo Jtodds always puts on the best shows at his place...first class all the way. Great gear, wish I could been there. Marshall Major? You guys must be deaf.
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    Mac Daddy's Eastcoast Ampfest photos

    Amazing photos MacD....thaqt round up of gear and guys (and girls) looks badass. You guys musta had a great time!
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    My 78 Tele melted faces

    70's tele's rule. Pics!
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    1974 Martin price check ...

    I agree - that's very high. You are getting into D41 range for that vintage with that $$$. Prob $1300-$1500 depending on the condition...
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    Do you hang your guitars or keep them in their cases?

    guitar stands and hooks and in cases....:cool:
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    ian anderson's newest creation.........

    beautiful guit. Color reminds me of the Butterscotch GIbson used to offer on the 2000-2003 Les Pauls. Shape reminds me of Gustavvson/Hamer. I hear Ian builds some kick ass stuff.
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    Taylor Swift - can she actually sing?

    Yeah that was REALLY horrible...I was cringing through it. Poor Stevie- she looked irritated during the performance. That song was massacred; I don't think Swift rehearsed at all for that, cuz it seemed like she didn't know the song. I would agree, but it seems like it doesn't matter...
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    80s band that you thought were under rated .....

    Agree with most of the above. Meniketti was a killer guitarist too...same thing with White Lion and Vito Bratta. I thought Kix was a great band that never got the recognition they deserved...
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    Any love for older Tone King amps like Comet?

    Tone Kings RULE. I used to own a 2x12 Comet. Sold it, then later had the Galaxy head and cab. tho the Galaxy looked cooler I always though the Comet sounded better. I now own a one off Blue Sparkle Meteor 2...(SPAM will be putting it up for sale) which is just outrageous; less boxy...
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    Amp techs in PA/NJ/CT

    Jimmy knows his sh*t and is very reasonable.
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    Demartini Marshalls

    I thought I read somewhere he was using some modded plexi's (EL 34's) and some mid 70's Marshalls loaded with 6550s...
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    Bludotone ojai special in the house!! Woah!!

    Bludo's ROCK. Period. And Mr. Montgomery is a gentleman and and scholar. One of the best D-style amps I've owned/played. Unfortunately (spam) I recently had to post mine up in the emporium to foot my kids tuition. :-( ... Alas, I will have another (or hopefully I can sell other stuff off and...
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    Eastcoast OctoberFest TGP Ampfest

    I just woke up and read this...that was farkin hilarious!!:roll
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    Eastcoast OctoberFest TGP Ampfest

    Jason is known in our circles as "Joe Bonamassa's Mini-Me". If you heard him play, youd understand why. His company is called "Super Whores of Righteous Guitar Tones, LLC". If I can ever make it to another one of these guys, I have got some sh*t that will rip your face off...in a very good...
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    Marshall JTM45/100 40th Anniversary

    BINGO. I heard one of these and was really impressed. I t just had lots of everything...the sound is just so powerful and the tone is just the sh*t. I needed another 4x12 like i needed a friggin hole in the head, but I found one of these, ran and got some (good) stuff to trade and brought the...
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    New guitar day - again !!

    Dang Dan. NICE score...:drink
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    Dirty Boy Amp Demo

    Yeah got it from a studio guy in LA...at the time didn't know Alex saraceno made a few. I heard new when he was making them they were like $6500... The tones are pretty much blues saraceno...I mean the guy can play anything and sound like himself, but that milkshake thick, well defined punchy...
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    Dirty Boy Amp Demo

    yup...very few, my understanding is less than 10, Goerge Lynch owns one of the originals too. ...sorry mikey would be a bit much for me to carry around at the show...it weights a ton, easily the heaviest head I ever owned. 7 transformers including a built in variac. It's pretty sick. three...
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    Dirty Boy Amp Demo

    I love my original one...it kicks ass....definitely its own thing, it has SO MUCH punch :boxer....
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    Tag Bought Hisself a Dumble!!!

    I usually stay out of the Dumble threads, and I have not waded through any of these posts, but I did want to congratulate you Tag, I'm sure that you are beside yourself with happiness, and I'm always down for that. Congrats and great to know that you are happy man! Being totally fulfilled is...