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    King Buzzo Acoustic

    I'm pretty excited for the new King Buzzo solo acoustic out next week titled "This Machine Kills Artists". Samples so far sound awesome. u8Z1_2QryF8
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    Floyd Fans: Pompeii

    Looks like Pompeii might be remixed in 5.1 which I never thought would be possible. Wow, I hope they pull it off. http://www.brain-damage.co.uk/latest/pompeii-and-circumstance-adrian-maben-and-pink-floyd.html "We are at a crucial point because we'd like to mix the sound in 5.1, complete the...
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    Anyone else think Led Zep 1 was the best sounding Zep album?

    At least to my ears the instruments and the vocals just seem to have great separation and clarity and Bonzo sounds monstrous. It's also very "warm" sounding relative to other albums in general (I'm talking CD's here). All the talk about recording and production and CD vs. vinyl got me thinking...
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    Bass CD Recommendations

    I'm looking for cd's featuring just bass or maybe bass and drums, I've been listening to Bill Laswell's Means of Deliverance (one song with vocals otherwise pure bass) and I'm looking for more music where the featured instrument is the bass, no guitars. Could be rock driven or jazz/fusion type...
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    Modern Scandinavian Fusion

    I've heavily gotten into these three bands lately. Any other suggestions for this genre? Not sure whats in the water over there but I'm digging the musicianship and the creativity of these bands. 6e-P1eFq1T0 p0shpdKVHM0 S-Tej94IsbQ
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    Magic Sam ~ West Side Soul

    Wow, I forgot how great this album is. So many great blues licks and so much soul. Still have the lp but just got it on CD. yZTkj8dgGNE
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    Morgan Agren~ Drummer that needs mentioning

    when discussing great drummers. HIdjLw-7Xa0
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    Champ with two 6v6's ?

    I know nothing about electronics but would it be possible to build a Champ circuit with two 6v6's or even two 6l6's for more volume? It boils down to the Champ being my favorite tone and I want that with more volume for a band. I don't want to waste time and money trying to replicate it with...
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    Sambora's Kramer Collection for sale

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/RICHIE-SAMBORA-KRAMER-GUITAR-COLLECTION-/290930816867?pt=Guitar&hash=item43bcd3f763 11 guitars for 30k, but ones a doubleneck.
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    Fender circuit question ?

    Whats the difference between the Fender Harvard, Princeton, and Deluxe Reverb circuits ? I have a silverface DR and was wondering what the difference is from the other two in sound and design.
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    Rectifier Question

    Can a 5U4 be used in place of a GZ34 or 5Y3 ? Thanks