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  1. TB72

    Have you played with any "famous" musicians?

    I've played with Brian a whole bunch...and he's pretty damn famous around here, I'd say. :dude
  2. TB72

    Set list to appeal to middle aged women...

    Might just have to move out there... :D
  3. TB72

    what is the secret to perfect tone?

    I think I'd be more likely to ask myself, "What Would DAVE Friedman Do?
  4. TB72

    Guitarists with Unique Fingering

    Tony Iommi?
  5. TB72

    High energy trio rock bands

    Hard to mention high-energy without a nod to Phil X.
  6. TB72

    When did you first notice harmonized guitar solos?

    First one that came to mind for me as well.
  7. TB72

    "I was made for lovin you" acoustic finger style arrangement

    Well done! The song really works in that style...I dig it.
  8. TB72

    Your all-time favorite Country song

    There are too many to name. I suppose I'll default to this one...
  9. TB72

    Martina McBride...What Happened to Her?

    Are you sure you're not thinking of Patty Loveless? Hey louderock, I suppose the answer to your question would be "affirmative".
  10. TB72

    did you like ABBA 's singing ?

    I wasn't sure, so I thought I'd take-a-chance take-a-chance take-a-take-a chance-chance. Not something I'll go out of my way to listen to, but there's no denying the talent.
  11. TB72

    If you could replace one album track with a song that was recorded at the same but left off...

    On the Beatles White Album, one of several tracks could have been turfed in favor of Not Guilty.
  12. TB72

    Damn...why do I love this?

    Why do you love this...? Probably because you and I have very different tastes. :dunno
  13. TB72

    outdoor gigs mess with my ears

    Some questions... Where was your amp placed? (Behind you, side-washed, in front of you like a monitor wedge, etc). How open was the stage? Was there a curtain or wall behind you, or just open air? Just asking since, with an open-backed amp like your Deluxe, there's a lot of sound that comes...
  14. TB72

    What is the best of the best of the Rolling Stones vast catalog of songs?

    I won't embed a Youtube clip, but... Look up Star Star. "Pissed off Mick" makes for some potent rock'n'roll.
  15. TB72

    How Would You Describe The Allman Brothers Guitar Sound?

    I would describe the tones as "Dynamic". It's a bit of a broad term, but it feels like the most fitting. Depending on touch, pickup selection, and varying their volume and tone controls, both Dickey and Duane had a wide range of flavors between clean and scream.
  16. TB72

    Is Steel Pan taking off where you live?

    I would say Steel Panther is enjoying more success in my area than Steel Pan. I would describe neither as "taking off."
  17. TB72

    Where to start for great hybrid picking?

    Pete Anderson (either with Dwight Yoakam, solo, or any of his other projects). David Grissom (another absolute monster. He's worked with a ton of people...Joe Ely, John Mellancamp, Storyville, Dixie Chicks, etc. etc.) Greg Koch (This guy's almost TOO GOOD). You can find instructional vids...
  18. TB72

    What ever happened to Eric Czar?

    So... ...we're not talking about the former drummer for KZISS then? :bonk
  19. TB72

    AC/DC Ride On vs ZZ Top Jesus Just Left Chicago

    Ahhhh, take me with ya, Jesus!!!
  20. TB72

    When People Buy You Drinks At a Gig. How do you handle it?

    Since I'm a non-drinker, I will politely decline. ("I appreciate it, but no thanks. I have an allergy...I keep breaking out in handcuffs.") Oddly enough, there are some folks who can't wrap their heads around the concept of someone who doesn't drink: "Ah, c'mon...one's not gonna kill you."...
  21. TB72

    From a guitar perspective, how important is not playing and restraint ?

    Depends on the situation, really. If you're playing in a 9-piece band, you can't have the mindset that you're in a power trio. In that case, less is more...so pick your spots accordingly. Look at Brian Setzer. He certainly plays differently in the big band than he does with the Stray Cats...and...
  22. TB72

    C#5 without falsetto... I'm done.

    J.C. is just sooooooo f****ng good!
  23. TB72

    A Conundrum: Suggestions?

    I suppose I'm one of very few on here who can say with certainty that "I feel your pain". (Seeing as I know all the parties involved.) I know a ton of songs, but jazz in general has been mostly alien to me. So when this singer comes up, I'm extremely comforted having you beside me on the...
  24. TB72

    A Conundrum: Suggestions?