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    Duane style slide in standard tuning...

    Warren really opened my eyes to standard-tuned slide, which is why I conceived this project. Mike Levine worked on this book also—he's a excellent slide player as well.
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    Is the "blue note" overblown in importance?

    The b5 is typically used as either a passing tone, neighbor tone, etc, even appogiatura, to inflict Western classical on the issue. We don't hear too much leaping in and out of it.
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    Recommend a fingerstyle book?

    That Travis book is a method book—a really great one—but it does have a number of good arrangements in it.
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    Recommend a fingerstyle book?

    I also might add, lots of the great contemporary players have arrangements and compositions on their websites—some free, some for sale.
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    Recommend a fingerstyle book?

    If you find some books you're curious about, let me know. There's a decent chance I'll be familiar with them.
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    Recommend a fingerstyle book?

    You should go to a good local store, if you can. It's best to look at the arrangements. Greensleeves shows up in lots of books. You'll find it in Christmas books from most publishers as "What Child Is This". I seem to recall it in "The Colors of Christmas" that I edited a million years ago for...
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    2 Questions - 1 for each hand

    RH—what you are doing is fine. I'm pretty open minded about what works regarding angle and placement. I try to work with a student's inclinations if it seems to hold promise for creating a great sound, though often it doesn't. I look and listen for lack of control and problem solve from...
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    Guitar playing is so unfair

    I love that!!!!!!!!!!!! I teach a lot, and firmly believe anyone can play guitar, just like anyone can drive, type, play golf, swim, what have you. Put the time in! That said, we aren't all dealt the same hand and many are going to have a tougher time than others. For many the uppermost...
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    TAB interpretation.

    The most current LZ offerings are quite good. Errors may still creep through, but these published versions are the only way to go. The magazine versions are usually at the same level. Consider that an top transcriber is doing much of the work, it's checked by a experienced editor, the engraver...
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    Musicians Institute GIT Teacher in NY?

    Rafterman. LOL, I know you! Just put this together.
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    learning bill frisell tunes

    That book above was one of my last projects at Cherry Lane and a very proud moment. Had some cool conversations with him, from what titles to include to chord names. I think his little cartoons are so clever and make the book a lot of fun. We never did any note for note stuff, though I would...
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    Question for guitar teachers... please help!

    If someone wants it, they get it. Everyone can get something out of lessons, if they apply themselves. Those who put forth little effort know it and will either quit or step it up. So, no test for me. There are some teachers who don't work with kids, beginners, people who can't already play...
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    Question for guitar teachers... please help!

    Not to be too pedantic, but the Piston book is a harmony book-it only looks at that one aspect of music theory. In other words, harmony isn't synonymous with music theory.
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    Question for guitar teachers... please help!

    Depends on the student, level, goals...I rarely teach scales to beginners. It's fine if you do, but consider, why? To make reading easier? As a tool for improvisation? Etc...might not be relevant to the given student. Might be imperative. With brand new students, my first few lessons are all...
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    Why can't folks keep time in a 12-bar blues?!

    Ok. They probably just need to run the progression more.
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    Why can't folks keep time in a 12-bar blues?!

    Well, regarding hearing how long to stay on a chord, or hearing structure—that doesn't come naturally to many. It starts with recognizing 1, 2, 3 & 4 beats of just one bar, then on to hearing 2 and 4 bar phrases, and so on. How? Some people just need to count it out. Later on, they may...
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    What is it about open tunings....

    ...guy walks into a fingerstyle guitar convention, picks up a guitar and begins to play. He plays so beautifully that before he has finished the song, he has attracted a crowd of onlookers. "What is that strange tuning?!" he is asked. "EADGBE" he replies.
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    Fingerpicking Solo

    I don't recall how much of the basics I covered here, but you might like this Knopfler lick. IMO, Knopfler is a great place to start in fingerstyle lead—an ideal blend of technique and musicality. MxUdr7AUHCE&
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    Pat Metheny Picking Technique Video

    He's using those red Delrin picks in a matte finish. He had the Planet Waves brand, but every brand has them. 0.50 mm.
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    My pick keeps moving during alternate picking practice!

    Use the edge of your middle finger to realign the pick as needed.
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    Any books like "Stick Control", but for guitar?

    There are some good technique books out there. Go to your local store and browse for something that looks inspiring. In light of what you are into, I'd simply look into learning note-for-note stuff from those artists. Build your technique out of real music. Find a great teacher to get you on...
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    How do you approach practicing a Standard?

    I grew up as a jazz listener, but was dependent on the books (lead sheets). That's ok, but pick your tune and listen to a few recordings and be prepared to make corrections or at least be informed. 1. The original version might be quite hip. Especially if the tune was from a 40s-60s film or a...
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    Did Hendrix ever use strict, alternate picking?

    I teach alternate picking a lot, to the point that I'm apologetic about it. The thing is, almost everyone does it intuitively when strumming—down on the beat, up for the off beat. For whatever reason, that logic is tougher to apply to the small scale lead work. Still, I stick to it...
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    Do you use your pinky?

    Classical guitar hand position has little to do with rock/blues position, as it pertains to bends. Use the technique that serves the music. I use the pinky quite a lot, probably much more than most, but I tend not to like it for bending. While mine is strong, I starting to be more open minded...
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    Struggling to find time for guitar?