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  1. 7thString

    Aiken's Reactive Dummy Load.

    Picked up a used captor. Now to try and build something that sounds better.
  2. 7thString

    Aiken's Reactive Dummy Load.

    Yep, noticed that regarding used prices and yeh it sounds great, you may have seen Leon's video comparing to the Captor. I should have lent him my Suhr at the time but didn't know until much later that he had done that video. It's weird because John posts on TGP a fair bit especially in this and...
  3. 7thString

    Aiken's Reactive Dummy Load.

    Thanks for all the info!! If a Suhr RL comes up used on eBay I might just call it a day, ha! (Have had it before to good effect, along with the two notes captor; pricey though they are, so is my time if I spend several days planning / building my own iteration).. Regarding IRs, I have done a...
  4. 7thString

    VOX AC10 not crunching

    IME its not a super gainy amp until you boost it, but pushing the front end will give up the goods once you do.
  5. 7thString

    Aiken's Reactive Dummy Load.

    Wow epic thread. Thanks to everyone for all the info. Contemplating a build now... I can build pedals fine but this whole higher wattage / heat dissipation thing is new and interesting to me. If anyone wants to chat IRs I'd be happy to help, and have a 1960TV cab inbound to make some new ones...
  6. 7thString

    Marshall 1959SLP (RI) Overhaul

    So my plexi is in need of a little TLC lately, and I want to really do it nicely for once as I've resisted modding it since getting it (mostly). 1) Suggestions on bright cap values? I dropped the stock one to 330pf a while ago which seems okay. Still quite bright with a strat. 2) Probably...