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  1. Tonefree

    Belle Epoch Deluxe knob measurement - favor request

    I was going to wait for the 59th minute.... 3-3/4” c to c...
  2. Tonefree

    Volume and tone pots

    These guys....
  3. Tonefree

    Oh Fuzz Yeah!

    Ok, This is a shout out to Richard @duderanimous for the PNP Deluxe Fuzz. Just arrived today and I gotta say this thing is Musical... Have only spent about two hours on it but I couldn’t stop playing. Chords and single note definition is exceptional. Really solid bottom end too. Now I’m hungry...
  4. Tonefree

    Decibelics Golden Horse pre-order up on Reverb

    I’ve purchased two pedals from Guillem, his customer service is truly Top Shelf. No issues with speedy shipping. Impeccable build quality as well...
  5. Tonefree

    Best 59 pickup

    Some I’ve had, Smitty’s, Sliders SRV, Fender ‘59’s,. let the Fenders go, liked the ‘65’s better. You’ll need to just bight the bullet and start trying some pickups to see what works for your guitar/amp/ear. Really no other way to know. Buy used and move the ones that don’t work. It takes time...
  6. Tonefree

    What is this component? Vintage TS9

    Thanks everyone, the things you learn. Enjoy the weekend! Cheers, TF
  7. Tonefree

    What is this component? Vintage TS9

    Thanks guys..l and this one? Stock?
  8. Tonefree

    What is this component? Vintage TS9

    I have this ‘82 TS9 and a fellow forum member noticed the transistor/resistor that isn’t stock. Any Ideas as to if this was a mod or a replacement, repair? Thanks for any help. @analogmike Cheers, Tonefree
  9. Tonefree

    Klon vs Zendrive 2 vs Snouse Blackbox vs Purple Plexi Shootout, you be the judge.

    3 for me, more open, less congested. 4 sounded a bit muffled or muted.
  10. Tonefree

    Ron Ellis Contact Info

    3-1/2 to 4 months pending...
  11. Tonefree

    Ron Ellis Contact Info

    Maybe a week. Give or take...
  12. Tonefree

    Ron Ellis Contact Info

    ronellispickups@gmail.com. Be patient for the reply....
  13. Tonefree

    Dating a Diaz Texas Ranger

    I think the older ones had a rebond carpet pad foam over the circuit board. Multi colored foam. Can you post a picture? Cheers, TF...
  14. Tonefree

    Paul Trombetta pedals

    Paul’s work is phenomenal. Attention to detail is insane. The tones his pedals put out never falls short of the mark. Add those up and there’s no surprise that they’re expensive, hard to get and highly desired. Love my Trombetta’s.
  15. Tonefree

    T-Rex Mudhoney reissue. "handmade" the Danish collection review.

    There are units made in Denmark, I had one awhile back.
  16. Tonefree

    SM (Scott McKeon) Fuzz Pedal

    The McKeon is a sweet fuzz, thick vintage voiced and really good cleanup on the volume roll off. Yeah, the one in the emporium was in the $600.00 range I think. GLWTS..
  17. Tonefree

    The official TGP Ibanez-Vemuram TSV808 Tube Screamer thread

    Just received #1141. Curious to see if it is no longer a limited run? Hopefully get some time this weekend to give it a workout....
  18. Tonefree

    ceriatone centura finish

    Safest and easiest, WTTF add. :aok
  19. Tonefree

    ceriatone centura finish

    Yes, it won’t change to aluminum but you can sure change the surface from mirror to matte.
  20. Tonefree

    ceriatone centura finish

    Super fine steel wool. Start with a course to cut the finish and work up with finer to the desired matte surface. It will definitely take a little elbow grease...
  21. Tonefree

    ceriatone centura finish

    Yep, steel wool, Liberon, scotchbrite. You’ll lose the labeling. You could put a little scotch tape cut to a small rectangle over the print to try to save it though...