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    ....Regarding maxing out the Master on a Blues Junior

    I read a lot back and forth on diming the master volume on a Fender Blues Junior and using the regular volume to control volume level to get a more open, less boxy tone. Others prefer using the Volume to get some some grit and just use the master to control overall volume, to get more break-up...
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    Stronger strings for lighter gauge guitars

    I use D'Addarios 10's on all my guitars, but prefer the lighter feel on my les paul and prs, but really feel the tension when I switch to my strat, longer scale length. From what I understand, strats come from the factory with 9's, and there are a lot of players that prefer 9's on the strat...
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    Question about smaller multi-effect units

    I just need something simple, stompbox format that has a delay, drive, and modulation, that I can thrown in a gig bag and go to practice, and inexpensive. I'm looking at the Mooer Red Truck so far and the hot one ampero four button. Anything like that I should also be looking at?
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    Who gigs a Tech 21 Trademark 60?

    I've been gigging with a Blues Jr Tweed, which is one of the newer models. It's not terrible, but I really miss my Deluxe Reverb. However, I like the smaller portable lighter weight of the Blues Junior, for gigging, and really don't play large venues, mostly smaller bars or clubs. I've always...
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    Recording with your iphone

    For any of you that record your band practice with an iPhone or iPad, is there a decent easy to use app that I should look into ?
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    DD-500 - Phaser Related Question

    I've asked this before, I think, but figured I'd try again. I have a DD-500 and began setting up some modulated sounds in there like Flange, Chorus, Trem, using some of the tips in this forum. They're decent enough for what I would use them for, and frees up a bunch of space on my board...
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    Need help with pedal order for leads...

    My main setup is a guitar, RAT, Delay. I also have a phase 90, wah, and a tuner in there. But basically, most of my tone is a RAT into a clean fender amp. I play in two bands - one is a three piece where I'm able to go from rythm to lead with my volume knob, but because I'm the only guitarist...
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    Just picked up a mxr mini booster

    I play in two bands. One band is a three piece and I’ve relied on just my RAT and guitar volume knob for rhythm and leads. My other band is a larger band with two guitars, keys, drums, bass. So my leads are not cutting through. I tried my od808 after my rat to boost my volume, which it does...
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    Boss DD-200 or .....

    I have the DD-500 that I really don't use much of the functions of. I wanted to get something with a smaller footprint and I'm leaning towards just picking up a DD-200. Before I do, just wondering what else is out there. Here's what I would like: - presets, I only need no more than four...
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    This is Not a RAT settings thread

    You can add your settings if you'd like, but I'm more interested in how you use the RAT. Is it a standalone drive pedal? Is it your boost pedal? Is it part of a pedal stacking setup? Is it your full on heavy fuzz pedal? It really is that versatile. I rely on my pedalboard because...
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    Cheap Multi effects with audio interface?

    Because we're stuck at home, I've been getting together with my band through a software called Jamulus. I have a very crude setup using spare things that never made it to ebay. I've been using my Zoom H2 recorder as an audio interface into my laptop, with my strat going into a small Blackstar...
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    Anybody resize their pedaltrains?

    Probably an odd question. But I have a metro 20 (20x8), and the pedaltrain junior (18x12.5). I can't fit everything on a metro 20, but I can fit it all on the Junior. However, the junior is too deep at 12.5 inches and doesn't fit in some cases I use for gigging. Some places we play require...
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    Phase 90 setting on the DD-500

    I recently updated my software on the dd-500 and they've added a Phaser setting in the SFX mode. But I'm having a little difficulty getting there. I like a phase 90 with the knob at 9-10 o'clock. I've played around with some parameters, but I don't really know what I'm doing. I've manage to...
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    What's like a Line 6 HX Stomp...but cheaper?

    I know, dumb question. Basically, I'm trying to cut down on pedals and not willing to go full-on digital. The Line 6 HX Stomp seems perfect for what I'm looking for which is; - Modulations, I typically use a phaser, chorus, and trem. - Delays - 3 or 4 saved patches. - A looper - Not...
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    Ipad users...question about gigging with an ipad

    I'm not sure I'm in the right forum for this, if not my apologies. I've been playing in a band where the members rely on ipads for their sheet music, notes, etc.. I don't. I still show up with an old folder full of printouts of guitar tab. I do not own an ipad and have all of my tabs and...
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    Favorite Mini Tuner ?

    I'm shifting things around and looking for a mini tuner, not really looking to spend more than sixty to seventy bucks, used is fine. Being able to see in sunlight would be a plus. I'm looking at the following; Mooer Baby Tuner - Cheap price Korg Pitchblack Mini - I have the regular size for...
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    Tell me about the J. Rockett Archer - without mentioning Klon

    I currently use a maxon od808, so that's my point of reference. I tend to keep it with drive at 9:00 and volume at 3:00 for lighter overdrive sounds or I use it in front of my RAT as a boost. Everything sounds the same to me on youtube, and I've read how the archer is a kon type pedal. I've...
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    Tell me how to ship a guitar.

    I may be selling a guitar. Trying to sell local, but might have to ship it. I never shipped a guitar, don't even have a box. What shipping service are you all using? UPS, ISPS, FEDEX?
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    Still using your R28 Modded Phase 90's?

    I want a phase 90. I like that particular sound. I had an EVH which I mostly used in script mode and remember liking it. I've also been using my TC Electronic Nova Modulator which I was able to dial in to the Phase 90. However, the Nova doesn't sound too good in front of distortion, which is...
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    I Need a DD-500 Delay setting expert

    I went from a DD-20 to a DD-500. One of the presents I had on the DD-20 was a very convincing chorus. I would like to do the same with the DD-500, but not just chorused repeats, but more like a chorus and delay together. I'm not necessarily looking for a modulated delay sound, but more of a...
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    Master Volume on a Blues Junior question

    I looked through the forums and see that blues juniors are setting their master volumes all the way up and using the volume control as regular volume to get a big clean tone. I've been doing that lately and it sounds pretty good, very close to that punchy fender clean tone I like. I use pedals...
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    Rat and ts9 in one pedal?

    My favorite combo, which is often talked about and praised here is a Rat and Ts9. Just wondering if there is a pedal that has both, or one that comes closest that can be switched on individually or stacked.
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    Question on ABY switchers

    I play an electric guitar into a pedalboard into a fender amp for most of my set. For a few songs, I use an acoustic going straight to the soundboard/PA. My pedalboard has some effects on there that I would like to use on my acoustic, such as a looper, an overdrive/boost pedal, echo, etc.. I...
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    I need a Quick tip on using the Q3HD

    I also posted in recording forum, but I've seen a lot of videos in this forum, so maybe some of you can help me out also. I just picked up a used Zoom Q3HD and need to use it for a small bar gig this weekend. I tried it out last night for the first time on the HD 720/30 setting at practice...
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    I need a quick tip for the Zoom Q3HD

    I just picked up a used Zoom Q3HD and need to use it for a small bar gig this weekend. I tried it out last night for the first time on the HD 720/30 setting at practice. Video quality was better than my cell phone, sound quality was surprisingly good, but file size was huge. What I'm looking...