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  1. fechart

    Hagerman Boost with EF86 tube. Anyone tried it?

    Pete Thorn's demo blew me away, especially when he runs it in front of the Komet! I'd love one of these in front of my Plexi... Anyone owns this pedal? Pete's demo:
  2. fechart

    Impact of a Floyd Rose trem in the sound of a strat

    Hey guys, Got a question specifically for those who have installed a Floyd Rose style trem in a strat: how would you describe the before / after in terms of sound? How about the attack, spank, quack, etc.? For a bit of context, I'm not a die hard strat player forever, which means I love strats...
  3. fechart

    Bridge pickup for all-maple Kramer

    Hi, I own a cheap but really good looking Kramer 84 (2016 Gibson made). It has a Diver Down pattern paintjob and just one humbucker in the bridge position. Floyd and one volume knob, that's all. I don't know which kind of maple the body is. Neck is chunky and one piece, doesn't feel *that*...
  4. fechart

    EVH 5150 El 34 100 Watter. Anyone loving it?

    I did a search and it seems people owning this amp are too busy playing it, they don't write about it! :) I'd like to read your opinions, comparisons, etc. I own it since a few months ago, had troubles with it due to a bad speakers/cabinets combination that ruined the amp's tone. But I got...
  5. fechart

    NGD! Fender American Deluxe Strat V Neck in Fiesta Red

    Excelent build quality and features. Neck is outstanding. All I can say is this guitar is top notch and beautifully crafted. About the Noisless N3s... I expected a flat and kinda compressed response to dynamics. To my surprise, the response is beautiful, they register very well my playing at...
  6. fechart

    Fender Noisless N3 opinions

    I may score a used mint 2016 American Deluxe Fiesta Red V-Neck Strat, but I never tried one and I don't have the chance locally. What are your opinions in the Noiseless N3 pickups? What I expect: classic strat single coil sound, glassy neck pickup, classic quack on position 2, heavenly cleans...
  7. fechart

    UPDATED: Pedalboard Design Inspired by Temple Boards

    Hi, I´m an architect as well as a musician, so I like designing things... and when it comes to gear related things, I enjoy it double ;) So, I´m designing this stylish board, not gonna post technical details and drawings here, just a few pics of the 3D sketch. The board frame is made out of...
  8. fechart

    Emulating a Tone Pot Using a Resistor + Treble Bleed

    Hi, Long story short, I got this maple body and neck Kramer The 84, which has just one humbucker and a volume pot. The guitar, stock, is trebly as hell, and has a stratty quack thing going on that drives me crazy... So, I started modding the circuit and swapping pups, the only way I found...
  9. fechart

    Incoming... Kramer The '84 Diver Down

    Hey Folks, I ordered one of these, despite opinions are not so good most of the time.... I'm curious about that maple body, and want to try an EVH Frankie I have just sitting there waiting for the right guitar (noy a fan of the JB). Anyone here owning one of these?
  10. fechart

    ::: Need opinions! G-System + Rack + Pedalboard :::

    Hey, My setup is kinda hybrid right now, have the G System racked, along with some pedals and a Marshall JMP-1 preamp. I connect the G System to my EVH 5150 III 50 Watts via 4CM. But I do have a board. Actually it contains my Wah, Phaser and a Custom made buffered ABY system with...
  11. fechart

    New Strat Loaded Pickguard Day - CS ´69s + A Question

    Hi, Got this Vintage Modified made in India cedar bodied strat, which is a fine guitar. Changed the whole pickguard for a loaded vintage cream with Fender CUstom Shop ´69 pickups, dated by Abigail Ybarra. Now the guitar sounds awesome, the CS ´69s have the tone I had in my head for a strat...
  12. fechart

    EVH Frankenstein on alder or maple?

    Hi, I've got a frankie just sitting there, waiting for the right guitar... Had it on a mahogany Dean ML79 and was kinda muddy for my taste. I'm gassing for a maple bodied Kramer The '84 Diver Down, but an alder new Charvel Pro Mod San Dimas could be an option too. I know maple is very...
  13. fechart

    NPAD - New Preamp Day... Marshall JMP1 ::: VIDEO :::

    It was a steal, so I pulled the trigger... Never had a Marshall, I dig Marshalls but have an EVH. I've read good and horrible reviews of the Jmp1. Don't know what to expect... Arrives tomorrow. Anyway, my plan with it is to "get together" a marshall in three steps, as I don't have the cash...
  14. fechart

    EVH Frankie on a Wolfgang Special?

    Hi, I own this beautiful black wolfie special MIC, maple neck. Also have an EVH Frankie sitting there, waiting for the correct guitar... Had it on a mahogany Dean ML79 and didn't like it, sounded kinda muddy. Anyone out there tried the frankie on a wolfgang? How does it compare to the stock...
  15. fechart

    Alter Ego X4 and Dunlop DVP3 Volume (X) expression pedal

    Anyone knows if the Dunlop works well with the Alter Ego? Thanks in advance, cheers!
  16. fechart

    Delay experts: Delay in front of a dirty amp

    Hi, Today I received my Alter Ego X4. I already have delay in my G System, but I wanted to expand the Delay possibilities, so I got rhe X4. Particularly, I'm after early EVH tones, so I'm trying the Alter Ego in front of my 5150 III, just after guitar, and I found that the dealy repeats sound...
  17. fechart

    ::: Alter Ego X4 Users. Got Some Questions...

    Hi folks, I´m wanting to get the Alter Ego X4 pedal, but before I have some questions: 1. When you search by product in the Toneprint App, the AE is not in the list... Can you use the Flashbacks Toneprints? How is it? 2. This is a techy question for people using MIDI controllers with the AE...
  18. fechart

    EVH 5150 III 50 W with 2 EL 34 valves... Possible?

    I have the 50 w head and two 212 cabs. Is it possible to change the 6l6s of the power section for el34s? If it is, I'd do it with a tech of course, but I'd like to know if I have to change other components. Anybody did this? Thanks!
  19. fechart

    Which Duncan Strat set for a CS 69 sound?

    Any suggestions? I like the fender CS 69 pickups, but can't get a set here in my country, without a delay of 30 days at least. Thanks!
  20. fechart

    Pissed off with my 5150 III #%&/!

    These days I'm very frustrated with my 50 watter head. I have two 212 cabs, a TC G System, some pedals and 3 guitars. I can't dial a good tone without hearing fizz. I swapped two of the G12h30 s in the cabs for two V30s, I tried eqing the tone with the G System para eq, previously I did the...
  21. fechart

    Which bridge Duncan for a 2011 Les Paul 50's tribute sound?

    I loved the bridge pup of a friend's Les Paul from that year. He told me it was a 50's tribute. The guitar has no lacquer, just a natural finish. I think it has a normal Alnico II Gibson pup, but not sure... I never owned a les paul, but I have an all mahogany Dean waiting for a pickup like...
  22. fechart

    G12h30 mixed with Vintage 30 in a 2x12

    Hi, I would like to do this with my two EVH 212s, that are already loaded with G12h30 s. I want one G12h and one V30 in each cab. The issue is that the V30s would be 60 W, while the G12Hs are 30. The V 30s would be 8 ohms, as well as the G12Hs. Any advice on doing this? Cons? Can I just...
  23. fechart

    New Pickup Day ::: Seymour Duncan Dimebucker

    Hi, My humbucker-loaded guitars are an EVH Wolfgang Special and a Dean ML 79. I love the stock pups of the Wolfgang, but I had an EVH Frankie in the bridge position of the Dean, which wasn't doing its job. Definetly not a pickup for mahogany (the Dean has a mahogany body AND neck...). The tone...
  24. fechart

    Rack Mounted Power Amp for 5150 III

    Hi, Actually I'm running Wet/Dry, using my 5150 III 50 W head, two 212 cabs and a cheepo EHX Magnum 44 Power Amp. The difference in tone between both cabs is significant, of course... I want to run Wet Dry Wet, so I was thinking of another 212 and a stereo power amp. I like the EVH a lot...
  25. fechart

    TC Electronic G System Wah

    Hi! Do you use your G system wah? How do you like it? Opinions? Cheers!