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    Speaker change for AC30?

    The Silver / Blue combo isn't just for AC30s or other EL 84 amps. I tried 3 other speaker combinations for a Blackface Bassman and settled on those. I have tried to find better, but cant....
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    BF Bassman speaker opinions

    Oh sorry, about that, they are available in 10's too and that's what I was using with my '67 Bassman head until I cut a new baffle. Now I have a Blue 10" and a Silver 12". Good luck in your search.
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    BF Bassman speaker opinions

    Weber 12" Alnico Blue with a Weber 12" Ceramic Silver. PLEASE try those..you wont be sorry especially after break in.
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    50-60hz sine wave speaker break-in: How Loud?

    To the above poster, just a few hours makes a big difference. To the OP, you should her some hum, but don't push them too hard. Just look for the cone to be pulsing in and out, that 's the main thing. It will loosen up the cone, surround and spider.
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    Mike Campbell's new amp setup

    IMHO, those guys over at the TQR get just a little too giddy and hype up whatever they feel like writing about.
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    looking for Tweed-like mids from '67 Blackface

    Thanks Cameron. Can you elaborate? I am handy with a soldering iron, know how to discharge caps, etc. Is there a layout for this mod in the internet somewhere? thanks
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    AC/DC fans, what amp are you using to get your tones?

    I would agree that only in more recent years Malcolm has received his due credit especially from guitar players. I love their live shows and have been seeing them over the years since 1985. They define rawk. However, it is both of them together IMHO that defines the sound.
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    looking for Tweed-like mids from '67 Blackface

    Hey all, This is what I have: -'67 Bassman head modified to hybrid AB165 / AA864 done by Andrews Amp Lab -Freda "Mule" cab converted to partial closed back, floating 1/2" baffle with a 10" Weber Alnico Blue and a 12" Weber Alnico Silver -Overdrive- modified Brown Sound in A Box so it...
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    Alnico Blue with ???

    Any YouTube and/or soundclips possibly???
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    Alnico Blue with ???

    I know about Scumback- haven't played one but might have to adjust the budget. What is an et65? Haven't seen/ hear that yet....
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    Alnico Blue with ???

    Hi all, I am in the middle of planning an amp build - 5E3x2 ( Tweed Double Deluxe) . I will build a head and have a 2 x 12 pine cab with a convertible back built for it. I am stuck on speakers though. 1. I am a single coil guy.....Gretsch w/ Dynas, Strat and Tele with Bill Lawrence...
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    Need some schooling; alnico vs. ceramic in tweed

    Please do not judge the tone before breaking them in. It takes a lot of hours at stage volume for this to happen....or You can speed up the process with an iPod. 1.Google "60 htz sound wave". Find a way to download it, get it onto your iPod. 2. Run your iPod into the input of your amp...
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    Weber Pre Rola Greenback soundclip....

    Hell YEAH!! How does it compare to the Greenbacks that are also in the cab? Is there a big difference or are they close?
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    1969 Bassman question

    I Have a '67. I think 3 on the dial is a little early. Is your phase inverter tube (V4) a 12AT7? Often times people will put a 12AX7 in there to boost gain a little. Tried that, didn't like the tone myself.
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    Tweed 5E3x2 Double Deluxe for Rockabilly?

    Hi all, I am currently in a local Rockabilly band and have played out several dates over the last year in different venues. Current Setup: Gretsch Hollowbody with Dynasonics 1967 Bassman Head 2 x 10 vented cab with Weber Alnico Blue Pups Echo Jr. , Marshall Bluesbreaker clone for mild...
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    Amp acting funny last night!

    My band just played Toys for Tots after party at a Motorcycle clubhouse as well. They were extremely hospitable.....
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    Crate V32 Problem

    I love this amp but....it cuts in and out during first 10-15 minutes of playing at stage volume on the clean channel, until it really warms up. At home at low volumes it's fine. I have sprayed cleaner into the pots, retouched the solder joints at the tube sockets, made sure the bolts on the...
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    Blues jr Cabinet

    Maybe a little. The speaker has to be pushing air and vibrating that whole cabinet for more of that effect. It's a sympathetic resonance thing going on.
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    Blues jr Cabinet

    Yes it could. Moving from plywood or MDF, whatever it is now to dovetailed pine boards will caus the cab to ring differently most likely emphasizing certain mid freqs. Whether or not you like the effect will be your decision. Fender was using pine cabs up until mid to late 60's I think.
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    Jim Seavall's Cab restoration

    thanks Jim!
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    Will a 2x12 w/Greenbacks get close to the magic of 4x12 w/Greenbacks?

    screw it, (don't mean to HiJack), but I 'm gonna try 2x12" Scumback's in a ported cab I think - see how she goes.....
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    Jim Seavall's Cab restoration

    Can someone please point me to Jim Seavall's (Scumback) cab restoration thread? I did a search-can't find it. thanks
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    Will a 2x12 w/Greenbacks get close to the magic of 4x12 w/Greenbacks?

    What about 2 Greenbacks in a vented cab like Port City? I assume you might loose low end "tightness" but would the thump be there? I'm interested in this question too, since I drive a Mustang and gigging with a 4x12 is not feasible.