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  1. J

    Country Guitar Who to listen to

    The above plus Clarence White
  2. J

    Volume levels in today's scene

    I've been at 12-22W for years. Princeton non-verb - DRRI - Magic Brit - AST Pro - AC15. Always asked to turn down with volume on 9 - 10 o'clock. That's one reason why I use a AC15C1 most of the time. The boutique amps aren't worth it if you can't get them to where they shine. I'm even...
  3. J

    How much were Pre-CBS Fenders selling for in the US in the early 1980s?

    I used to get the newsletters from Gruhns and Guitar Trader (?? - the one in NJ that was a big dealer). My recollection is a maple board Strat was $1700-2500 back then, '57 were the most desirable. Slab board Strats were $995, generally. Of course, back then a '59 LP was $2750-4500 depending...
  4. J

    80s AVRI vs the Real Deal

    I've played a ton of vintage and RI Strats. 80's ones were heavy with thin p'ups and thins necks. I don't particularly like them although the sea foam green color was great (wrong, but great). My best one o had was a late 80's CAR that, supposedly was once owned by Seymour Duncan. Otherwise...
  5. J

    What speaker is in your Deluxe Reverb?

    DRRI - Gold.
  6. J

    Did you ever have an amp, guitar or effect(s) quit on you in the middle of a gig?

    I had a capictor blow in an OD pedal once resulting in thunder-like sound effects through my amp. I unhooked everything and went straight to the amp. Not sure if it was related, but I never got hired by that singer again. Too bad she was really good. I've had cables start to go bad, but I...
  7. J

    NAD: AC15

    I picked up a used one a couple of weeks ago. I like it, but I'm still tweaking. So far, I replaced the tubes, speaker wire, put in a Scumnico that I had lying around, and changed the reverb tank to a MOD unit ($18 plus shipping). I like the reverb a lot better, but may have gone for a short...
  8. J

    1x12, el84, "back friendly" combo alternatives to Vox AC30 for gigs?

    I used an AC30HH with one Gold. Dirt from pedals. EF86 channel was epic. But, I've moved to AC15 type amps. With the 30, it was *barely* on and everyone was telling me to turn down...sigh.
  9. J

    What is the favorite acoustic that you've ever played?

    Tough call. Probably a toss up between a Rockbridge 'hog dread I tried at a store in Austin and a sunburst Collings CJMhSSG (if I got that right....haha) that I tried at a store in Phoenix. Luckily, I've got a H&D TDM that is pretty dang close to those two in terms of mind-blowing tone.
  10. J

    Overdrives for Telecaster into Fender Blackface amps.

    I haven't read through the whole thread, but I'm getting fantastically great tones from a Bearfoot SYOD1 into a DRRI w/Celestion Gold. Mids up, treble down, gain at 50%, volume to be taste, back off the volume a bit for Stones-ish rhythm. Rawkin' country band.
  11. J

    Fender Cunetto Nocaster pickup question

    I had an early '95 Nocaster. The bridge pickup measured around 7.5K. I believe the current set closest to the original p'ups in mine is the Twisted Tele neck/Broadcaster bridge.
  12. J

    Vox Pathfinder as backup gigging amp?

    I've gigged with one as a duo. I also used it for practice with a previous band and for jamming with friends. In those situations the volume is under control, but I also don't have it up too loud. I've taken it as a backup on out of town gigs, so I assumed it would work.
  13. J

    ne King Imperial II

    The other key is to play it at 70% or more on the volume control. I had a early to mid 90's Imperial...hated the lead channel until I went to a really loud jam and cranked it. Then, it was, "holy smokes, now I understand!" But, that was LOUD. My Imperial was probably even brighter than the...
  14. J

    ne King Imperial II

    Dang...someone hide my credit card! This could be close to my perfect amp and one where I could dump the pedalboard.
  15. J

    Deluxe Reverb Tremolo Ticking

    I have the ticking in my DRRI and the SFDRs I've owned - I just used a trem pedal. I had the popping on the standby too. Replacing the switch with a higher quality Switchcraft fixed it.
  16. J

    Can I fly with a speaker

    I've flown with a carried-on speaker from the US to Canada - no problems.
  17. J

    New Ryan Adams single: what guitar / amp combo do you hear?

    Me too - also two BF PRs, with a couple of cabs and a third PR at the edge of the stage which seemed to be his guitar monitor since it wasn't mic'd. He mostly played Strats that night (and at HSB in SF where I saw him the week before the local show). He a did a few songs with 355, Jazzmaster...
  18. J

    Are more minimalistic drum kits en vogue?

    The cool kids play C&C Custom Drums. Who can afford a big kit? ;-)
  19. J

    Does anybody gig with a practice amp?

    I gigged a couple of times with a Vox Pathfinder. It worked pretty well.
  20. J

    Ryan Adams: Will "Gimme Something Good" get him on Top 40?

    No....but, someday, he will release a "greatest hits" record that will sell a zillion copies.
  21. J

    The Jayhawks tomorrow night at First Ave!

    Saw them this summer...great set list for my tastes. Huge fan.
  22. J

    why did they make it big?

    Internationally/nationally - I saw one moderately talented band get big when they were signed by very aggressive management with deep pockets. I saw two very talented acts get big by management forcing them to work their asses off and tour constantly. I also saw one band that the A&R guy at a...
  23. J

    Power Pop?

    Huge power pop fan - all the bands noted plus: Model Rockets Tripwires Owsley The Tories The Rembrants The Flashing Lights The Grays And a bunch more...
  24. J

    Jason Isbell as lead guitarist?

    He's the full meal deal. He is an excellent guitarist, particularly on acoustic (hence the Martin endorsement).