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  1. crazymauler

    My dream Stratocaster Neck Pickup... trying to find it!

    Suhr ML Standard. I just put a set in my Strat and they are absolutely fantastic. I have (and had) several Suhr pickups, they’re all great, but IMHO you’re search will happily end with the ML Standard.
  2. crazymauler

    Guitar body? Warmoth, Guitar Mill, Allparts??

    I just finished my 2nd "quarantine build" project, both with Warmoth bodies, necks, and parts. I'm super happy with them, fantastic quality, always my first (only?) choice for builds.
  3. crazymauler

    What does contribute the most to a good sound on a strat?

    While of course it's the sum of all its parts (like a fine bolognese), if you're restricting the comments to just the neck, body, or saddles, I would say 1st) the neck is the most important factor to a guitar's tone, followed by 2nd) the body, and then the saddles at a very distant 3rd.
  4. crazymauler

    Vintage Radius vs Modern Radius

    All my other guitars have 9.5" and 10–16" radii. My first experience with a 7.25" was this recent Warmoth build below (hope the pic shows up!). I wanted to take a chance and try a more vintage spec guitar, and I was nervous after reading so many negative comments about it, but it's unbelievably...
  5. crazymauler

    2 Humbucker Super Strat Options?

    I'll also add: the Suhr Thornbuckers are also a fantastic choice as well! I replaced the SSV in a Suhr Classic S with a Thornbucker, they're very close but both great. And I put a pair of Thornbuckers in my PRS Custom 22 and they absolutely rock, and the split tones are stellar. Killer pickups!
  6. crazymauler

    2 Humbucker Super Strat Options?

    I recently did an HH Strat style Warmoth build and am super happy with the results. Like you, I wanted humbuckers on the brighter end of the scale. I went with a Lollar Imperial (F-spaced) in the bridge and an El Rayo in the neck. I couldn't be happier with how this turned out, really great...
  7. crazymauler

    The "...caster" suffix: how many?

    Don’t forget the Hentor Sportscaster!
  8. crazymauler

    Warmoth Build - Tips?

    I recently completed this Warmoth build: It sounds and feels fantastic, and I've already started doing another one (SSS Strat this time). I've been mod'ing and tinkering with guitars for years, so I felt pretty confident going in. I also watched this YouTube series, it was super helpful and...
  9. crazymauler

    How to make lower volume playing sound better

    I do recordings and low volume practice in my home studio and love the tones I get. Guitar > pedalboard > Suhr Badger 18 or Princeton Reverb > Suhr Reactive Load IR > ProTools > monitoring on Yamaha NS-10s w/ sub. The Suhr RLIR is a game-changer. I can crank my amps to the sweet spot, run them...
  10. crazymauler

    Putting string tree on EJ Strat neck, placement and precautions

    FWIW, I just finished a Warmoth build HH Strat based on one of my fav player's guitar, also starting another one based on a '63 Strat. I decided to leave the string tree off (didn't drill, didn't install one). My HH Strat build sounds and plays fantastic without it. One interesting nugget I read...
  11. crazymauler

    Fiesta red strat with rosewood fretboard: What pickguard?

    I’m about to do a Fiesta Red build (Warmoth) and will choose parchment. Like someone else mentioned, the period-correct mint green guard just looks too green from the many pics I’ve seen from newer manufacturers.
  12. crazymauler

    Stainless Steel Frets

    I’ve heard/read that the material (SS) is significantly more difficult to work with, for manufacturers and luthiers (cutting, shaping, polishing, more expensive tools required, etc.) I’ll admit I’m surprised the cost for SS isn’t much more than nickel.
  13. crazymauler

    Recommend a humbucker

    Suhr Thornbucker Lollar Imperial
  14. crazymauler

    Suhr guitar issues

    I love how this thread has turned into a helpful discussion about pots and quality as I'm embarking on another "quarantine build" and this info is useful. Pretty much every post @Husky makes ends up being helpful and useful, even in threads like these, and I just love that. Also, I've owned one...
  15. crazymauler

    What makes a "well cut nut"?

    It's not so much a visual thing, unless the slots are so deep that the nut comes up above (higher than) the strings, or the slots are ridiculously too wide. If you're tuning is stable and open strings ring out nicely then most likely your nut is fine. If you're having tuning issues or open...
  16. crazymauler

    Suhr SSCII owners - how quiet is your guitar? (My new one isn't)

    @Arcadia FWIW I wouldn’t rule out environmental factors. In my home studio, when I’m in the sweet spot and oriented a certain direction, all my guitars (incl. Strat & Tele) are acceptably quiet, but the Suhr was almost completely silent, even with high gain or fuzz. If your Strat is noisy and...
  17. crazymauler

    Suhr SSCII owners - how quiet is your guitar? (My new one isn't)

    My Suhr Classic Pro HSS (which I unfortunately had to sell recently) was dead quiet in all positions. A fabulous guitar in every respect—tone, feel, playability, craftsmanship, aesthetic—and I can’t wait to own one again.
  18. crazymauler

    White guitars- let’s see ‘em

    Warmoth build (quarantine project)...
  19. crazymauler

    How's the logjam over at Warmoth?

    My custom body took 1 month (delivered in March), custom neck took 3 months (delivered early June), and that included their 6-week shutdown. I think that's pretty remarkable, and I'm super happy with the quality (my avatar is a pic of the guitar). This was supposed to be my quarantine project...
  20. crazymauler

    Wiring help: HH Strat, 3-way, middle coil splits

    bump for anyone who might have wiring tips on this, thanks!
  21. crazymauler

    Wiring help: HH Strat, 3-way, middle coil splits

    That's good news! Any chance you happen to know how to wire that?
  22. crazymauler

    Wiring help: HH Strat, 3-way, middle coil splits

    I'm building an HH Strat (kind of my version of Michael Landau's FCS Masterbuilt) w/ Lollar Imperials where I want to be able to have the middle position of the 3-way switch coil split the two pickups (getting a sort of Tele middle position sound). I can get this with my PRS (w/ Suhr...
  23. crazymauler

    Is there a difference in feel between different total string length with same scale?

    My friend's Tele is a top-loader (parts build) and it definitely feels more slack/rubbery/bendy than my strings-through-the-body Tele (2004 Am. Std.) which feels more taut/snappy/stiffer. Can't explain the physics behind that, but there's my anecdotal $0.02.
  24. crazymauler

    What is your favorite American PRS model?

    That's what I currently have in mine: Thornbuckers. They're really great!
  25. crazymauler

    Suhr classic with tremolo (2-point vs 6 screws), if you don't use the tremolo.

    If you want to keep the trem for tonal reasons w/o actually using it, what about something like the Tremol-No?