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  1. guitrr

    Sold G&L ASAT Special

    USA made ASAT Special, in great shape, with only superficial pick scratches on the pick guard, and a very small ding in the back (pictured, with dime for reference). Guitar is completely stock, and the ash body helps contribute to a light weight of 7.3 lbs, so this instrument is a pleasure to...
  2. guitrr

    Sold Don Grosh Electrajet Custom

    2008 Electrajet, in great condition. Pickguard has been changed to a Tortoise, but I am including the original mist green guard in the sale. Pickups are not the original Fralins, but rather Don Grosh’s own G-90s I had installed. Case latches have some rust due to the heat and humidity of...
  3. guitrr

    Sold Swope Geronimo

    Excellent condition, in a beautiful Fiesta Red, this Swope Geronimo is sure to satisfy the tone lover in any electric guitar player. Master luthier Chris Swope created a wonderful tool for those wanting a great variety of tones, and the chance to own a unique instrument that not everyone in...
  4. guitrr

    Sold Ernie Ball/Music Man Albert Lee SSS trem

    Ernie Ball Music Man Albert Lee SSS in excellent condition. This one has the excellent Ernie Ball proprietary trem and silent circuit, to eliminate single coil hum. The transparent Royal Blue color looks brilliant, with the ash grain showing through. The neck is a gorgeous, albeit subtle...
  5. guitrr

    Sold Glaswerks Zingaro 50 watt combo

    Among the finest in Dumble style small combo amps, this 50 watt Zingaro gets sublime tones, and is in excellent condition. (I treat my equipment tenderly. :)) Only fault I can find is a small crack in the faceplate, in the area of the power light. I acquired this amp 9 years ago from a...
  6. guitrr

    Sold Suhr Satin Modern HH

    I'm paring down my guitar collection in preparation for full time RV travel next year. I also have a Satin Modern T, and I prefer that shape to this double cutaway. Hence, this is up on the block for sale. It fully lives up to Suhr's well earned reputation for excellence. It's virtually...
  7. guitrr

    Sold Reverend Pete Anderson

    Reverend PA-1. All original except the original owner (a TGP'er) replaced the chrome P-90 covers with black ones, though the originals are included. Excellent condition, with only light pick scratches on the pickguard. Case looks brand new. Great guitar, I just have limited need for a...
  8. guitrr

    Sold Line 6 Helix

    Excellent condition, I am the original owner, and have had it approx one year. I'm getting out of the Helix game and going with a simpler guitar/amp/pedals rig. Maybe I'm just a luddite, but I spend too much time tweaking the Helix and not enough playing, so I'm moving on. There are some...
  9. guitrr

    Sold Nolatone Rotten Johnny

    Wonderful grab and go club amp, this Rotten Johnny is in excellent condition. I'm not the original owner, but have owned it for several years. Among several amps at my house, it's just not getting used much, and I'd like to see it go to someone who will enjoy it. Includes a Studio Slips cover...
  10. guitrr

    Sold LSL T Bone pine body

    A gem from the magic guitar workshop of LSL, this sugar pine body/maple neck beauty is lightly reliced, with some nice light checking on the body. At 7 lbs, it's lightweight and resonant. Its unique paisley with 3 color burst finish is a visual stunner! $1600.00 Shipped to a TGP'er
  11. guitrr

    Sold Strandberg Boden OS 6 with Trem

    Six string Boden with Trem. Ash body with maple top. Excellent condition, less than 20 hours playing time. If you have a bad back, or just don't want to lug a lot of weight around on a strap, this guitar weighs less than 5 lbs. Plays effortlessly, sounds great with a Seymour Duncan JB/Jazz...
  12. guitrr

    Sold Heritage Prospect with Bigsby

    2006 Prospect, with Bigsby and Lollar Low Wind Imperial Pickups. The Bigsby was not original equipment, and a prior owner thoughtfully put brass plugs in the former tailpiece mounting holes. This Prospect has a center block which extends all the way through the body, to the back of the guitar -...
  13. guitrr

    Sold Two Buzz Feiten T style guitars for sale

    Note: Both guitars have sold. I'm selling two Feiten T style, a T-Pro and a Classic Pro. These are both wonderful guitars, but I have some back issues that preclude me from gigging with any guitar weighing much over 7lbs, so I am regrettably forced to sell them. Both have the unique...
  14. guitrr

    Tom Anderson Forum?

    Does anyone know how I can register for the Tom Anderson Forum? It's telling me the admins have closed registration. I just bought my second TA, and would really like to converse with the folks on that forum. Thanks, Kane
  15. guitrr

    Fire Studio Mobile in conjunction with Garage Band

    Recently, I bought a PreSonus Fire Studio Mobile, to use in conjunction with Garage Band on my Mac. Trouble is, I've no idea where to start. I want to lay down some backing tracks to use when I have my weekly lesson with my vocal coach. Got registered, user account established, etc, etc...
  16. guitrr

    Need some Latin music recommendations

    Love that Latin beat and rhythm, but aside from Santana, I'm not aware of anyone who is doing that with an emphasis on guitar. All I hear is brass and percussion. Carlos can't be the only one, so who else can I listen to? Kane
  17. guitrr

    Need some Gretsch wiring advice

    I've got a Gretsch Brian Setzer Hot Rod, love the guitar, and gig quite a bit with it. However, it experiences a severe treble drop-off when I back off the volume. Consequently, I have dealt with that issue by setting my amp at a volume setting that allows me to keep the guitar's volume maxed...
  18. guitrr

    Need some Tyler help

    I've got a Tyler Mongoose Retro I'm considering selling, but have never seen a used one on the market, does anyone have an idea what resale would be on this? Mine has had the neck (Firebird pickup) Duncan replaced with a Lollar, and the guitar is immaculate. Same specs,finish, and appearance...
  19. guitrr

    Pritchard price query...

    In an effort to cut down on our part of this over-materialistic society of ours, and just because we've decided that we have too much stuff, I am putting my Pritchard Sword of Satori up for sale. It's a first rate amp, really top notch, but I'm up to my eyeballs in top notch equipment, and to...
  20. guitrr

    Report from Fur Peace Ranch

    After a 900+ mile drive home (with a little pitstop at Fat Sound Guitars), I just arrived at the homestead, after a 3 day weekend with Bill Kirchen at the Fur Peace Ranch. The opportunity to hang with Bill, not to mention actually have him teach his style, was nothing short of amazing. He's a...
  21. guitrr

    Trans Siberian Orchestra and my musical weekend

    Last weekend was quite musical, even though I wasn't gigging: I found out that the Black Crowes were going to be playing in St. Augustine on Friday, at a small outdoor amphitheatre. So I booked a bed & breakfast room, and two Crowes tickets, and surprised my better half with it. Not only did...