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    Transparent Slapback Delay advice needed

    I think the boss DD-3 or DD-5 is a starting point, thanks
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    Transparent Slapback Delay advice needed

    It was a nice one...an Echo Jr. from Pharoah Amps... Loved it at home, but I became too dependent on that mid boost when playing live and didn't want to to shut it off ...even when I did not want delay.
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    Transparent Slapback Delay advice needed

    I use a Gretsch with single coils, and a Guild hollow-body with single coils straight into a Tweed Bandmaster 5E7 clone that I built....(love that amp). Echo Pedal Problem: I've tried a boutique slap-back echo pedal that would emulate old 50's style , tape delays, etc. , but I found it added...
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    I built smaller, under-wound "Wide Range Humbucker"

    Nice job. Most people don't understand that inductance is the best measure on how a pickup might sound. How did you measure it?
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    Hum Debugger live experience

    I used it live last night and I was really happy with it.
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    Spring Chicken, Topanga or Faux Spring?

    Right, if I can get like 90% of the way there, I would rather do the pedal than the tank, less expensive, less stage room required, less to load-in to the venue. But you are right, the real Fender tank is king.
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    Hum Debugger live experience

    I dunno, I had no problems up beyond the 12th fret last night, but thanks for the reply!
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    Spring Chicken, Topanga or Faux Spring?

    I'm really anxious to try the Boss FRV-1 as I am looking for a less expensive Fender Reverb tank option. I have tried several other reverbs and have not found one that can actually achieve a real 60's surf tone if that is what is needed. All the other pedals that I have tried kind of lose it...
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    Hum Debugger live experience

    Hey all, I just wanted to post my experience with the EHX Hum Debugger.....bottom line it works. I am a single coil lover and I decided I was going to buy one used from Ebay. Before I ever buy a pedal, I check out the forums to see what other people think. I also check out YouTubes. After all...
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    Need inexpensive wireless and advice

    Hey everybody, I am in a rockabilly/swing band and we pretty dynamic stage wise. We have only played 3 shows and have been received well here in town. I am looking into a wireless system for the guitar, so that I can move around a little. I looked at the Line 6 stuff but that's out of my price...
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    Replace George L's with what?

    I love my Bill and Becky Lawrence cables, (lookup Wilde pickups). High quality, low capacitance per foot, and inexpensive compared to others.
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    Line 6 DL4-reliable after switch replace?

    Strange-the same thing happened with my POD a few years ago.
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    The Guv'nor

    Ok thanks
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    Anyone Using D tuning (whole step down) on there strats

    I just checked out that Morpheus drop tune-think I need one now. No need to buy a baritone.
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    Line 6 DL4-reliable after switch replace?

    Are these things still breaking down even if the switches are replaced with better ones? thanks
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    The Guv'nor

    Congrats I'm really thinking of building one. Can it do Plexi style gain and / or low gain OK? Or is it all JCM800 type sound? Decent touch sensitivity? I ask because I love my Bluesbreaker clone as well. It's hard to tell going by Youtube demos. thanks in advance.
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    Any experience w/Boss Acoustic Simulator?

    I have some friends who like to jam w/ acoustics. I need to wait before buying one. I have a Gretsch semi hollow body and I was wondering if these pedals are any good at all just for jamming purposes or should I forget it? thanks in advance
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    Skin Pimp Face Plant ~ Clip and Pics

    Great pedal and clip! May I ask where you found those knobs? thanks
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    I give up on these BYOC pedal...

    I have built several pedals from kits. They aren't easy, but it's a great feeling when they are working. The BYOC forum is great. I built a Tremulus Lune. It was very difficult for me and I couldn't get it to work I put it away for like 6 months and built a couple other pedals. I then came...
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    OD/tube screamer advice for a Super Reverb?

    Alnico Weber Blues were the 3rd set of speakers that I tried for my Bassman head and I love them. I am really happy with the way they address the mids and breakup. I think to firm the bottom, I might add a ceramic Weber Silver. As far as O/D- Marshall Bluesbreaker- the OLD one. Nice woody tone...
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    Thor from Runoffgroove?

    To me, to decribe the BSIAB, I would say sand-like distortion. I am lookinig for gravel - courseness I guess