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    "Only Selling Because This Guitar Deserves To Be Played"

    I have a guitar that I'm likely to sell. A lot of people would be thrilled. It IS the right guitar for someone. Whatever's the reason, I'm not using regularly. Not sure inanimate objects deserve much, but I get this sentiment. Space and money has value too.
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    What things are you REALLY picky about on a guitar?

    Stainless frets Slim neck 12"—16" radius Nearly all the guitars I've acquired in the last 15 years fit that bill, save one acoustic with nickel-silver frets.
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    Etiquette re: Lowball Offers?

    Sometimes its hard to know what might be considered lowball. I offered 50% of the asking price on a recent item, albeit one that's hard to value. A month later, we came to agreement at 47% off asking. That said, I am concerned about offending, but it doesn't change the fact that I want your...
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    Wound G strings?

    I love the sound of a wound G, but for bending it's a no-go. If I'm playing a style where I don't need to bend much, I go wound G. That said, all my electrics apart from one have plain G's.
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    A $15,000 Rosewood Rip-off!!

    This is a mugging. To the tune of more than 13k.
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    Guitars with narrow necks? (for players with short fingers)

    Of the commonly made instruments, look for 1 5/8 nut width, combined with a shredder neck profile. I'd look to Ibanez first.
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    Am I close minded for mistrusting Chinese built guitars?

    I generally buy USA made products, especially music gear, but I have some budget models. I picked up a Loar mandolin last year, found a really good price on one of their high end models. The wood is really nice and it looks great. The fit and finish isn't like a Collings, but who can expect...
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    Most Versatile Electric Guitar?

    I bring a 335 if I have no idea what might be needed. Having coil splits is a bonus.
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    Thinking of going stainless. Tried it?

    Eventually everything I own will have SS. The best for feel and durability. Sound too, because there's no more "grind" on quiet bends.
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    Charlie Christian neck pickup in a Tele...school me and what's your go to pickup?

    I found one of the vids I did a couple of months ago. Shows the Lollar CC and Vintage T with moderate overdrive from a Glaswerks Zingaro. D9FBu_zoIpU
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    Pure orange/Lemon oil

    Our NY tap water could taste good, but it's so heavily chlorinated, it tastes like pool water. You'd have to let it sit overnight or filter it, after which, it's fine. Actually what tastes best around some of the NY area is well water. Back on topic, there are some orange oils that are pure. i...
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    Did professional players in the 60's and 70's restring as often?

    Lots of big names guys had new strings each night, but as posters have mentioned, many let them age. Also, there's no reason strings can't stay in tune on day one. Stretch them properly and you are set. Five minutes and you should be done. My body chemistry never got along with strings, so I...
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    Polishing guitars?

    blow off any dust and use a micro fiber cloth, just like for glasses. If I really care about a guitar, polish never goes on it.
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    What's the deal with shops not having guitars already set-up?

    It's throughout the industry. Any of you have kids with rental violins? The action on those is routinely 2x the height it should be. And they wonder why kids quit. I know that factor is not the end all be all, but how long can we expect beginners to struggle with what amounts to unplayable...
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    What's the deal with shops not having guitars already set-up?

    ^ Right. I've bought a couple of guitars with the hope that the fretwork was good enough to withstand the proper setup that I'd have to do when I get home. If I had a shop, the nut slots would be filed right, truss rods would be adjusted, and low action would be present on all guitars that...
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    Do you do your own work.

    I do everything short of fret work, neck resets, and truly major repairs. I've considered fretwork, but elected to go the SS route installed by a master—so every guitar will be essentially maintenance free in that regard at some point. I can't see that I'd develop the skills to do the level...
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    It's Jimi Hendrix's 72nd birthday today

    For some reason that aged photo makes me sad, touches a nerve. Happy birthday, Jimi! Luckily he did leave a great body of work and, however brief, we do have that recorded legacy....
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    How'd you save enough money for your first Gibson?

    Clearing seaweed off a beach and dragging lounge chairs around for a country club. It helped that it was 1985 and the LP cost $450. The guitar was sitting around the shop for a while judging by the serial number. I still use it a lot and recently had it refretted for the 2nd time. It's a bit...
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    Who else hates changing strings?

    I don't mind, but I put elixirs on everything, so some guitars are still doing great a couple of years later, others go a month or two easily.
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    Charlie Christian neck pickup in a Tele...school me and what's your go to pickup?

    Zombie, I made a demo yesterday, but there was clipping—not the good kind. I'll go again....
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    Charlie Christian neck pickup in a Tele...school me and what's your go to pickup?

    I think they sound good with OD. What pedals do you like Zombie? I'll do a clip this week.
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    Charlie Christian neck pickup in a Tele...school me and what's your go to pickup?

    I have the Lollar, which came in my guitar. Never tried any others. Strong output and I like the tone—mellow sounding trebles yet clear and defined low notes. Noisier than other pickups, I guess, but usually not a problem. Here's a clean tone vid I made a few years ago. Phone video, so less...
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    block the trem

    I just tighten down the claw and springs. A wedge of wood of metal would be fine. I think one of my students actually used coins.
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    Newbie ES 335 Question: What can I use to clean it?

    I'm not so careful about my 335, but for a nitro finished acoustic I have, I'm cautious. So far all I use is a micro fiber cloth, like you'd use to clean eyeglasses. Blow away any dust and clean it easily.