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  1. radcliff

    Tone Tubby 40/40 in Princeton Reverb

    I tried the 40/40 in my Princeton and it sounded really nice, but just different than I had hoped. I'm selling it if anyone's interested - PM me.
  2. radcliff

    When did the SFPR Market go nuts?

    Who is replicating the PR for a far less expensive price? I'd love to get one.
  3. radcliff

    Finally got a Matchless.......

    Awesome! I've got a Lightning and a Clubman, and that's IT for amps :)
  4. radcliff

    Matchless Lightning Opinions?

    Love my Lightning! Great chime. Really reacts to the tubes you use with it.
  5. radcliff

    Effect of reviewer's skill level on value of his review

    The best amp designers cant really play all that well. But for some reason I put more merit in a review by a good player.
  6. radcliff

    James Brown, designer of the 5150 amp starts new company

    papa's got a brand new bag?
  7. radcliff

    Vox AC-15 or Peavey Classic 30 or ??

    AC15 Change the speaker, and the reverb, and clip the treble cap. Accutronics tank and a Weber Blue Dog here. Killer little value amp. Here is some info I received here: "All you have to do is open up the bag that your reverb tank sits in (requires you to unscrew a few things)...then pull...
  8. radcliff

    Just how "Fat" sounding is a Matchless Clubman?

    I love my Matchless Clubman. But now I wanna try an OCD again. Which version? LOL
  9. radcliff

    What overdrive/boost pedals for a Matchless Clubman?

    I love my Clubman! It sounds good with most everything I've tried: Brown Rabbit Sexdrive Zendrive most anything
  10. radcliff

    Poll: Rate this tone (David Grissom content)

    Judging on only tone, I gave it a 7. It wasn't as dynamic as I was hoping, it seemed very fuzzed out. Like he couldn't get clean out of it if he wanted to.
  11. radcliff

    Top shops in L.A?

    True Tone Jim's Music Wild West in Riverside is worth the drive give True Tone another chance, those guys are always cool to me now and they give very fair deals
  12. radcliff

    Vox AC15 What do you think about it?

    I have a weber blue dog in mine and I like it enough....it's just a home use amp I like the reverb, but I def overpaid for mine if they can be had for 350....jeez
  13. radcliff

    Super Reverb - Aaaahhhhhhhh!

    Are you allowed to say your amp "has balls" and also refer to it as "her" in the same sentence?
  14. radcliff

    Vox ac30cc Speaker upgrade

    I have a Weber Blue Dog in my AC15 and I love it
  15. radcliff

    Matchless Clubman Settings (Share)

    Phil recommends a chinese rectifier tube. They have them at mojo musical supply.
  16. radcliff

    improving reverb on Vox AC30cc2

    My AC15 has a slighty high pitch sound when the reverb is on, and it is either too much or too little. Is V2 the tube to change on the AC15 as well? Thanks
  17. radcliff

    Anything NOT to like about Dr Z's?

    When I got my Matchless, I sold my Z....but Z's are GREAT amps. And they have a great support base and user forum for any questions you might have.
  18. radcliff

    Show us your Matchless!!

  19. radcliff

    Matchless Clubman - how to tighten the low end?

    maybe a speaker change?
  20. radcliff

    Show Your #1 Amp Rig Pics

    thanks eric! your rig is the ****!
  21. radcliff

    Show Your #1 Amp Rig Pics

  22. radcliff

    Carrying Amps to Gigs?

    I can identify with being in an apartment with people all around you and not getting any noise complaints... My roommate and I jam til 11pm and crank it and no one ever complains! If I were in your situation I would get a Tweed Deluxe clone or Princeton reverb clone, minimize my pedal...
  23. radcliff

    Which Matchless Amp Do You Think Has Best Cleans?

    I love the clean on the Clubman I have, but theres definitely some bass.... more than I've been used to in the past