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  1. 7thString

    Do You Consider YouTubers/Online Guitar Personalities Guitar Heroes?

    Greg Koch is one of my favourite people to listen to play but then again he's not really a 'youtuber' despite being in a lot of videos.
  2. 7thString

    Playing Sweet Home Alabama at a gig. Your opinion?

    i think its best played ironically now, with lyrics replaced, weird al style
  3. 7thString

    RIP Peter Green

  4. 7thString

    New Bonamassa Rig Rundown.

    At 34:40 in the video, he talks about how the guitar tone stays 'even harmonically' ie doesn't thin out as he transitions from to the high strings from the fatter, low strings, but then only explains "and that's with the Celestions and a few other things / tricks that I do... keep turning the...
  5. 7thString

    In A Part Time Band, How Often Do You Practice?

    Usually once a week, and then cram in as many sessions as possible before a gig. That was pretty much a limit with two of us working full time and the other working night shifts + university.
  6. 7thString

    Your all-time favorite guitar solo and why.

    I actually really enjoyed listening to this, although I can see where you are coming from. There's something enjoyable about some of Frusciante's more 'tongue in cheek' (aka kinda purposely 'wrong' or weird) solos if you will... eg: and more on the comical side: and then on the more polished...
  7. 7thString

    Your all-time favorite guitar solo and why.

    and epic use of a fuzz factory
  8. 7thString

    Your all-time favorite guitar solo and why.

    Some awesome responses so far. Really enjoying listening through all these, cheers guys. Figured I should add some of my other favourites (Sneaky Hendrix performance)
  9. 7thString

    Your all-time favorite guitar solo and why.

    Clips strongly preferred! Love the strat + SLO tone; 3:20 onwards here.