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  1. hank57

    Which amp for Allman Bros/Southern Rock tones?

    Jmp 50 watt Marshall into a 2x10 with Celestion Golds
  2. hank57

    Ron Wood should be considered one of the R&B guitar greats

    I’ve felt this way about Ronnie. Such a treasure. I saw Bo Diddly and Ron Wood on a tour in the early 80s. They had a pickup band that warmed up then backed up the two giants. It was outrageously cool! Powerful show with solo work by both artists. I recall Ronnie played Prodigal Son.
  3. hank57

    I don't get Grateful Dead. Really.

    Uh huh. I’d like to take that ride again. Again!
  4. hank57

    Say you've got $5-6k to drop on a vintage instrument...

    I’d head towards used artisan build with that money. Collings, Koll, McIntruff all of these hold value once they are used. They won’t go up or down in value as used instrument as long as you take care of them. And i think they are more likely to have fit and finish that you’ll love. My two...
  5. hank57

    Who will refuse to watch "The Pedal Movie" on principle alone?

    If it’s animated I’m more likely to watch it. I want to watch the Carbon Copy stutter as a Rat squeaks and scurries while a pack of Timmys chase it.
  6. hank57

    Lollar Imperials - were they keepers for you?

    Everything I love, I may also flip for the flavor of the week-month-year. my first LW Imperial neck position pickup i still have. but it hasn’t been in thst telecaster for three or four years. i had a regular wind imperials ten years ago and i couldn’t tame it (lol). But i bought another set...
  7. hank57

    I Inherited a Record Player...

    You can hang it on the wall on a plaque as if you hunted it in the great wild.
  8. hank57

    I quit trying last night... (telecaster content)

    Raised on Jazz Bass First electric was strat And then many decades later i can finally play Less Pauls and SGs. For years the Gibson bridge was just something I could not relate to. Couldn’t figure out what to do with my right arm and hand.
  9. hank57

    NAD - 5E7 Tweed Bandmaster

    Really excellent choices. I’ve owned a 5E7 for a few years that was made by Bluesland and it has been serviced by Ben Fargen who did some of his own magic to it. The OT is a MM I’ve had it in a 3x10 a long while back but it came to me as a head that had a single Weber Chicago 10” load in it...
  10. hank57

    Poll: Telecaster body wood - Alder, Ash or it doesn’t matter?

    Yup it’s all about that ash bout that ash bout that ash and nice treble
  11. hank57

    Oh no, they're going after amps now too

    I thought of getting a relic’d hamster.
  12. hank57

    Oh no, they're going after amps now too

    Oh my goodness now they’re relicing horses! When will this end?!?
  13. hank57

    Manual bumping in the emporium?

    Less desperate indeed!
  14. hank57

    Can anyone recommend a more heavy rock oriented 10” speaker?

    60 watts!! https://celestion.com/product/30/g10_vintage/
  15. hank57

    Manual bumping in the emporium?

    These are the good ole days. when we did it this way in the past I would occasionally delete my old bumps to keep it looking less cluttered.
  16. hank57

    The Who at the Concert for New York 2001

    Go. To. Your. Room.
  17. hank57

    Would anything bad happen if I remove the body from the neck?

    I’d send it whole and pay extra. if you have not removed necks a few times here the things you may screw up. You’ve loosened the screws and taken the neck off; did you lift the neck by lift it directly away from the body? Well now you have chipped the paint it the neck pocket. Did you try to...
  18. hank57

    Acoustic recommendation for a new player - not crazy expensive

    Dollars to quality I’d buy a used Takamine off craigslist. I’ve bought one a few years ago for $250 that had solid top and back and played very well. I just gave it my niece who wanted to play.
  19. hank57

    Vendor Simple Leather Guitar Straps | McMurray and Blonde

    Just ordered my second one cause i loved the first one so much
  20. hank57

    Sold USACG loaded Stratocaster body, K-Line sign pickups, Callaham tremolo, RS Guitarworks

    That looks very cool. Is the pickguard made by Warmoth? I’ve looked at using their tortoise material and if that is it I’m loving it.
  21. hank57

    Sold Bare Knuckle Stormy Monday Humbucker set!

    Looks like two wire to me
  22. hank57

    I'm down the Strat pickup rabbit hole

    Fralin vintage hots and blues specials have always worked perfectly for me. Off the chart happy with my Chubtone 63 63 El Gordo set.
  23. hank57

    Does anyone actually use the numbers on Strat knobs?

    They help me when I’m adding and subtracting.