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  1. Jim Marciano

    FS Ehx dmm 1100tt $209

    https://reverb.com/item/36671811-electro-harmonix-deluxe-memory-man-1100-tt-analog-delay-pedal-w-tap-tempo Has a few light scratches, no box or power supply, sounds excellent but too much delay for me Price is pp and shipped, conus only I had this listed here recently and it sold on reverb...
  2. Jim Marciano

    DOD 690

    ill 3rd the dod fx65, its excellent..i have never heard a 690 but was considering a Seymour Duncan Catalina chorus as it has a few more modern features but still has a delay knob
  3. Jim Marciano

    Electro Harmonix EDDY Vibrato/Chorus

    a delay time knob would have been nice, seems ok
  4. Jim Marciano

    FS Vox straight 6 $79

    Dropped to $79 shipped
  5. Jim Marciano

    steel string supreme - a thread (Re: new statements from Mason/vertex)

    i really think he should change his name from rig doctor to rib doctor ...looks like he can throw down on some bbq
  6. Jim Marciano

    Dangelico buys Supro and Pigtronix

    I rarely check it but I guess I get lucky and keep seeing those guitars, actually been thinking about a g&l
  7. Jim Marciano

    Dangelico buys Supro and Pigtronix

    G&l is gonna be mad ...sdotd the day seems to be dangelico one day and g&l the next with speaker stands thrown in once a week
  8. Jim Marciano

    Help needed... Lovepedal EPH-3 Issue

    I had a different pedal from lovepedal and it did have a component or 2 on the back, they said that was fine, I think it depends on who built it
  9. Jim Marciano

    HELP A NOOB: What Fuzz do I need?

    I would .. actually I did start with a Dunlop fuzz face, either the red germanium or blue Hendrix one..the Dunlop classic 108 fuzzes are the same circuit as the Hendrix with a buffer
  10. Jim Marciano

    Is anybody using a Dunlop Echoplex Preamp in the effects loop as a lead boost?

    The Dunlop has about 11db boost available, which is alot more than most ep preamp pedals but only half as much as a boost pedal If you have one definitely use it but if not a spark mini offers 20db, a momentary switch and they are like $30
  11. Jim Marciano

    FS Vox straight 6 $79

  12. Jim Marciano

    Rehousing an Echo Park

    I was actually just talking with him on fb and he said hes out of the rehousing game ... except later in 2021 he may do some dd20s
  13. Jim Marciano

    All this talk about "reverse reverb" had me thinking...

    What happens if you run 2 series reverse reverbs into an accordion during a thunderstorm? ....magic
  14. Jim Marciano

    Rehousing an Echo Park

    Ancient bump...does anyone rehouse these at all?
  15. Jim Marciano

    Marshall-In-A-Box into Marshall amp's clean channel

    I can't speak for the op but I prefer vintage marshall tones but they blew out dsl40c's for $400 and I needed a gigable amp
  16. Jim Marciano

    Marshall-In-A-Box into Marshall amp's clean channel

    i have been thru quite a few including the pedal pal 959 (both versions) and the one i cant get rid of is the weehbo jtm, i think i just dig the jtm sounds. Marshall pedals usually push mids which is the last thing you need in a marshall but the jtm has a 3 band eq so i can cut the mids and it...
  17. Jim Marciano

    Favorite Tweed in a Box Pedal?

    the pedals you have mentioned don't really strike me as tweed, maybe look at something like these Fender Tweed Boss FBM-1 Browntone Hoochee Mama Bearfoot Honey Bee Overdrive Bearfoot Sparkling Yellow Overdrive 3 Catalinbread Formula No. 55 Catalinbread Formula 5F6 Crazy Tube Circuits...
  18. Jim Marciano

    If you (or your favorite pedal company) made a pedal called “2020,” what would it be?

    an auto ring modulator with sub sub octave housed in a chainsaw with wheels that runs on cell phone batteries that need to be recharged every 11 minutes ..because why?
  19. Jim Marciano

    Lovepedal Hermida SNS Appreciation Thread Part Deux--The Ham Sammich Lives!

    after the first month of lockdown i bought a knock off of that gorilla bow ( i think it was the synergy on amazon) i didn't really like it all that much but started using the bands without the bow and its really made a difference, like 20 minutes a day like 5 days a week for a few months and im...
  20. Jim Marciano

    Annual “Replace my BD-2” thread

    barber gain changer is the same spectrum imo
  21. Jim Marciano

    My never ending quest for decent MIAB pedals is still on. (your thoughts on these contenders?)

    which amps have you tried? i have a dsl40c that may work with but i don't think it has a very good loop
  22. Jim Marciano

    Your Favorite Tape Echo Simulation Pedal

    I can't really van halen but I really like the tc alter ego with a secret preamp in front of it
  23. Jim Marciano

    Keeley Hydra Stereo Reverb & Tremolo

    im also wondering if the harmonic on the hydra has been upgraded at all from the supermod workstation
  24. Jim Marciano

    Favourite Plexi in a box?

    i think that's my picture lol
  25. Jim Marciano

    Are there any pedals that get close to the mini mint green vibe?

    I haven't played one yet but don from bearfoot has made a new version with different speed options, it's called the ocean motion and they are brand new under $200 on reverb