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    FS Buy one from Group A, Get one from Group B for FREE.

    i like yer style! woo hoo!!
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    Pedal naming/labeling/identifying: My criticism

    Try the Rockett BLUE Note, lol,... I think that one uses the word 'Blue' a little more correctly!
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    The Slapback-1Delay Project: 51ms-1005ms

    Finally got back to working on this. 1) I started by adding Feedback to all the Patches, to see what the 'whole story' is with each. The BOSS GT-6 doesn't go out of control Feedback-wise, so, I can go up to, say, 95%, and still have it behaves. Obviously, at @51-74ms, when you almost max out...
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    My GeFFy (Ge FuzzFace) GAS List

    I know I'm using my EQD DreamCrusher wrong,... I must be. I do love it, but, I know both knobs have 'Moar' than your standard FF, and, I just can't figure how to set it for woof-less operation. I seriously can't imagine a BigMuff with this much unbridled low end. Anyhow, that's just an excuse...
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    When did Rock get so "professional"??

    1975 Eagles First WorldTour eva birth of ReggieWanker
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    Feedback loopers: comparing/contrasting, Fairfield, Death By Audio, etc., safe?

    Wouldn't you rather have a RedRider BB gun for Christmas? BargeConcepts has that Unobtanium Feedback+Blender thingy... should've gotten it...
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    Your Black Friday Purchase

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    Strictly FUZZ

    I NEED ALL ALL ALL 70s GRAPHICS!!!! Where can I get graphics like that Grizzly? That's what I want, pedals with 70s MoviePosters on them... c'mon maaaan, where's the stash??? That is now my fav pedal graphic... so true to 70s MoviePosters I NEEEEEEEEEED THIS!!!!!!!! gaaaaaaaaaaaaaah (pogos up...
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    Jan Ray, Jam Ray, Timmy. What's the scoop?

    Marumev! Marumev! Redrum! Redrum! there's a local used for like $600....sigh
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    Vibe before or after Fuzz Face?

    I could never figure you 'Always Vibe Before, It's the ONLY Way It Sounds Good' folks. I always had all 'Modulation' after all Dirt because of the WidescreenTechnicolorPanorama I got from it- great giant sweeps from the Wah, and Phasers... almost Synthy... sometimes... (I know what you're...
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    What bridges the gap between a Strat and a Les Paul?

    Flay me alive: any ibanez
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    The Ring Mod Forum

    an hour later listening to Devotion now.... oy, my head is spinning...lol
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    The Ring Mod Forum

    putting on Extrapolation NOOOOOOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! (can't take it anymore, ahhhh)
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    Need a good Fuzz pedal recommendation

    I'll channel the TGP Top10 Replies: 1) Carcosa 2) ScarabDeluxe 3) Hoof/ClovenHoof 4) some 'Gilmour' Muff 5) Sunface 6) Wampler VelvetFuzz (surprised me that I'd add it, but, it DOES come up a LOT!) 7) some OD pedal that gets 'Fuzzy' 8) one of the Fulltone Fuzzes 9) 10) EQD ParkFuzz (seems...
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    The Ring Mod Forum

    man, his fingers sure don't get tired, wow, what stamina! like he can't even stop, haha... he's always been so scary good, always... did I mention always? lol
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    Your Top5 Tremolo Settings?

    lol, I think I just needed to hear it from someone else! Tremolo reminds me of TapTempo. Everyone's nutz over TT, but... they're all usually tappin' around that either 'Slow' or 'Fast' area... 60bpm vs 120bpm... lol
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    What are the key Bluesbreaker variants and how do they sound?

    I just received a 'Blem' (exciting to bypass the WaitList!), and, while I was waiting, I happened upon your above Post, which,I must say, seems essential to me to understanding this "one is not like the other" box. So, when I got it, I was able to understand more of how the Gain-Boost-Volume...
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    Hey maaaan, you ended up getting a fluke RYRA, and now you love it. You also played a TumnusDLX at GC... sounded great, but the extremes of EQ made it sound Frankensteiny (whhhhhy have the Mids gets into 'AMRadio' territory??? why? why have "more Bass than you'll ever need"? is it because, at...
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    Chase Bliss Condor and Brothers officially discontinued.

    I didn't want one anyway (sticks tongue out) lol
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    Your Top5 Tremolo Settings?

    I decided to do a Total Tremolo Test as to what actually are the main uses of Tremolo, but, beyond the '2 Speeds', I'm at a loss. It seems there's nothing 'too slow', and if it gets 'too fast' it sort of turns into another FX. 1) The 'CCR' Setting Is this the same as the 'GimmeShelter'...
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    Heads up Revolver DT on Reverb for sale

    but isn't that the same one that was in the Emporium not tooooo long ago for lots cheaper? lots
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    Pink Floyd Money tremolo pedal?

    Just playing with Tremotron... sure it can
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    Your top 5 low/medium gain OD pedals

    lol, they're all on the board right now: SnouseBB2P > SmallFry > RYRA > OCD2.1 > OxbloodGe > loGain amp crunch+Boost I's say that might be one too many, lol, but I'm TRYING to make it work, uh boy haha