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  1. ultradust

    Cool KPop: MAMAMOO, DreamCatcher

    Yeah, fan affinity with the persona thingy can take time to pan out, but sure enough the more successful groups have definitive member contrasts that the fans enjoy, BTS being one among many. SM will no doubt continue to hype the heck out of Aespa and will continue to push the image set (creepy...
  2. ultradust

    Baritone Guitar

    It can vary...Baritone model of choice's scale length and string gauge applied will determine how well things go, since both a state of flabbiness or ready-to-snap will be not good for playability. I have a recent-make 56 Danelectro with a 30" scale, presently setup to ADGCEA with a set of...
  3. ultradust

    Cool KPop: MAMAMOO, DreamCatcher

    But considering how much money has been sunk into DREAMCATCHER, the fact that locals haven't really found their collective appeal something to really adore and "make their own" has unfortunately put their long-term success into question from many observers' POVs, like many other groups that gain...
  4. ultradust

    Cool KPop: MAMAMOO, DreamCatcher

    Another great post, Turbo Gerbil. MAMAMOO are incredible performers and are so well-liked in the industry after years of being brushed aside for looking remarkably "normal", yet everything about them indeed shows the power of their well-honed vocals and years of stage experience. And I...
  5. ultradust

    Telecaster with two P90s?

    Routing issues aside (humbucker-sized) SD Phat Cats have the oomph of P90s, but that's where the similarities pretty much stop. They have a timbre much more akin to an overwound strat sound, and are much more bright and twangy, rather than being flat and honking in character. Come to think of...
  6. ultradust

    Best Guitar For Ambient

    Aye, that's the deal, mine being an old v.1 from over a decade back. And here's where I start: BRIGHT switch + GAIN and ATTACK both at 11:00.
  7. ultradust

    Best Guitar For Ambient

    Loads of great advice from many angles... This will sound vague and rather obtuse, but as someone who has recorded most of my stuff on Jazzmasters for nearly 2 decades now (and am a Dream-pop/Shoegazer at heart), I'd recommend getting a JangleBox, and then messing about with your future...
  8. ultradust

    Baritone clean tones

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on flats and the Cali76, I have a feeling how attack in particular would nicely do its part as such. What's your preferred flatwound string set and tuning?
  9. ultradust

    Baritone clean tones

    Curious what TGP's baritone players' go-to setups are for clean tones on their baritone guitars, anything from tic tac to post-rock/ambient shenanigans. Would love to hear of your settings and/or any clips if you have them! Back in the early 2000s I had a friend's Jerry Jones Baritone in my...
  10. ultradust


    Yeah, although hints of a lengthy training period prior to debut were only first apparent with SM's production and launch of HOT and SES in 1996 and 1997, respectively (which somewhat prophesized the format that 2nd generation K-pop would evolve into around 2003 - 2004), kids of the past decade...
  11. ultradust


    Easily the best YG production to date (a brilliant collective unit, post-2NE1), and although I'm an old school guy from the K-pop industry who loves straight up pop (active in production from 1993 - 2011) and am only brought on to advise projects from time to time, BLACKPINK production is ace...
  12. ultradust

    Mesa Boogie Hollywood closed?

    So very unfortunate considering location. Some fine fella worked there, and the corner location on Sunset was so rock and roll. They were always a consignment shop for us from the early to mid 2000s, but to be sure it was quite cool to have them there, and pure class when Bob Rock bought out...
  13. ultradust

    Choosing a Gretsch Duo Jet...

    I as well am not a fan of the stiffness of B7s on a Duo Jet, and would go for the G6128T-59 with B3 (later switching out the Space Control bridge for something else). But that being said, if you want less squish and more sustain and are new to Duo Jets in general, a Players Edition with B7 will...
  14. ultradust

    Factory stock guitars you won't mod

    My Moollons are bone-stock, kinda because the boss is (subconsciously) looking over my shoulder, but mostly because they're just fine ;) And although I've modded all of my Gretsches in some way or another (usually in the form of a bridge switch-out), the G6128T-DCM is next to perfect as-is and...
  15. ultradust

    What’s the deal with the Gretsch PUP switch??

    Same here! My G6122-1962 sounds so bright and woody with it wide open like that, and really is the the magic of the tone cap bypass with HS filtertrons.
  16. ultradust

    Black Guitars - Post yours

    1986 Rickenbacker 360/12 2009 Moollon J-Classic IV 2013 Moollon S-Classic 1992 Gretsch G6128T + stainless steel Compton Compensated bridge
  17. ultradust

    Help me find a Gretsch!

    Thanks for the upload and congrats! Kindly excuse me if I'm not grasping things correctly as asked, but just from viewing the clips I can "see" what's going on (tonal opinions aside) :) In the first clip you're on bridge pickup with the tone switch in mid-positon, which completely bypasses the...
  18. ultradust

    Fender Japan Jaguars and Jazzmasters

    Yeah, it's a proper weirdo and I think only about 150 or so were actually made. Despite it having a lot of issues out of the box (very heavy body, unleveled frets, vibrato shaft set off axis, etc.), it's a thing of it's own: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Squier_Ryan_Jarman_Signature_Guitar I...
  19. ultradust

    Non Fender Telecasters

    Keep 'em coming, folks! What wonderful era to live in, in which Teles of all sorts can be found with features and materials that span nearly 70 years of guitar history. Last year on the used market I found an excellent 1952-spec build my boss made back in 2011 (at half of what it cost new)...
  20. ultradust

    Help me find a Gretsch!

    Big congrats! Nothing like a home run at your first-at-bat. Looking forward to seeing your bird of prey grace the pages of TGP sometime soon :D
  21. ultradust

    Help me find a Gretsch!

    Welcome to the waiting room for those bitten by the Gretsch Bug! A G6129 or G6128 Duo Jet with HS Filtertrons or TV Jones Classics will get you most the tones as mentioned and more, but a modern center-block semi-hollow like a Panther G6137 or trestle-bracing Falcon will also more than suffice...
  22. ultradust

    What the hell is a chewy pickup

    Every kid wants a Chewie Pickup.
  23. ultradust

    Fender Japan Jaguars and Jazzmasters

    My CIJ Jag and Jazzo offsets are fantastic instruments. They're absolute tanks and have been an essential part of what I do for the past 20 years. Kindly ignore the rare Squier weirdo that joined the party in the foreground.
  24. ultradust

    Is natural "relic" really possible?

    Poly? My c.2000 CIJ Jazzmaster has cracks, scratches, and chips, but no weather checking or significant color fade in the 3TS finish after 20 years. Being my most played guitar of all, it's what I'd expect of a workhorse CIJ Fender. However, my 2013 S-Classic has endured 4 distinct seasons...
  25. ultradust

    Bring out your Rickenbackers!

    Like being married to a gorgeously feisty wife, one 360/12 with Hi-Gains is very much enough. I need nothing more, and nothing less. The above 1986 360/12 straight into a JangleBox v.1, and SPL ChannelOne