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  1. disconnector

    FSOT Fender Yngwie Malmsteen Strat

    Any interest in a LP DC Special with a Wolftone P90 in the bridge?
  2. disconnector

    Boss FZ-2w hype thread

    Ehhhh . . . I had one. I wouldn't call it just an octave fuzz. To me it sounds like the most flabby broken up nasty fuzz ever - almost completely devoid of any nuance or dynamics. But with the right guitar (my SG), tuned to the right tuning (B standard), through the right amp (my old DR103)...
  3. disconnector

    Boss FZ-2w hype thread

    Dude - It's the original Dopethrone tone. If you don't like that then you won't like this particular fuzz. In the right context it's absolutely *perfect*. The correct context is cannibas driven, severely downtuned, Gibson scaled, multiple Sunn amped, full stack, Satan worshipping, goat...
  4. disconnector

    ID this rackmount unit

    That seems like an awful lot of complexity just to read a few magnetic sensors and switch lights! The engineer in me needs to do some reading now I think . . .
  5. disconnector

    Did EVH ever wear ear plugs?

    Wait . . . you mean my wife isn't really mumbling?
  6. disconnector

    Why isn't Variax popular?

    I got a JTV59 for a great deal. It's not perfect - some of the models make you scratch your head - but many of the models pretty much nail the tone. The 59 that I own is silly heavy but it has a very nice feel and great action. It's easily as nice of a guitar as my SE PRSi. The mag tones are...
  7. disconnector

    Who's got the modern champion of 5150 sims?

    This. Fantastic 5150 tone all day long . . .
  8. disconnector

    Helix and Ipad

    For me the Helix UI is so simple and clear that I rarely use the editor. I only use it when I'm too lazy to set the device on my desktop or use the footswitch editing feature - which is frankly ingenious. You're not missing much without the editor IMO.
  9. disconnector

    Latest on GC Bankruptcy As Reported By The N.Y. Times

    All of you pining for the old LGS experience must have lived on a different planet than I did. My LGS were generally stocked with junk and if they had anything nice there was zero chance of an 18 year old getting their hands on it to try it out. Anything Gibson or Fender better than a Mexican...
  10. disconnector

    Can I mount Fender Blues Junior electronics in a rack horizontally?

    My concern would be vibration from the cab. Rack gear is tough - but if you crank up that amp at all you’ll be subjecting everything else to quite a bit of vibration.
  11. disconnector

    when/why did rack mount die?

    It’s ... it’s .... beautiful ... <wipes away tear> I’m adding this one to the spank bank. Thanks!
  12. disconnector

    Neural DSP Quad Cortex

    THEY HAVE AN MP-1 CAPTURE!! <frantically mashes buy button>
  13. disconnector

    Most Depressing Song With An Upbeat Melody

    Pretty much everything by The Cure
  14. disconnector

    The future of Variax?

    The updater for the workbench hardware is Line6 Monkey which *definitely* doesn't work on Catalina. But once you update the firmware to the latest version (use a VM or a crappy PC ;-) ) the software runs fine on my Macbook Pro . . . maybe you need to update the drivers?
  15. disconnector

    tungsten crema speaker

    That’s a tough one. It might be cheaper to buy a load box and audition IRs. Once you find what your looking for buy the speaker - if it sounds right sell the load box and get 75% of your money back. Auditioning speakers is expensive unless you know someone with a ton of them to borrow.
  16. disconnector

    Clean and edge of breakup raw sounds of Fractal FM3 vs Strymon Iridium

    If the Iridium has what you want built in I’d go that way for simplicities sake. But if it isn’t you don’t have many choices with it other than the IR. The set amps are what they are and you can’t change them. The Fractal on the other hand will take some digging but anything you can imagine...
  17. disconnector

    Block Material - a semi-scientific analysis - now with sustain plots

    The Floyd that I was using on the rest bed needed to be put back onto a guitar that I was selling. When one of my other Floyd equipped guitars comes up for a string change I’ll do the tests. I’ve built the piezo preamps and have all of the other instrumentation ready to roll.
  18. disconnector

    Conflicted - Source Audio vs FM3

    Axe-FX II (waiting on my III invite) or a Helix LT
  19. disconnector

    Conflicted - Source Audio vs FM3

    I came from exactly the same place as you. I started out with a huge pile of analog gear and realized that presets would help so I dove into Source Audio pedals. I quickly found out that having all of those individual programming points increase the complexity by an order of magnitude. Plus...
  20. disconnector

    Recreating SPX90 "Symphonic" - Axe-Fx III, H9 & SpaceModulator

    There is some psycho-acoustic processing going on in sample #5. I'm betting that's the SPX90. I like the sounds of 1 and 5 the most. I like a nice wiiiiiiiiiiiide stereo sound :) Another great video Leon . . . thank you!
  21. disconnector

    Kemper vs. Fractal vs. Line 6 Floorboards

    I’m a fractal fanboy - but if you’re getting the tones you love from a Helix device I’d just get another Helix. Maybe pick up an LT as a backup and rock it out.
  22. disconnector

    Great modeling device, great amp(s), which do you use first and why?

    i'd start with my Axe-FX. If I can't find the sound in that magic box (and that's highly unlikely) I'd plug into a real amp - but I'd still use the Axe in the FX loop for delay and reverb.
  23. disconnector

    I miss Harmony Central reviews

    Hell yeah! Why do you think I quoted him? Hahaha . . those were good times.
  24. disconnector

    I miss Harmony Central reviews

    PURE, SLUTBANGING METAL :rotflmao:rotflmao:rotflmao:rotflmao:rotflmao "if he's not ready to face the lion, then why'd he walk in the cage? " OMG awesome! I miss that place . . .just went and looked up some of my old reviews as well. The internet was a better place back then . . .
  25. disconnector

    OPTION PARALYSIS? try buying a washing machine

    . . . and be sure to read reviews for agitatorless models. Some of them don't balance correctly and constantly stop when they try to spin and are out of balance.