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  1. Tabor

    Talisman Plate Reverb, but stereo?

    The Black Country Customs Secret Path is stereo and has a nice Plate sound.
  2. Tabor

    Hudson Electronics Broadcast (Dual Footswitch version)

    It can be a boost but it can also be a fuzz.
  3. Tabor

    Simple reverb pedal with nice layout and high quality sound

    The chips used to make the pedal were discontinued so at a certain point Dr. Scientist just ran out of those components and couldn’t make any more pedals.
  4. Tabor

    Simple reverb pedal with nice layout and high quality sound

    In addition to some of the solid suggestions above you could check these out: Dr. Scientist Reverberator (discontinued so you’d have to shop used) Laney Black Country Customs Secret Path Is the Neunaber Immerse too complex for what you’re after or too hard to read? If not that’d be worth...
  5. Tabor

    Boss ft. Sola Sound Unite for Boss TB-2W

    Technically that font is not Papyrus but it belongs in the same compost pile.
  6. Tabor

    JAM Pedals Harmonious Monk - Harmonic Tremolo

    The Fairfield Circuitry Randy’s Revenge can create a beautiful analog sine-wave tremolo sound with a huge range of speeds and it has a LPF control that makes it possible to isolate the Tremolo effect in a certain determined range of lower frequencies while allowing the higher frequencies to pass...
  7. Tabor

    Spring Reverb with pre-delay

    The Laney Black Country Customs Secret Path has a combo amp spring sound with controls for pre-delay and tone.
  8. Tabor

    Chase Bliss Condor and Brothers officially discontinued.

    good to hear that it's working for you. Joel says the distortion from the Condor is both "awesome and horrible" in the video below. Personally I think it sounds bad both in low gain and after he starts using filters and setting it for higher gain too but it's obviously just a sound; tastes will...
  9. Tabor

    Chase Bliss Condor and Brothers officially discontinued.

    Well I've held off mostly because even though it's an EQ there isn't really any direct control over the high end. It's like LFP, Bass and Mids which seems odd to me. Also the way it distorts sounds... erm... unique (?). Even Joel admits many people may think the gain sounds are kinda bad...
  10. Tabor

    New Harmony Comet.

    I just haven’t cared for the sound of the mahogany guitars I’ve owned and played but that’s not to say I won’t try this one if I get the chance. I’m probably odd in this regard but I’d like to see a natural wood finish. I figure since it’s all mahogany it could wind up looking a bit like those...
  11. Tabor

    Options for an analog style delay to run in front of a dirty amp

    AD999 - more neutral treatment of the dry signal. Longer delay times. A slightly brighter delay line with more reverberant smear... The repeats can also get gritty pretty easily; especially at longer delay times. AD900 - adds compression and removes some high end from your signal whether...
  12. Tabor

    What is up with Timmy prices

    Paul is still making them and selling a handful directly through Reverb about once every couple of weeks. The MXR Timmy replaced the Timmy v2 at the $129 price point. The Timmy v3 was originally $149 + $9 shipping. A few months ago Paul raised his price to $169 + $9 shipping for the v3. When...
  13. Tabor

    ChaseBlissAudio Generation Loss, are 1000$ worth?

    No. I much prefer the sound and functionality of the original CooperFX version over the CBA version. The filters sound better. The noise section is on a knob instead of a toggle and it’s a much more interesting sound that reacts to your playing on the Cooper version instead of just a blanket...
  14. Tabor

    The FUN CBA/ZVex Bliss Factory Thread!

    I have the same experience here @reverendmaynard. There's a massive amount of gain on the pedal. I guess the character of the sounds probably change somewhat depending where the gain knob is set but overall it seems to have a range from ridiculous high gain to ludicrous high gain on the pedal...
  15. Tabor

    Vendor DCW Pedals - TGP Thanksgiving Pedal Giveaway 2020! WINNER ANNOUNCED!

    Hands of Time Chaos please. I’m thankful for the forum in general and builders like you who are willing to get involved in this virtual public square.
  16. Tabor

    Good analog modulation pedals with level/boost?

    I always used the Aquavibe in front of the amp, yeah.
  17. Tabor

    New Harmony Comet.

    yeah I’m pretty sure it’s a smaller body which I definitely prefer. All mahogany is slightly off putting to me though... otherwise very tempting (if I could justify the $1500).
  18. Tabor

    Good analog modulation pedals with level/boost?

    Dunno whether a Uni-Vibe type gets phase-y enough for you but the FoxRox Aquavibe sounds great and has an internal trimmer for level/boost and can be made to sound very warm and lush ime...
  19. Tabor

    Good analog modulation pedals with level/boost?

    Fairfield Circuitry Shallow Water Paradox Effects Futura
  20. Tabor

    Tubesteader Beekeeper. Any thoughts?

    Exciting update @olly_blan. I like the name too.
  21. Tabor

    Battle for THE BEST LO-FI PEDAL

    This video tries to help describe in more detail what makes the Shallow Water such and unusual, special and (for many including myself) magic circuit. So you've equated a number of pedals so far in this thread that are really worlds apart in my mind... The Mood, Blooper, CT5 and Microcosm...
  22. Tabor

    The FUN CBA/ZVex Bliss Factory Thread!

    I've thought about it but then sometimes I hear the character of the overdriven sounds on it in demos and they sound... well... bad (?). I guess it's this power rail distortion or something? idk... I've never heard it in person. If the overdriven sounds out of the pedal itself sounded better to...
  23. Tabor

    Pladask Elektrisk - Feber - Ring Modulator...ish

    The random ramping of the Tremolo starting around 10:00 into that first video sounds really cool to me.