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  1. Da Geezer

    bought a cedar top classical, the smell is pretty strong

    Same here....love it, my #1 acoustic.
  2. Da Geezer

    Real or fake Rickenbacker

    Question for the Ric experts....why no “R” tailpiece? That would have caused me to doubt the authenticity, too.....
  3. Da Geezer

    Kramer 450G: Anyone have guidance for the appropriate sized hex key for intonation screws?

    Me-thinks you guys may want to get a set of US standard/non-metric hex keys.....very inexpensive, and I’m sure you will find the correct size in the set....probably going to be .050”
  4. Da Geezer

    bought a cedar top classical, the smell is pretty strong

    Just send it back...obviously not worth the risk in your fragile state of health
  5. Da Geezer

    Can we see some of your partscasters?

    I sprayed them all myself....Reranch.com to get the rattle can nitro paints, or just get a color you like in enamel poly from the local hardware/big box store. i don’t go for high gloss on mine, so I sand them a bit, spray some primer, then a bunch of final color coats and leave them “satin”...
  6. Da Geezer

    NGD? LOL

    No way.... $800 FIRM net to seller, buyer pays all shipping and paypal fees, RARE! Low ball offers will be ignored.
  7. Da Geezer

    Can we see some of your partscasters?

    I like “different” finishes (as you can see with my doghair and Goldleaf finishes I posted earlier in this thread) How was that finish accomplished? It looks almost like stone....
  8. Da Geezer

    Can we see some of your partscasters?

    all these have Rosser bodies, and all turned out excellent Pinecaster Custom
  9. Da Geezer

    Show me your Les Paul

    Mine is fantastic....8.5lb of pure joy. Looks and feels much “older”. Neck isn’t super baseball bat, but reasonably “chunky“. This one had an early headstock repair (c.2005) so I got it for a very good price ($1k). You have to look very close to see it.
  10. Da Geezer

    Show me your Les Paul

    Agile “Deluxe” Heavily modded and re-finned in Gold Leaf
  11. Da Geezer

    Show me your Les Paul

    LOVE the Lou!
  12. Da Geezer

    Show me your Les Paul

    ‘15 Special Pro EX
  13. Da Geezer

    Show me your Les Paul

    ‘03 Standard “The Ninja”
  14. Da Geezer

    Restructuring at the Fender Custom Shop?

    @Ron Thorn Any insight Ron? TIA
  15. Da Geezer

    Just curious: does anybody actually use middle positions?

    Middle (Bridge & neck) 95% Neck 4.9% Bridge 0.1% On Strats, I usually disable the middle pickup. Even have an S-type with just bridge/neck. (Old photo....now has 2x black Onamac singles installed)
  16. Da Geezer

    Fender switching to pine bodies?

    This one is pine....lightweight and resonant. Sounds like a Tele and is a favorite
  17. Da Geezer

    Official Thead: RIP EVH Eddie Van Halen

    I agree, he had something “special” going on. I can hear any other fast shredder and be impressed by the level of virtuosity and technical accomplishment, but.... Eddie made me FEEL something...happy, joyous, simply brought the same smile to my face that I knew he had when he was playing. RIP Ed
  18. Da Geezer

    Epiphone ES 335 DOT Headstocks

    I did a random image search and found this...is this the “new style”? if yes, then they either have made, or are currently making dots with these. vs this (old style?)
  19. 85FB32C7-681B-44F2-98FA-2082D857FFC6.jpeg


  20. Da Geezer

    Fender, uh, mistake?

    Can you take a screen shot?
  21. Da Geezer

    What was the "good wood" era?

    RARE! Don’t forget that one :rolleyes: If I see that on a listing, I don’t even look at it....the price will be inflated and no budging down to any reasonable amount will ever be considered
  22. Da Geezer

    NGD - Vaschenko Single Cut

    The attention to detail is stunning....look at those control cover plates! o_O
  23. Da Geezer

    Firefly 338.. ES-335 Clone for $159

    Sold out, again...I’m glad, because I was tempted to buy one, and I already have 3x semi's :rolleyes: