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  1. ckfoxtrot

    Will guitar based music ever come back into the mainstream?

    I don't understand why some lament an absence of guitar in mainstream music or the fact that "guitar based" music isn't more dominant. I listen to what connects with me without much concern for its pooularity. Still, there's plenty of new, "guitar based" music out there; there's no shortage.
  2. ckfoxtrot

    Siamese Dream

    Great album and Corgan, along with being a great songwriter, can definitely play pretty well.
  3. ckfoxtrot

    The youngest band/performer you're a fan of

    In terms of bands/artists I'm pretty "into," I guess Lorde, followed by The Pretty Reckless: Starcrawler shows a lot of potential too:
  4. ckfoxtrot

    Metronome usage

    I use it constantly practicing piano. I also start off guitar practice sessions playing scales to my metronome, followed up by playing/singing songs to it for a bit.
  5. ckfoxtrot

    What's your favorite Music Documentary?

    I'll have to look that up!
  6. ckfoxtrot

    Congrats StevieT!

    Ya that's basically the point I've been at for a while now!
  7. ckfoxtrot

    The New Music Thread (within the last 5 years)

    The new Dead Sara single:
  8. ckfoxtrot

    Congrats StevieT!

    Just caught that earlier this evening. Seems like a cool place and he seems like a cool guy. I think I appreciate guitar/gear humor YT channels a lot more than demo or instructional channels.
  9. ckfoxtrot

    Why so much hate for Nickelback and Creed?

    Lady Gaga put on an exceptional show just a few years ago. There have been a lot of strong halftime shows over the years too.
  10. ckfoxtrot

    Why so much hate for Nickelback and Creed?

    I'm not into either band but the hate for both always seemed exaggerated. Like others have pointed out, it sort of became a "cool" opinion to have and an early meme-culture phenomenon. I mean, at least they're not Greta Van Fleet, amiright? ;) Just joking, I don't want to yuck anyone else's yum...
  11. ckfoxtrot

    The New Music Thread (within the last 5 years)

    The new La Femme Pendu EP, The Legend of the River King, just came out. A couple songs from it:
  12. ckfoxtrot

    The New Music Thread (within the last 5 years)

    Some new The Pretty Reckless. New album announced for February:
  13. ckfoxtrot

    Rock songs done acoustically (and sound great)

    Chris Cornell's solo/acoustic shows and Songbook album
  14. ckfoxtrot

    Guitars you wanted for their looks alone?

    Gretsch Rose Metallic Falcon
  15. ckfoxtrot

    Les Paul Pick Guards

    I like them both ways but have the pickguards off on both my les pauls and my 335.
  16. ckfoxtrot

    Has anyone gone back to CDs?

    Even though it can be a bit annoying compared to a built in jack, there is an adapter (and splitter for power and audio) that remedies the lack of headphone jack on more recent iPhones. Also, Apple hung on to the iPhone headphone jack far beyond the time when car manufacturers should have...
  17. ckfoxtrot

    The New Music Thread (within the last 5 years)

    I was into Michelle Branch's latest album when it came out in 2017. It's a shame her label dicked her over for 10 years. Saw her at a small club on her tour for the album and she put on a pretty good show.
  18. ckfoxtrot

    Has anyone gone back to CDs?

    I went pretty much digital back around 2007, when I got my first iPod. I stopped buying CDs for the most part, ripped all my existing CDs into iTunes, and bought most of my new music in iTunes. At the end of 2018 I started getting into vinyl and also decided to start buying physical CDs again...
  19. ckfoxtrot

    The New Music Thread (within the last 5 years)

    From Karen O's album that came out last year:
  20. ckfoxtrot

    Miley does Metallica

    Could be cool, she's done some decent rock covers and it seems like she's a big rock fan. It would be interesting to see Gaga do some more rock collabs or original music. I really when liked when she teamed up with Metallica (glad they recorded this rehearsal too):