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    Sold Rock N Roll Relics ANGUS w/ Maestro/ Lyre Vibrola (Gibson SG Historic style)

    You are correct. Was a typo. Fixed now thanks for pointing it out
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    Sold Rock N Roll Relics ANGUS w/ Maestro/ Lyre Vibrola (Gibson SG Historic style)

    Here is my 2013 Rock n Roll Relics custom made Angus Sixty One guitar in the style of a '61 / '62 Gibson SG with the Vibrola. It's in a Rich Cherry finish (not bright red) with a light relic job. It has the following specs: Mahogany Body Tone Pros bolt bushing tuners Tone Pros locking nashville...
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    Sold Morgan Amps Abbey Custom Shop

    Price drop... $1300 shipped!
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    Sold Morgan Amps Abbey Custom Shop

    $100 price drop to $1400 shipped
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    Sold Morgan Amps Abbey Custom Shop

    Here's a custom shop Morgan Abbey 1x12 combo. It's custom because in place of the power scaling, there is a very useful and musical Mid range knob. This amp works great with pedals and sound very open and responsive. The Mid adds some jangle and grind depending on how you set it. Currently...
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    Sold Danocaster Dano-Jag #1 Charcoal Frost (greened)

    It is with heavy heart that i list this. This is the first official Dano-Jag that Dan custom built for me a little over a year ago. I received the guitar in March of 2014. If you've ever wanted a killer vintage style Jaguar/offset this is the ONE! I asked for a custom color.... Charcoal...
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    Sold Tyler Amps PT14 1x12 Combo

    SOLD Tyler Amps PT14 combo in "aged" black tolex. Handwired by John Brinton this is his interpretation of a '60's era Blackface Princeton Reverb. Has all the sweetness of a Princeton, but wider tonal range, full lows, clear highs and breaks up smooth when cranked. Has a Jensen ceramic speaker...
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    Sold Silky Comp by Free The Tone SC-1 Compressor

    I got this thing brand new, barely used it for a spare pedalboard, and have since decided not to build the spare board. so this never got used. It sounds great and it's in perfect condition. Comes with the original box. $199 shipped/paypal'd. OBO! IMG_9388 by studio8000 posted Jun 13, 2015 at...
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    Sold Wildwood "10" Fender '52 Tele Relic Limited Edition Telecaster

    Up for sale is an awesome '52 Fender Tele Limited Edition from the Wildwood "10" series. This guitar was built in 2006 and part of the original run. I believe only 50 were made with these exact specs. Beautiful Blond Relic finish. Ash Body Quartersawn Maple neck Big, Soft V neck shape 6105...
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    1964 Fender Princeton Amp. Excellent Condition!!

    Thanks "specialidiot ". It really is a beautiful specimen. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    1964 Fender Princeton Amp. Excellent Condition!!

    1964 Princeton in amazing condition. I babies this amp. Sounds amazing too. Original transformers (both dating to 1964) original Jensen blue label C10N which sounds amazing. Only mods: 3 prong power cord, speaker cable and I added bigger rubber feet on the bottom. Amp is clean and has the...
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    Gretsch G6128t Duo Jet with TV Jones and Cowboy Strap

    Gretsch Duo Jet for sale. 2012 and in great shape. Plastic still on pickguard and back covers. I upgraded it with TV Jones Classic and Classic Plus pickups. It is missing two small acres from the back cover. I lost them when changing the pickups. Comes with original case, papers...
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    Fano JM6 Sunburst w/ Bigsby 2013 PRICE DROP!

    Sold Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk