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    New Scumback Speaker in my Soldano ROS

    Got a new SCUMBACK 10" speaker for my Soldano Reverb-O-Sonic Saturday and installed it a bit ago. Definitely better low end and the highs are clearer than the stock speaker. I would say a 10-15% improvement, which is alot considering Mike Soldano wouldn't put junk speakers in his amps. The...
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    WCR Pickups Rule!!

    I totally agree with the conclusions here. WCR RULES..The RS Kits are great too. I am considering putting a kit in my EPI Elitist keeping the stock pups. I'll report when I do.
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    Any Epiphone Elitist LP owners out there?

    I bought one recently and I totally agree with twterrill, the bridge is definitely the weak part. It works but is rather cheesy. It is now my main stage guitar. The pickups are fairly good, I like them. It is a great playing guitar.
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    Komet video - Mark Knopfler - Boom Like That

    It is an old Silvertone. On his website there are some close up photos.
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    Some Amplifier websites, its fun, its thursday!

    I typed in my name and it funny what it did with my site, and forums I post on.
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    Rivera Amps?

    I had a R-55 12 combo for about a year. It didn't have the low end. It was an EL34 that was bright. I liked it, actually, but was offered $200 more than I paid for it so I sold it. 6L6's are nice too.
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    WCR Goodwood in a Les Paul!

    I love Jim's pickups. The combination Mr. Hanky mentioned is gonna be my next buy.
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    And my very SECOND Home video of playing guitar :)

    I enjoyed that. I like your playing, sounds good, and real good tone, even over the computer.:AOK
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    Help:Epi Elitist Lp or Gibson SG?

    And with an alligator type hyde too.
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    Help:Epi Elitist Lp or Gibson SG?

    I got an EPI ELITIST HoneyBurst 2 weeks ago and have gigged it 7 shows so far and 2 comin' this weekend. You can't get a better guitar for under $700 as MF has them for now. The SG is a good guitar too.
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    Just got a new les paul..

    Sweet guitar BOZ. You made a good choice :AOK
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    Which is the JCM 800 to get?

    Mine is a 2204 made in 1989, horizontal inputs. It's killer to me and with my PhatAxe overdrive it is badass.
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    WCR Fillmore impressions?

    I also have one in my Tele custom build, in the neck position. It is sweet. Great tone.
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    Epiphone Elitist LP clearance sale

    Got my Honey Burst Elitist Wednesday and have done gigs with it the last 4 nights. It's great guitar for the money. The neck and fretwork is superb. The carved top is a little different than others, but feels comfortable. And 500k big pot electronics too. The bridge and tail piece seems a little...
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    Tungsram 12ax7

    I have one in V3(inverter) in my JCM-800 and it's great.
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    roy and i, only the lonely

    Priceless. Ted you da man. :dude
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    Cool Budda amp demo with Joe Bonamassa

    Joe Bonamassa is just awesome. Great tone on that demo.
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    First clip with my new Reinhardt 18

    After getting the amp Friday I have done 2 gigs with it and today recorded my first clip. More to follow. I am using my Les Paul, the Reinhardt 18 and a Gallien-Kreuger 4 x 12 loaded with Celestion GM12-70's. http://www.soundclick.com/bands/pagemusic.cfm?bandID=275750 Click on the track...
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    WCR Hybrid Set review

    WCR pickups are awesome. They are quality built for sure. And the tone is as good as it gets. And it's great to be able to talk with the person builing the pickups, to get the tone you are looking for, can't do that with Dimarzio or Duncan, or EMG.
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    its here!! after 3 months... zinky head

    Kick ass !! Bet it rocks. :AOK :AOK
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    Gibson faded standard

    Man I'd like to play the hell out of that guitar..:AOK :AOK
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    LP replacing 57 Classics with Pearly Gates

    A year ago I a set of Duncan Pearly Gates in my Les Paul and loved it. I still got the neck pickup in there it is fantastic. I changed the bridge to a WCR Shredder and am so happy I did, but the Pearly bridge is a good pickup too.
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    Tech 21 v Roland Blues

    The Roland Blues Cube 30 and 60 are great amps. I have a 30 that I bought new in '94. I love that amp.
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    Vox Tonelab SE and Line 6 POD XT Live

    Scott, my question is : does it make a difference in tone when you use different guitars with different pickups? I have never used a modeler and was wondering if the modeling amps can distinquish different guitars and pickups?