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  1. zachy

    Want to improve piano skills

    Hi all, I’ve been a musician for half of my life at this point, mostly guitar and other stringed instruments, but I’ve been wanting to really learn piano, and learn it the correct way. Is there a method or book that is kind of standard for this? My musical interests are varied, any style or...
  2. zachy

    1953 Supro Ozark Case

    Hi, I’ve been tasked by my best friend’s mother to find a case for his grandfather’s 1953 Supro Ozark. She says she’d prefer original vintage, but those old cases tended to fall apart, at least from the research I’ve done. So I’ve started looking for any kind of reproduction case I can find that...
  3. zachy

    Tube amp problem

    Hi, I'm having trouble with my Allen Old Flame. I can play it for about five minutes before I get a strong clicking noise, as if someone were tapping on the end of a cable. It's not a cable or a guitar jack issue, as this doesn't happen with other amps, and does happen with every guitar and...
  4. zachy

    Notation software or handwritten charts?

    Which do you guys and gals prefer? Which software do you use? I'm looking to get my band more organized come rehearsal time and charts seem to be the best way to do that, just looking for some opinions on more efficient ways to do so.
  5. zachy

    Which 2x12 Cabinet?

    I just bought a used Allen Old Flame head, my first serious guitar amp, and it rules! So far I've been playing it at veeeery low volumes through a 25 watt 1x12 speaker cab. Does anyone have any recommendations for a 2x12 speaker cab that can handle more power? I'm pretty new to this kinda thing...