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  1. pinfloi

    Rock songs with sensible lyrics about death

    There are thousands of rock songs with lyrics about death. From the epic approach of Iron Maiden to the gore taste of Death Metal. I am wondering how many are there with personal, sensible and human approach. Not catastrophic, mythological, terrorific, scary, dreadful, suicidal, ghostly, macabre...
  2. pinfloi

    Happy Birthday Jason Becker!!! Beautiful Birthday Greetings from Musicians and Friends

    Nice performances and lovely messages from Steve Morse Marty Friedman Mike Varney Greg Howe Joe Bonamassa Eric Gales Alex Skolnick Richie Kotzen Ben Woods John Petrucci Paul Gilbert Vinnie Moore Tony Franklin Jason Newsted Steve Lukather Chris Broderick Angel Vivaldi Joe Holmes James "Munky"...
  3. pinfloi

    Guitars you found so ugly that made you close the web browser as fast as you can

    I was browsing second hand adverts when I found this: https://www.guitarthai.com/classified/question.asp?QID=1616763 My immediate reaction was to close the browser as fast as I could, like when you accidentally got NSFW contents at the office :facepalm Then I laughed and went back to watch it...
  4. pinfloi

    What "inexpensive" P90 pickup would you choose to match the Harmonic Design Z-90

    I bought a second hand Harmonic Design Z90 neck for a very good price. I've installed it on a Schecter Solo II Custom Now I want to buy a P90 companion for the bridge, but I don't want to pay $120 + Shipping to Thailand + TAX + Import duty for a new Harmonic Design Z-90 I am considering a...
  5. pinfloi

    The Fender CS Fat '50 is not fat anymore. Eclipsed by a P90

    Being a freak of Gilmour tones, the Fender Custom Shop Fat '50 has been my favorite neck pickup for ages. I've recently purchased a Harmonic Design Z90, and I am very impressed. The low-mids are fat, round and clear. And the highs are still so open - without being nasal on the high frequencies...
  6. pinfloi

    How to subscribe to Unofficial Warmoth forum? How to contact Forum Administrators?

    When I try to subscribe to the Unofficial Warmoth forum I get this message: An Error Has Occurred! Sorry Guest, you are banned from using this forum! bestkunmaza This ban is not set to expire. https://www.unofficialwarmoth.com I have never accessed that forum before, so there is no...
  7. pinfloi

    Any user of the Japanese Schecter NV-III 24 ?

    There is one for sale, but it is outside Bangkok and I don't know if it is worth to drive to another province https://www.schecter.co.jp/schecterjapan/others/nv324al_red.html Any users around here? There are some YouTube videos, but they play little and talk a lot... in Korean language Price...
  8. pinfloi

    The creepiest Fender I've ever seen (warning: macabre contents)

    More pictures here: https://www.guitarthai.com/classified/question.asp?QID=1604574 All these modern fake relics are a joke compared with this authentic antiquity :p
  9. pinfloi

    I've never been interested in Teles, until I've seen this... Schecter PT Pro 2020

    Schecter PT Pro 2020 https://www.schecterguitars.com/guitars/2019/pt-pro-trans-purple-burst-detail I was about to pull the trigger for a Schecter Solo II Custom this weekend, to install a Suhr Thornbucker plus on the bridge and a Harmonic Design Z90 at the neck. But today I've found this... I...
  10. pinfloi

    What guitar for a Suhr Thornbucker and a Harmonic Design Z90?

    This may look like building the house from the roof... :p But I've bought these two tasteful pickups because there were on sale. I don't want to change the pickups on my current guitars, so I will buy a new one for them. I plan to install the Thornbucker at the bridge and the Z90 at the neck...
  11. pinfloi

    Humbucker recommendation for H-S-S with Seymour Duncan Antiquity Texas Hot

    I have a Schecter Nick Johnston Strat with a Seymour Duncan Antiquity Texas Hot trio that I would like to convert to H-S-S What humbucker do you think that would fit with these single coils? Signal output is not a concern because I can correct it up or down at the Axe-FX ps: I have tried to...
  12. pinfloi

    Playing with finger plectrums on your fretting hand

    I have never seen this technique before :facepalm Has anyone ever tried it? https://www.lazada.co.th/products/picks-paddles-plectrums-intl-i128225987-s360873312.html? https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32908644468.html
  13. pinfloi

    Has anyone tried the Dan Erlewine method for repairing a dent?

    Here it is: The result is amazing, but I am wondering if it is so easy as it seems. I have damaged a Schecter Nick Johnston USA Custom Shop by dropping it against the table in front of me, while I was sitting. I am wondering if that method is a good approach for this dent. It is 20 mm long...
  14. pinfloi

    Ritche Blackmore ~ Weiss Heim ~ Bending or slide?

    The first two notes, from A to B, and then from D to E. These two transitions sounds to me like bendings. I cannot hear any fret-slide movement. Bending 3rd string from 2 to 4 The second time it could be a finger-slide, and then bend 2nd sting from 3 to 5 There are several covers in youtube...
  15. pinfloi

    American Deluxe Strat Bridge: Saddle blocking the hole. Cannot insert the tremolo bar!!

    I have purchased an American Deluxe Bridge for Stratocaster, Fender P.N. 0077092049 to replace the bridge of a MIM Deluxe (because I hate the screwed bar and I prefer the pop-in) My surprise when I open the box is that the saddles are displaced to the right side. Therefore, the saddle of the...
  16. pinfloi

    What Strat would you choose to install a set of EMG SA (David Gilmour). Squire CV 50? -> MIM Deluxe

    I had the EMG SA pickup set on a Fender American Deluxe for many years, but I've recently replaced them with Seymour Duncan SSL-5, Fender CS Fat '50 (the same pickups used at the David Gilmour Black Strat) I love the Black Strat pickups, but I miss the versatility of the EMG set, specially when...
  17. pinfloi

    What is wrong with Cakewalk BandLab Support Forums? Account registration is disabled!

    I have been using Cakewalk since it was a DOS MIDI sequencer in a 3.5" Floppy Disk (around 1988), up to Cakewalk Pro-Audio, Sonar Platinum, the adventures with Roland and Gibson, and now BandLab. I was a member of the forum http://forum.cakewalk.com Everything went smooth with the transition...
  18. pinfloi

    I've chosen the wrong DiMarzio middle pickup for my Ibanez. I need advice

    Hi. I've installed this pickups at the Ibanez RG550LTD : Bridge: DiMarzio DP153 FRED Humbucker Neck: DiMarzio DP193 Air Norton Humbucker Middle: DiMarzio DP170 Blue Velvet Single Coil I'm happy with the sound of the Bridge and Neck, but I've chosen the wrong middle pickup for the following...