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  1. Clorenzo

    Help with lyrics - Chris Duarte - I'll never know

    Hey all, we're going to do a cover of this song and, English not being my first language, I'm having trouble with some of the lyrics and can't find them anywhere. This is what I've worked out, question marks where I'm pretty sure I'm wrong but if you guys have any other corrections (I'm sure...
  2. Clorenzo

    What type all-in-one guitar multi-tool?

    Following on from this thread (thinking about having a TGP-designed multi-tool commissioned if enough people are interested) I thought first of all it would be good to find out how many people would want such a thing and what type in general, before going into specifics about which particular...
  3. Clorenzo

    PSA: PRS 3-wire pickups and rotary switch wiring

    There's been a couple of threads recently about using pickups of other brands with the PRS rotary switch and about PRS 3-wire pickups (like the Dragons and others that work with the rotary) so I thought it would be useful to post a couple of tables that I've made showing the correspondence...
  4. Clorenzo

    Which bridge looks better?

    I'm thinking of building me a jazzy Tele with a Warmoth carved top body. Can't decide on the bridge, which one do you like better (looks-wise)? The ones I've tried and like are the Gotoh 510, TOM with trapezoid tailpiece and Hipshot Baby Grand. Any other suggestions? (except for an LP type...
  5. Clorenzo

    Vicente Amigo: new flamenco at its best

    I'm going to see him live at the end of the month and was checking out some clips. I just had to share, it's mesmerizing: BPaPOH-cDxc
  6. Clorenzo

    Has Warmoth "vintage tint" gotten too orange lately?

    I've ordered a few Warmoth necks with the "vintage tint" finish in the past (the last one a couple of years ago) and it used to be a very nice, subtle, just-a-hint-of-amber hue, like this headstock: Now, when I look at the latest pictures in Warmoth's page, it seems to be awfully...
  7. Clorenzo

    New volume / tone simulation spreadsheet

    Hi all, I've just updated the volume / tone simulation spreadsheet. For those who don't know, it's an Excel spreadsheet that simulates the frequency response of a pickup with different values of the volume and tone pots, tone cap, bleed circuit, etc. My friend, fellow TGP member and amazing...
  8. Clorenzo

    PRS router incident (viewer discretion is advised)

    I have to get this out of my chest. And by this, I mean my testicles. #1 is a '97 PRS CE22 and its backup is a Warmoth koa Stratocloner with PRS Dragon pickups and a DiMarzio Pro Track wired in parallel (s/c tone) in the middle. I'm one of those nut cases whose favourite Strat sound is the...
  9. Clorenzo

    My new Yamaha LS6 has arrived!

    I'm used to Yamaha products being consistently good quality for the money and one of the safest brands to buy sight unseen, but I have to say I'm thoroughly impressed with the sound, craftmanship and setup of this €450 guitar. It has no right to be so cheap! The nut is perfectly cut (a rare...
  10. Clorenzo

    1985 Les Paul '59 Heritage Reissue, any good?

    http://cgi.ebay.de/Gibson-Les-Paul-59-Heritage-Reissue-BJ-1985_W0QQitemZ7398713366QQcategoryZ46648QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem How are '85 LP's generally regarded? According to the description it's the first '59 RI produced by Gibson. I'm sure it looks expensive for the US but to give...
  11. Clorenzo

    My new Warmoth Stratotelecloner

    Ok, I... - had this SSH black Strat pickguard and this couple of single coils left over from previous projects - didn't have a "proper" Fender-type guitar in my arsenal (by that I mean ash or alder body, maple neck, single coil pu's) - always loved the Tele bridge tone - hadn't been able...