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  1. Pablomago

    MIDI Foot Controller for Live Use

    What MIDI pedals are you guys using with your rack gear when you gig? I'm looking for something small and basic to switch programs with. I have an old ART X-15 but it's overkill for my current needs.
  2. Pablomago

    How Are You Intigrating an iPad into Your Rig?

    I just got a reconditioned iPad 3 that I'm going to use for lyrics and set lists. How are you using yours? What lyric/song apps are you using? Have you come up with anything cool and unusual?
  3. Pablomago

    What's Your Favorite Soldering Station?

    My ancient soldering iron needs replacing and I figure an upgrade is in order. Suggestions?
  4. Pablomago

    Zoom G3N vs. DigiTech RP 360

    I'm looking for a simple modeling pedal to plug into my monitor speakers for late night and home practice. These two pedals have caught my attention. Pros? Cons? Any others I should look at in that price range?
  5. Pablomago

    Tone Print Frustration

    I'm trying to create a tone print for my TC Hyper Gravity pedal. I couldn't get the software to recognize the pedal, but then when I could, I couldn't find where I could create my own settings. It kept taking me back to the library. What am I missing? What am I doing wrong? I used it a few years...
  6. Pablomago

    TC Hyper Gravity Comp Tone Print for Electric 12 String

    Has anyone tried to clone a Jangle Box or come up with a tone print specifically for an electric 12 string? Any suggestions for settings for this purpose?
  7. Pablomago

    Lower Priced Archtops

    I'm looking for an archtop acoustic in the $1200-$1500 range, with a floating pickup. The D'Angelico EXL-1 is one I see a lot. I haven't played one but spec-wise it checks a lot of boxes. What else should I look at? The primary purpose is rhythm guitar in a swing band. It's going to be run...
  8. Pablomago

    Blackberry Smoke

    I never paid attention to them until I heard the new EP with them doing "You Got Lucky" with Amanda Shires. I guess I have some catching up to do. What's else should I check out?
  9. Pablomago

    Who Fixes Cassette Decks?

    I have a real good three head TEAC and an NAD that both need some work. I'm willing to ship, but someone in Colorado would be best. Any recommendations?
  10. Pablomago

    Best Phaser in a Multi-Modulation Pedal?

    I have a couple of modulation pedals, Nu>X Mod Core and a TC NOVA Modulator. I find the phaser to be on the weak side on the Mod Core and I haven't really fussed with the NOVA that much. But if I were to upgrade, and wanted something with a phaser that sounds like an old script MXR, what would I...
  11. Pablomago

    TC NOVA Reverb. How Does it Stack Up?

    I know it's an older pedal and doesn't do all the stuff more modern verbs do, but for a general reverb pedal, how does it stack up as far as the basic sounds go?
  12. Pablomago

    Gregg Allman, Queen of Hearts Lead Guitar

    Does anyone know who played the little intro solo on "Queen of Heats" off Gregg's "Laid Back" album? The album credits a few guitarists, but doesn't give track listings.
  13. Pablomago

    Favorite Small Diaphram Condenser Mic for Live Use?

    I like mixing an internal pickup with a SDC on acoustic guitar. Which ones do you like for that purpose?
  14. Pablomago

    Can't See the Tuner in the Sun

    What tuner can you actually see on stage on a sunny day? The Pitchblack isn't cutting it. Neither was the borrowed Snark.
  15. Pablomago

    Hard Case for SG

    I just bought a 2016 Gibson Naked. They come with a gig bag. What's a decent hard case for around $100?
  16. Pablomago

    Small MIDI Switcher for TC G-Major 2

    As the title says, I'm looking for a simple MIDI switcher for a G-Magor 2. I want to be able to scroll through my presets and little more. I have an old ART X-15 but it's overkill for my needs. What's out there that'll get the job done and not cost me more then the TC itself?
  17. Pablomago

    Robby Krieger Rhythm Guitar Sound

    How did he get this chorus sound on the rhythm guitar? It was 1967 and chorus pedals didn't exist. Short delay? Tremolo? Some other studio magic? Time travel? At about 3:18
  18. Pablomago

    Flat Patch Cables. Has Anyone Tried Them?

  19. Pablomago

    Colorado Green Band FoCoMX 28 April Fort Collins, CO

    My groovy little combo is playing Saturday April 28th as part of our annual music festival, FoCoMX. We will be at Tony's Rooftop at a little after 3:00 PM on College Ave. Details here: http://focomx.focoma.org/
  20. Pablomago

    Pan Pedal with Consistent Level

    Does anyone make a pan pedal that keeps the volume level even when you pan from one amp to the other? In other words cutting the level when both amps are full on or boosting when each amp by itself is panned.
  21. Pablomago

    Reverb and "British" Amps. A Question

    Around 1963, American amps started sporting reverb. Fender, Gibson, Supro, Ampeg... But British amps of the same era continued to be sans-verb. Marshall, Vox (UK models anyway), Hiwatt etc. Why didn't they add reverb? An inability to procure reverb tanks? Musicians in the UK didn't care? Does...
  22. Pablomago

    Books on Booking and Marketing Bands

    What books have helped you with booking and marketing your band? Web sites or online articles, too. We have someone with a strong sales background who wants to book our band, but could use some education in the music business world.
  23. Pablomago

    Fretwork in Northern Colorado

    I'm having Fret Sprout problems with a G&L Tribute ASAT Deluxe Carvetop. I can hook the high E string under the edge of the 22nd fret. Can anyone recommend someone who does exceptional fretwork around here? (Denver, Boulder > North up the I-25 corridor...) Other then that, I really like this...
  24. Pablomago

    2 x 12" Offset Cab Plans

    I'm looking for plans for a 2 x 12" offset cab. I've found plans for plenty of side by side or vertical cabs, but not offset. What 'cha got?
  25. Pablomago

    Good Basic Android Tablet for Digital Board

    My bass player just bought a Soundcraft Ui-16. I'm sure I'll be doing most of the mixing. What would you recommend for a simple basic Android Tablet to run it? I wouldn't be using it for anything else then controlling the mixer.