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  1. MikeSRV69

    Old rack gear advice needed please

    I’m the opposite. I love old rack gear like only an old 80s guy can. I use them as sound manglers in electronic production. My little studio would happily accept a donation of old weird gear no one wants anymore.
  2. MikeSRV69

    Sold Rocktron Intellifex LTD $80!!!

    Pictures, please! Very interested.
  3. MikeSRV69

    Dan Baird

    I met him with Georgia Satellites when they played the Park West in Chicago in the old days. Super cool guy and a great band. Hope he recovers well. They had an all Hiwatt back line with some of the nameplates replaced with ones that said "HIYALL" in the Hiwatt font. Lol
  4. MikeSRV69

    Good source for drum loops?

    Some are Loop Loft and some Mode Audio. Those are my main sources, although there are a lot of free loop packs around if you look a bit. None of those have been as good as LL and MA, however. Glad you liked them! Peace.
  5. MikeSRV69

    Good source for drum loops?

    I like Loop Loft stuff, but wish their loops were acidized so they would work at different tempos. I also like Mode Audio, and the loop community Looperman.com can be fun and friendly.
  6. MikeSRV69

    NAD - Bluesbreaker

    You sound great through that amp. I'm looking to add an amp to my studio and you just put one of these on my list.
  7. MikeSRV69

    My dream at 53

    As a lifetime guitar instructor, let me say that you are plenty young to learn and you shouldn't even worry about it. My oldest student started playing bass from nothing in her mid 60s and is now in a band with guys in their 40s and she is 78. Into metal, too, I might add. I have taught tons of...
  8. MikeSRV69

    Joel Hoekstra guitar solo. *not for faint of heart

    Joel is amazing. I met him in the late 90s when he was playing bars in Chicago with The Cathy Richardson Band. First time I saw him was Halloween at the Abbey Pub in Chicago, busting eight-finger chops on 'Highway to Hell.' Even had him at my place for an interview in that period and have been...
  9. MikeSRV69

    Sold $435!! Hughes & Kettner Statesman EL34 Head

    I want it and will have the money in a week or so. Can you wait that long? Sorry to be a pain. If you can't I totally understand.
  10. MikeSRV69

    Sold $435!! Hughes & Kettner Statesman EL34 Head

    I do know. I worked for an H&K dealer at one point and know how killer their real stuff is. GAS is real...lol
  11. MikeSRV69

    Sold $435!! Hughes & Kettner Statesman EL34 Head

    This is killing me. I'm waiting on some money to drop in the next week or so and really want one of these. If you still have it then, I will be in touch. Free bump for a killer amp!
  12. MikeSRV69

    Why Max Martin is the biggest influence on modern music

    I couldn't believe it when I first learned about him. Amazing. A friend from high school who is in music publishing is friends with Martin and says he can listen to your song one time and tell you what's wrong with it. Pure pop gold.
  13. MikeSRV69

    GAS type behavior, so many bad examples exist

    I long ago gave up explaining or defending the GAS thing to those who don't get it. I have played for 40 years, most of those for a living, and will always be obsessed with guitars. Amps, too. Thankfully, the wife is a musician with her own GAS issues and gear pile, so I get no stress from her...
  14. MikeSRV69

    STREET LEVEL GUITAR - My new ebook!

    Hey TGP! Please take a gander at my new ebook 'Street Level Guitar: 30 Days Of Wisdom' that just came out. Thanks a million for your support!! Link to the book: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/street-level-guitar/id1032418487?mt=11 Description 'Street Level Guitar: 30 Days of Wisdom' is...
  15. MikeSRV69

    List your CD here

    'The Mike O'Cull Band' - 7 song EP. Blues, rock, and funk with lots of guitar and tight songwriting! https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-mike-ocull-band/id1001304401 iTunes link Soundcloud link http://i1100.photobucket.com/albums/g418/mikeocullmusic/MOBCOVER2.0.jpg
  16. MikeSRV69

    'The Mike O'Cull Band' - New EP on iTunes, Google Play! Funky Blues/Rock!

    This is my new seven-song EP that was just released yesterday for sale on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, and all the rest. It is also streaming on Spotify, Tidal, etc. Funky blues/rock with a songwriter vibe is the sound. Hope you dig it! Soundcloud: iTunes...
  17. MikeSRV69


    Hey TGP! Please click on over to my YouTube channel and subscribe for lesson clips, music, and more. New clips are going up this week. I am into blues, funk, rock, and songwriting and am a 20 year instructor. Thanks! Hope you dig it! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvmN8PREqD9lYZ3eJqxi-Rw
  18. MikeSRV69

    New Single! New School Blues!

    This is a new song I just released that is a different take on the blues, one that incorporates hip hop influences into the guitar-based sound. Hope you can dig it! Here is the iTunes link: 'What's Old Is What's New' https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/whats-old-is-whats-new-single/id986133300
  19. MikeSRV69

    1980s Aria Pro II ZZ Standard, MIJ, fun, $175 shipped.

    Does the truss rod work as it should? Life left in the frets?
  20. MikeSRV69

    FS: Nice, Inexpensive 70's-style Maple Strat Neck $89 shipped

    This fits a normal Strat neck pocket?
  21. MikeSRV69

    Some Guitar Player ads from '84 and '90

    I remember every one of these ads from my high school days. Even saw Alcatrazz open for Ted Nugent in 1984. Good times. I got the Tascam Porta-One around the same time for Xmas and learned the basics of recording on that little thing. In some ways, a better, vanished time.
  22. MikeSRV69

    Looking for Guitar Lessons

    PM sent.
  23. MikeSRV69

    The Official Shawn Lane Documentary!

    Hey everyone! I hope this is cool to post here. One of my gigs is that of a music scribe and I just signed on to the team producing The Official Shawn Lane Documentary. We have the blessings of the Lane family, many of Shawn's friends involved, and the support and/or the participation of a ton...
  24. MikeSRV69

    Do you get nervous when recording?

    Record as much as possible. Most people play live a lot more than they track, so the studio remains a foreign environment that puts them on edge. If you do it all the time, you will get used to it and become less nervous. I love studio playing, but I have been doing it since the mid 80s and am...
  25. MikeSRV69

    FS- LTD George Lynch Baritone

    Payment sent!