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Search results

  1. mmunguia

    Sold Strymon Blue Sky $210 Shipped

    Why didn’t I see this before. Great deal!
  2. mmunguia

    Sold Fulltone SoulBender Big Box

    One of the best fuzz pedals out there. I got one and love it!
  3. mmunguia

    Sold Gator large pedalboard with ATA case and wheels - Local Los Angeles area - for now

    Up for sale is my gator Pedalbord with ATA case. Why pay double when you can get this one!!!! price : $125 Cash, local deal only for now. Pedals not included!!! The board used but in great shape. I moved to a larger board so have no use for this one. These are pro boards with wheels!!!!’ when...
  4. mmunguia

    Sold Voodoo Lab Medium Dingbat w/Pedal Power II Plus, Dingus and Soft Case - Yay!

    These are great. I have a small one which is my main gigging rig.
  5. mmunguia

    Sold Lovepedal Babyface Tremolo guitar effects mini pedal

    Looking for a tremolo pedal. This one looks cool
  6. mmunguia

    Sold Strymon Volante

    Always wanted to try!
  7. mmunguia

    Sold Boss DC-2W Dimension C Waza

    Been wanting to try this
  8. mmunguia

    Sold Strymon Big Sky

    Great pedal. Have a blue sky and the big sky sounds great as well. Maybe I need one
  9. mmunguia

    Sold BOSS WazaCraft Dimension DC-2w Stereo Pedal.

    Nice. I like the demos of this pedal
  10. mmunguia

    Sold Pedal power AC voodoo Lab -$OLD PayPal es and shipped!

    Great condition. Was powering my skrydstrup racks that is have since sold. This powers AC pedals with 9 and 12 volt options $OLD! includes PayPal and shipping to the CONUSA! From VoodoLab: “The Voodoo Lab Pedal Power® AC is a pedalboard power supply designed to operate high current and AC...
  11. mmunguia

    Sold Strymon deco, in box! $0LDpp’d and shipped conusa

    You know what it is. Pedal + Box. It’s in great condition. I will ship The pedal in the deco box I love the analog tape preamp plus a great delay for vintage sounding slap back. $SOLD! ppd, and shipped. No trades. Pleas pm if any questions. See pictures it’s in great condition. Has Velcro.
  12. mmunguia

    Sold Strymon Iridium - $375

    Nice. Sounds like a great recording tool.
  13. mmunguia

    Sold 30+ Pedals | EQD, DBA, EHX, Analogman | Great Prices

    Nice. Do I need an extra deco? Maybe.
  14. mmunguia

    Sold Strymon Deco

    Man. Just bought one. These are great pedals. Hmmm. Do I need a second one for my other board?
  15. mmunguia

    Sold Xotic XW-1 wah - $145

    That’s the best wah I’ve ever played. I’ve owned Dunlop (hated it). Vox (liked it, cool. But just couldn’t get the exact tone for the amp I was using con xotic is perfect. Can fine tune to your amp. Awesome way. Buyer won’t be disappointed
  16. mmunguia

    Sold Reduced: Boss Waza SD-1W Pedal - $75 Shipped

    Always wanted to try the wax a sd-1
  17. mmunguia

    Sold Boss FA-1 Preamp (Sound like The Edge)

    Is it in clean condition. Sent me pics
  18. mmunguia

    Sold Strymon OB.1 Optical Compressor & Clean Boost

    Ob1 is by far the cleanest boost I’ve ever played. I used it to boost single coil guitars to humbucker levels at gigs. I’ve owned many others, including fatboost. If you want clean boost, nothing can beat it in my opinion!!! The compressor is also very natural sounding !!
  19. mmunguia

    Sold Strymon flint - reverb /tremolo -$270 ppd $ shipped

    up for sale is my flint. It’s in great shape. Minor cosmetic wear (see pictures) Velcro at the bottom. Price $270 includes PayPal fees and shipping.