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  1. abergdahl

    NGD Kauer "Acadian" with gold foils.. Blue of course

    So after hearing all of the great clips with gold foils i decided i needed a guitar with such pickups.. I ordered it quite a while ago but told Doug to take his time and do something a bit fun.. So a few weeks a go it arrived.. blue.. pinstriped pickguard, 26.25" scale length, 2tek bridge, and...
  2. abergdahl

    Pi * Guitar / (Granular + Resonator)

    So it's PI day today... Guitar tuned as an overtone series based on.. PI.. so frets are not of much use since the first octave in PI tuning is 3.14 octaves.. or one PItave... guitar processed with modular synth.. alla "live" one take...
  3. abergdahl

    Bought a good DAC, Wow.. wow... wow.... !!!

    Ok so I had some cash to spend and wanted better sound for all those time when i listen to or work with music on a Laptop, pad or smartphone. I bought a Chord Mojo which is three times more expensive than my best headphones.. first tried it with really cheap phones.. but WOW what a difference...
  4. abergdahl

    The resonating mating songs of the spiders from mars

    So guitar into my Eurorack modular.. so first the guitar hits the "resonator" of a module called "Elements" so basically Elements model a metal resonator in this case, the the signal goes inte a spectral effect in a module called "clouds".. besides guitar i also trigger "Elements" with semi...
  5. abergdahl

    Naddebo Mediation (Archtop Jazz guitar improvisation with eurorack system)

    Teddy, the amazing NK Forster archtop in a live improvisation with my Make Noise Eurorack modular system, Teddy line into the modulars preamp, onto PhonoGene and the envelope controlling a lot of parameters that influnce this complex patch so that the synth sort of replies and reacts to the...
  6. abergdahl

    The feeling of Paris from a distance

    were in my country cottage in the Swedish country side when the news reached me.. i try to channel the feel of sadness, anger frustration and love for that great city...basically improvising with the guitar and the modular..
  7. abergdahl

    Very cool interview with Keef on guitar moves..

    http://noisey.vice.com/guitar-moves/guitar-moves-with-keith-richards There is only on Keef..
  8. abergdahl

    Spectral cloud madness of Teddy the archtop

    Here are is a track where two Eurorack loopers are used, the first is Mutable Instruments Clouds, a granular module that basically uses a loop to, among other things. do granular synthesis and, in this case. spectral synthesis. The pitch of the playback of the spectralized loop is controlled by...
  9. abergdahl

    Teddy Make Noise (Nk Forster Archtop looped and integrated with modular synth)

    This is a live take of my, new to me, archtop guitar and my first attempt of using guitar and Eurorack Modular together. So it is archtop into a amp built be Tommy Cougar (Thunderbird 4*EL84), i have a microphone in front of the speaker, then into preamp and on into the Make Noise shared system...
  10. abergdahl

    Listning to Mary Halvorson quintet

    On swedish radio live tight now.... Crazy good!!!!! Just wanted yall to know:phones
  11. abergdahl

    SUNN O))) + Scott Walker new album

    This alternative music should appeal to some at TGP.. SUNN O))) are legends in the elctronica/exprimental drone genre.. this new album very good... lots of HEAVY guitar drones... G_NIop72vis Seems like the film wont work embedded..
  12. abergdahl


    So after listening to splatts live videos I used my trusty octatrack and set it up so that my loop was played back by two other track, one set an octave up one a octave down.. And then I added reverb... To get that ambient texture.. Some other stuff going in as well .. Of course One take ...
  13. abergdahl


    So in anticipation of splatts up coming album, and inspired by his use of very short short loops and stutter in the clips he let us preview i made a rather untornish piece... but some one might enjoy it.. A Soloway guitar, Cougar amp, into my Octatrack... one live take, late night and perhaps...
  14. abergdahl

    vINTAGE mINIMALISM (old Hofner Archtop.. and some other stuff..)

    ...the other stuff is a Cougar el84 amp, feed into my Elektron Octatrack.. as usual sort of "live" direct into recorder.. maybe more "other stuff" than guitar actually... This piece is improvised and more of Octatrack than usual.. Donno what you call this type of music, sort of Electro aucostic...
  15. abergdahl

    nIGHT rAIN

    I recorded this piece in the middle of the night the 10th of November ca 2 am.. a rainy day and night inspired the intro with a raindroppy abstract sound, morphing into dark drones, rhythmic patterns and some good old solo guitar.. maybe not orthodox but anyways... It is partly composed (intro...
  16. abergdahl

    iMPROVISATION (for guitar and octatrack)

    So this is more guitar than usual, a Kauer built Soloway swan with a Valco lap steel style pickup, and then the Octatrack is more used as a effects processor, sort of sampling/looping what i play and doing fun stuff.. listen and you will understand ;) All is one take, guitar into Custom By...
  17. abergdahl


    A 3 min composition for electric guitar and Octatrack followed by a improvisation.. all live one take.. stereo out from the Octatrack so no mixing is done... https://soundcloud.com/anders-bergdahl/composed The first time i wrote down anything before even trying to play it, I wrote...
  18. abergdahl

    pERCOLATING (electric guitar and electronics omrovisation)

    A pure improvisation.. https://soundcloud.com/anders-bergdahl/percolating THe background thing is a Elektron Octatrack that gets input from my live playing and creates this chaning patterns... almost like the guitar being the oscillatior of a modular synth..
  19. abergdahl

    eST wAS

    Somewhat inspired by EST (great swedish piano jazz trio, check out!!) Sound nothing like them... since it is just guitar, amp and Elektron Octatrack.. (octatrack is making all noises expect the pure guitar stuff, but ALL sounds are from my live improvisation, the octatrack sampels/loops the...
  20. abergdahl

    Little Wing (vintage archtop, and....)

    ..iPad electronics I started by recording a loop, then I improvised, rather freely, over that with my early 60's Levin archtop, recorded to iPad with iPad microphone, sorry for the hiss.. Then I added some sounds in beatmaker2, some sampled chord from the loop played on iPad "keyboard" then...
  21. abergdahl

    EH Stereo Memory Man With Hazarai, Ambient experimental "demo"

    So after listning to a lot of electro acoustic music at the Norbergfestival i got back to my nearby summer cottage and the wife had spotted a MICE :omg She then was away and had me promise to try the scare the mice with some NOISE.. thats a challange i could not resist :crazyguy Not having all...
  22. abergdahl

    sCARING tHE mICE (ambient solo guitar using EH-SMMwH)

    So after listening to noise and Electro Acoustic musig at the Norbergsfestival my wife spotted a MICE in our cottage (nearby Norberg) and asked me to scare it by making NOISE.. inspired by the festival I want crazy with a EH SMMwH, amp (custom by Cougar) and soloway guitar... it became some...
  23. abergdahl

    iCE sPRING (a electronic guitar étude)

    An now something different.. a short ambient-ish peice... Old Valco amp, Soloway/Kauer guitar and the Elektron Octatrack looping and mangling the guitar. It was recorded late autumn but it sounds like the weather here in Stockholm right now.. cold but not unpleasant...
  24. abergdahl

    Hum when lowering volume on guitar.

    Please help, when i lower with the volume control on almost all of my guitars the hum level increases steeply. The problem is that i like to record my amps, or amp sims with a lot of volume swells and lowered volume to get a cleanish tone.. What is wrong?? (it most/all guitars and they are...
  25. abergdahl


    A agitated rhythmic start, a long travel in sound space to an almost tranquil ending... (Guitar (Kauer Soloway Single 15), amp (old Valco 1*6v6), some dirt pedal.. Elektron Octatrack.. one take.. :idea) https://soundcloud.com/anders-bergdahl/sonic-metamorphos :hide