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    Relicing Run Amok

    Hey...I guess someone must be buying them if they're making them. I can appreciate the hours of time it takes to make something that looks like it's been dragged behind a deadhead's Volkswagon Bus since 1968, but jeez...the prices. And that example is mild compared to some others I've seen. Oh...
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    Relicing Run Amok

    $5250 for a guitar that looks like it sat in the Loch Ness Monsters bowels for 20 years, was recently shat out and found its way to shore.... :huh http://www.wildwestguitars.com/Electric-Guitars/ELECTRIC/dis-prod_393_standard.html
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    Recessed Floyd Rose trems...tone killer or not?

    I love the recessed Floyd on my Anderson. If the guitar is well built it will sound good with a recessed or non-recessed Floyd.
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    School me on Tom Anderson Guitars!

    I got my custom order Anderson drop top about 5 months ago and I knew within 5 minutes of playing it that I'd likely be buried with that guitar. They build fantastic instruments and I"m very happy with mine.
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    So.. you have an extra $6000 to spend..

    I'd get the best old Stratocaster I could find for $6k.
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    Inspired by Suhr Guthrie Govan model

    These Rasmus versions are arriving in stores now and selling for $1399. Me likey..... http://www.ebay.com/itm/Rasmus-Suhr-Govan-Signature-Model-Modern-Natural-Satin-NEW-w-Warranty-/360399013308?pt=Guitar&hash=item53e97485bc
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    smoking is bad...mmmkay?

    Looks like someone put that guitar in a smoker along with some spare ribs. Does it smell like BBQ sauce too?
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    Thinking about a DGT or McCarty

    I played a DGT and it was simply amazing. I'd love to have the gold one someday.
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    Help me pick out new pickups for my Clapton Strat

    Bill Lawerence makes really nice noisless single coil pickups.
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    Why do so many People Diss EMG Pups?

    I've played quite a few guitars with EMGs and I just never liked them. There's a dryness to them or something...can't quite explain it.
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    RS Guitarworks Electronics Upgrade: Modern or Vintage?

    I put the modern on my Les Paul and love it.
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    '78 SG bride pup replacement - 500t or JB?

    Another vote for the JB
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    What is your most DIVERSE guitar?

    My Anderson can cop a ton of different tones with the switching and pickups it has onboard.
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    What does "Plays like butter" mean?

    Plays like an Anderson.... ;)
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    Favorite Les Paul bridge pickup?

    Wolfetone's. I have a Fenris in mine but I'm more of a hard rock guy.
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    Stainless Steel Fret Poll

    I have them on the Anderson I just got and they're probably the thing I like the most about the guitar, which is saying a lot because I like everything about it!
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    Am I the Only One Who Thinks Suhr's Are Amazing Guitars

    Amazing guitars. I had a Pro Series since 2007 and loved it. I sold it recently to pay off the Anderson I had made for me but I plan to order a Suhr Standard next year sometime. Frankly, I don't get the people that say they are 'sterile' or 'too precise' but to each his own I guess.
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    NGD! Tom Anderson Drop Top

    By the way, if anyone is on the fence about stainless steel frets let me just say this....amazing ;)
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    NGD! Tom Anderson Drop Top

    I picked up my Anderson Drop Top today and it's amazing. They got it built for me about 2 months ahead of schedule and were just phenomenal to deal with throughout the process. Tom answered every dumb question I had personally. It plays even better than it looks too. Basswood with Quilt Maple...
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    Is shredding on guitar a waste of time?

    I can't believe this troll thread has this many pages.
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    Anyone here big into the Ultex Jazz III?

    i tried them and didn't like them. I'm so used to the regular red or black ones that after about 20 years I just stick with what works.
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    My First Custom Guitar

    I just placed an order for a Tom Anderson Drop Top and it'll be here in July :) VERY excited because after 20+ years of playing I'm finally getting something built exactly how I want it. Drop Top Classic, basswood w/ quilt maple in Transparent Blue, maple neck(standard profile), H2+/SF/H1...
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    Who is known for their necks?

    I used to own a Music Man Silhouette Special and it had one of the best necks I've ever played on a guitar. Can't go wrong there.
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    Strat Humbucker recommendation

    Check out a Suhr SSH. It's output is 13k and it's got more cut to it so it would work real well with a rosewood board/alder body combo.
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    So how was your Callaham tremolo block experience?

    I put a Callaham on a mexican made Stratocaster(Texas Strat I think) and it made a big difference in the sustain and added some clarity to the tone of the guitar. I don't own a Strat now but the next one I get I'll put a Callaham on it.