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  1. bluesrules

    Chicago Music Exchange

    I was there last Feb. Got a 2001 Gibson 335 flametop. Cool guitar, great shop and friendly staff!
  2. bluesrules

    Heritage 140 Goldtop with P-Rails

    Nice Heritage 140 Goldtop...what bridge you got on there? Stock or Tonepro's (other)? I GOT to see more pic's of that Flamed Callaham strat style neck!!! WOW! Can't wait 4 your P-rails clips either. THANKS
  3. bluesrules

    I retract any recommendations for GHS Burnished Nickels :)

    I've refound D'Addario's sound also on Strat's and Les Paul's. Plus you can't beat the price! But I love Gibson Vintage reissue's on Tele...go figure.
  4. bluesrules

    Massive Pickup Shootout @ Gearslutz.

    Top Notch job!!!
  5. bluesrules


    LOL....yeah but that thing looks like a lot of fun to play Cool axe, Copper Head!
  6. bluesrules

    Black guitars only

  7. bluesrules

    Reliced 335's anyone?

    Over time I've Relic'd my 335's volume and tone knobs.....or are they just "scratchy" sounding on purpose? Not sure.
  8. bluesrules

    New Guitar: Gibson Les Paul Traditional =)

    Ok looks great but I'm wondering how the Classic '57/Classic Plus sound compared to other Paul's? Sweeter Low output? clarity? PLEASE
  9. bluesrules

    The poles on your humbucker high or low

    Not everything has too be an exact science, turn your amp up a bit and play some scales, your ears will do fine.
  10. bluesrules

    Les Paul Studio. Anyone coiltap 490r 498t pickups?

    BUMMER! I looked at the leads and it's true, 2 conductor. There goes that plan. BTW: I tried all pickups heights, life goes on!
  11. bluesrules

    Les Paul Studio. Anyone coiltap 490r 498t pickups?

    Love my USA Les Paul Studio, the alnico II 490r neck pickup is great but the 498t alnico V bridge pup seems a little too hot for me sometimes...coming from the Fender camp and all. Don't get me wrong I'm not interested in changing the pickups, they really hold their own with clarity even with...
  12. bluesrules

    LP's on Ebay

    I don't buying anything that doesn't show actual guitar. That seller is using a "stock" photo of a Les Paul from Gibson. I'd pass.
  13. bluesrules

    Lollar Vintage Blackface

    Yup, I found the Blackface (alnico 5) to be too dark also. I then tried the Blondes (Alnico 2) and found them better but still dark in the 2 & 4 positions. Should have tried the Tweeds but didn't. Got some Duncan Antiquity II's, problems solved! Love the Duncan's more than I thought I ever...
  14. bluesrules

    washburn 335 Knockoff (NGD)

    I have two Washburn HB30's...not as fancy as the HB35. One is a '97 and the other is a '05, the stock pickups could not be more opposite from each other. The older one's pickups are very high output that make it sound more like a shredders axe, but still fun to play. The '05 stock pups are...
  15. bluesrules

    1995 Mexican Telecaster

    Come on' guys....each guitar is different NO matter where it's made. I have some excellent imports and USA made's. Thinking that a certain Era or Factory is magical, sounds a little foolish. But whatever makes you feel better.
  16. bluesrules

    Anyone use Seymour Duncan Antiquity for strat?

    Best Strat pickups I ever bought!!! Antiquity II's Also they are the best in the 2 & 4 position....if your into that.
  17. bluesrules

    MFD pickups in my ASAT Special are the best.

    Welcome to the club. I have many guitars, 4 of them being G&L's (2 ASAT, 2 Legacy's). The funny thing is that the G&L's are just about the only guitars that I love the factory pickups. I keep them all stock, which is rare for me. G&L hit a grand slam on their pickups!!! BTW: Same PUP's on USA...
  18. bluesrules

    The essence of strat? Which low->medium pups?

    I have strats with Lollar's, Van Zandts, Duncan's and stock Fender's. While the Lollar and Van Zandt's are excellant pickups, the Seymour Duncan Antiquity II are by far my favorite! They have clarity and sizzle with cleans and distortion. The best part is that they have a useable 2 & 4 position...
  19. bluesrules

    Pure nickel strings ...D'Addario and others?

    I really like Gibson Vintage Reissue's .010 on Tele's. Not so much on Strat's. Just sayin'
  20. bluesrules

    G&L S-500: thoughts?

    I had my S-500 for about 4 months now, along with many other strats. I only wanted to see how these babies sounded so I got a Tribute series with a maple fretboard thinking that it would brighten up the darker tones I heard about. To be honest I don't use the extra pickups switch much yet, but...
  21. bluesrules

    Strats with mahogany bodies

    Yup....I should have said it has a maple cap on the body. Also it has a maple fretboard, so that combo maybe helping more than I realize. I still love it though!
  22. bluesrules

    Strats with mahogany bodies

    I have a G&L Legacy (strat) that I was worried about buying unplayed by me. I was concerned that the mahogany was going to make it sound too dark, which I hate in strat's. Well the mahogany was better than expected, it had a more musical low end and still had that single coil sizzle. It is one...
  23. bluesrules

    Strat's with Mahogany bodies, Anyone try it?

    I thought I got the picture from a dealers website, But if it's yours I'll give you a 5% royalty fee for every $1.00 I make off of it. You know Music buisness nowdays.
  24. bluesrules

    Strat's with Mahogany bodies, Anyone try it?

    $787.00 after 10% Ebay sale. With G&L hardcase and lightly used. Yes it's a USA model and I think I stole it!