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  1. itstooloudMike

    Need pricing recommendations - Marshall 1-watt Anniversary JMP1c

    I need some input on appropriate asking price for one of my Marshall Anniversary 1-watt combos. I'm really not playing electric that much any more, and therefore have not been using my JMP1c. I've owned the amp since new, and it hasn't left my home. It's basically pristine. I love it, and kind...
  2. itstooloudMike

    Which would you take

    I will be auditioning for a new gig in a few weeks, and can only take one guitar. This is a band that specializes in 60s and 70s music. They play lots of Motown songs from the 60s (James Brown, Sam & Dave, Wilson Pickett, etc). They also play 60s Beatles songs, and even get into Hendrix music...
  3. itstooloudMike

    Is this a good trade?

    Hey guys, need your thoughts. I have a mint 2012 Gibson '61 Reissue SG/LP. All stock, and looks virtually un-played. Heritage cherry finish. Really great SG. Anyway, found a guy who is willing to trade me a very clean '93 PRS CE-24 for my SG. The PRS has a nice flamed top (Cherry sunburst), and...
  4. itstooloudMike

    Amp/guitar trade advice

    Hey guys, I need a sanity check. I've found a local player who is selling a mint PRS DGT Standard. It's the model with all mahogany body and no maple cap. I've previously owned a DGT, and believe I would really like this particular version. Anyway, he would consider a straight trade for an amp I...
  5. itstooloudMike

    Help on fair trade difference

    OK, the proposed trade is as follows: My guitar = 2004 Suhr Custom Classic-S, Ocean Turquoise, aged mint plastic, solid maple neck, SSS (V60lp), 2-point Wilkinson trem, face jack, vintage style tuners, like new with OHC. Trade for = 2008 Gretsch 6118t-ltv 125th Anniversary, Jaguar Tan top...
  6. itstooloudMike

    Should I trade for a Rick?

    I've never owned or even played a Rickenbacker, but I've admired the 360 since I was a kid back in the 60s. I've been offered a pretty nice one as trade for my Gibson ES-339. I do like the 339 a lot, and it fits my playing style (blues-rock lead). But I have other Gibsons that play/sound just as...
  7. itstooloudMike

    Trade opinions please

    OK, I have a trade offer and need some unbiased opinions. What I have: 1998 Gibson Les Paul Special singlecut. This is the version without neck binding, and with P-100 pickups. It's black, in nice condition, and original except for an added Bigsby B-7 (vibramate mounted). I don't want P-90s...
  8. itstooloudMike

    Trade advice please

    I have just come across a possible trade that has me thinking. I have an '04 R8 plaintop LP, that is a fantastic guitar. Far and away the best LP I have ever touched. That said, I don't play it as often as my other guitars, because I have a weak back, and really can't play standing for very...
  9. itstooloudMike

    NAD - Lionheart 5W

    I just got a slightly used Laney L5T, and am very, very impressed so far. I play at home 90% of the time, and was having trouble finding a combo with great tone that wasn't too loud. I had a Budda SD-18 for a couple years, which is a great amp, but way too loud for home use. I had to use an...
  10. itstooloudMike

    Signature Series Fenders

    OK, riddle me this. Seems like there is a lot of TGP love for Telecasters. So how come Fender has twice as many Signature Model Strats as they do Telecasters, and the artists seem to be more well known? And since the Tele has long been considered the primary axe choice of top Country players...