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  1. skiltrip

    Analog chorus with true bypass, no tone suck, possibly analog dry-through?

    Essentially I'm looking for something that sounds somewhat like a Boss CH-1, but true bypass, possibly analog dry-through, and no tone suck. Don't want anything that applies an EQ shift to my core tone (tried the Julia, and it rolls off bass and bumps things a little at 1k. Thanks!
  2. skiltrip

    FS Walrus Audio Fathom, Boss TR-2 - both mint

    Walrus Audio Fathom... totally mint shiny like-new condition. Comes with everything as new (box, sticker, pick, manual, etc). No velcro $160 shipped and PayPal'd. Boss TR-2 Tremolo... in shiny minty condition. Comes in box with everything as new. No velcro. $65 shipped and PayPal'd.
  3. skiltrip

    Pedal similar to the Fathom (without the bass rolloff and 1k boost)

    Using the Walrus Audio Fathom for my always on rock Plate / Hall, as well as for ambient noodling when I get the urge to do so. I love the sound of it. It's perfect, except, it rolls of bass and boosts around 1k. I'm not talking about the reverb sound, I'm talking about what it does to your...
  4. skiltrip

    Strat floating bridge - parallel or angled?

    Not sure if there is a standard or "right" way, but those of you that have your Strat bridge floating, do you have the bridge plate parallel to the body, or is it angled up a bit (meaning the back of the bridge plate is a little higher than the front of the bridge that connects with the posts)?
  5. skiltrip

    New EHX Ram's Head vs Muffuletta Ram's Head mode

    I had a Muffuletta a while back. LIked it a lot, but it was way more Muff than I needed, and I needed the $$$ more at the time. The Ram's Head mode was definitely my fave and I pretty much only used that mode (though the JHS mode was pretty badass too). Is the EHX nano sized Ram's Head...
  6. skiltrip

    Former Bugera V55/V22 users (that liked them) - what did you get next?

    I've been using a Bugera V55HD for a quite a few years. It's the older pre-infinium version. I like it a lot, and it's running fine for now, for the most part. The only thing that's sketchy is the reverb won't work until the amp warms up. For those that genuinely liked the Bugera V55 (or...
  7. skiltrip

    Walrus Monument - does it roll off a little bass and/or shift tone?

    I remember reading on a Reddit thread that the Walrus Monument rolled off a little bit of lows. I'm not talking about when it's bypassed, I'm talking about when the effect is on. I have had both the Julia V2 and still have a Fathom. They both do this. They roll off a little lows and add a...
  8. skiltrip

    Book/course recommendations for long time guitarist to finally dive into music theory?

    Been playing guitar for a little over 30 years. I've always focused on songwriting, and play by ear for the most part. I know plenty, but there's so much more I wish I was familiar with. I want to dive into music theory, guitar style, and finally fill in all those blanks I slacked on. What...
  9. skiltrip

    SD-1 - how are you using yours?

    SD-1 users.... what settings are you using? What pedals are you stacking with it? What amp? What guitar(s)? Tips? Insights? Observations?
  10. skiltrip

    What would be my Boss equivalents?

    What would be the closest Boss equivalents to replace these....? Get as close as you can, cause I know there are not many if any 1:1 counterparts. Greer Southland Greer Lightspeed Wampler Sovereign Walrus Fathom Xotic SP Compressor Belle Epoch
  11. skiltrip

    Belle Epoch Deluxe knob measurement - favor request

    Anyone with a Belle Epoch Deluxe, can you measure from the center of the leftmost Program knob to the center of the rightmost Delay Time knob for me? I'm not at home, but am creating a label for the knobs, and I'm trying to make it one long label instead of individual ones. Away from my BED at...
  12. skiltrip

    Behringer TO800 vs Boss SD-1

    I'm not a big tube screamer dude, but I want one on hand for recording situations. It won't need to gig or sustain any real abuse. Looking at the Behringer TO800 and the Boss SD-1. I'm all for you convincing me to move up to the SD-1, but if the Behringer will do the trick, then I figure why...
  13. skiltrip

    For those using the Belle Epoch Deluxe with micro.clock

    To anyone using the Disaster Area micro.clock with the Belle Epoch Deluxe... I have set everything up as instructed. vHi 680 vLo is 80. When using the control knob to dial in the time, I cannot get past 320bpm. It won't go any higher/faster. This is about 185ms, not nearly as fast as the...
  14. skiltrip

    Why do pedal makers “goop” their circuits?

    Why do you sometimes see pedal makers “goop” their circuits? To prevent user mods? Protect circuit design and help prevent clones? Keep components secure and less prone to failure? All of the above? Some of the above? I don’t see a lot of this but got curious when I opened up my two Greer pedals.
  15. skiltrip

    Boss CH-1 vs CE-5

    Does anyone have both the Boss CH-1 and CE-5? Wondering how you'd describe the differences when using with clean tones and light to medium to more heavily distorted tones. I have an analog CH-1 and most of the time I dig it, but definitely curious about the CE-5 as an alternate.
  16. skiltrip

    All-in-one modulation pedals - what should I be looking at?

    Currently I rotate in 2 of 3 mod pedal due to space constraints. Boss TR-2, CH-1, and Behringer Vibrato. Out of the three, I only really love the Behringer Vibrato, though I don't really use Vibrato that much. I'm not crazy about the TR-2. It's a little too choppy for my tastes, or, not...
  17. skiltrip

    Solo boost recommendation for Southland/Lightspeed combo

    I'm using the Southland into Lightspeed for my core rhythm tone. I'm trying to figure out what would be some good options for solo or single note melody line boosts. Main guitar for this stuff is Gibson SG with Duncan mid-output humbuckers. Medium rock tone, think AC/DC but a little gainier...
  18. skiltrip

    Another "what would you add?" post.

    This is your board, what do you add? Leaning toward something interesting in the dirt realm. I have no fuzz, but i'm not too into fuzz unless it's versatile and articulate. Don't like zippy gatey stuff. If OD/Dist it would have to be something that served up something I can't dial in with my...
  19. skiltrip

    Is there always a Halloween themed Walrus Iron Horse each year?

    Looking on Reverb I see a few different past year's Halloween editions of the Walrus Audio Iron Horse. Is this something they do every year. I'm thinking of picking one up, but this close to Halloween I feel like maybe I should wait if some limited edition may show up at the end of the month.
  20. skiltrip

    Boss BE-5M Multi-Effects - did you have one (or still do?)

    Did anyone else have one of these Boss BE-5M back in the early 90s? I traded a single pedal of some sort (forget which) for this thing. I used it for quite a while. Wish I still had it just so I could revisit and see if it was any good, but I'm thinking maybe it was not. Not looking to get...
  21. skiltrip

    Mini pedal to replace Wampler Sovereign on board for after BED

    I'm looking for a mini pedal to replace a Wampler Sovereign I use (in "Standard" OD mode). So medium-ish gain, sorta Marshally I guess. I use this Pedal AFTER my Belle Epoch Deluxe to sort of simulate EP-3 into a dirty amp sound. Sorta looking for an East Bay Ray Dead Kennedys drive tone to...
  22. skiltrip

    Show me your PT Classic 1 and Classic 2 boards

    I'm thinking of moving up from my PTJr to a Classic 1 or 2. I've done the PedalPlayground.com thing but I'd love to see some examples to get a real visual for how big this thing is gonna be, and look, filled with pedals. Also would like to see how much (or how little) you're putting on them!
  23. skiltrip

    Does Walrus Slö mess with your dry signal?

    I’ve got the Fathom and it rolls off a little lows from the dry signal and makes everything a little brighter, even with the Mix all the way down. Walrus support said it’s normal. Those with the Slö, do you notice this does this sort of thing too? keep in mind, I’m not talking about the sound...
  24. skiltrip

    Walrus Slö subtle settings in Dream mode?

    I realize the Slö is not at all an everyday average reverb, and it's capable of all the extraordinary stuff. I have heard though (from written reviews) that in Dream mode, the Slö can be used for a more subtle always on type of reverb, I assume with all mod rolled back, shorter decay, lower...
  25. skiltrip

    Reverb pedal with octave up and down together (like Fathom)?

    Is there any other reverb pedal out there that does both octave up and down together with the ability to blend them the way the Walrus Fathom does?